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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2007+)



  • darryl84darryl84 Member Posts: 4
    That's where I found my net, too, but it just isn't the net I was expecting. Did you get a cargo net or a luggage net with your SE?
  • mitzi1mitzi1 Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever get any resolution with your air bag light? I just bought a 2007 Sante Fe in June and my air bag light has been an on going problem. The dealership has had my vehicle for 4 weeks now. I've had a loaner and it's even doing it. We went in to our dealership and purchased 3 new cars in one month and so far 2 out of 3 we know are doing it and they "don't know how to fix it" now they are saying that "it's doing what it was designed to do"???? Just curious if anyone has any resolution? I've already filed my complaints with the government agencies today as a matter fact. I hate to say it but I'm 200lbs and mine comes on with me in the seat. Now we all know that means it's not working right? :confuse: LOL
  • mpuzachmpuzach Member Posts: 635
    The one in the instrument cluster or the one next to the digital clock?
  • stelmoqnstelmoqn Member Posts: 34
    I wanted the same cargo net you are talking about -- the one that is compartmentalized and hangs from side to side. It was in a photo on my salesman's desk, but they too tell me that it is a luxury cargo net rather than the standard one that is in your cargo compartment.

    However, I did a quick search for the luxury cargo mat and foumd this one -- one heck of a deal too! @ $12.00 versus the $50 the dealer wanted --
  • slateblueslateblue Member Posts: 110
    The net is listed a 2006 Santa Fe accessory. Have you confirmed it will fit the 2007 Santa Fe?
  • stelmoqnstelmoqn Member Posts: 34
    Bought one and it fits my 2007 Limited perfectly.
  • slateblueslateblue Member Posts: 110
    Thanks, I've been looking for something in place of the standard net.
  • darryl84darryl84 Member Posts: 4
    stelmogn, funny, that is the same photo that Hyundai shows. A Hyundai parts manager who also has an ebay store told me that it was a Hyundai error. The photo looks like it attaches not only at the top, but also at the bottom corners. Do you think the bottom has hooks that could be hooked onto the existing chrome rings made for the flat luggage net? that's a great price!
  • joe156joe156 Member Posts: 1
    Our Santa Fe V6 did the same thing and we took it into the dealership. They replaced the fuel guage sensor and it fixed the problem. Never had a problem with refueling since. Sounds like you need to have the sensor replaced.
  • shawntshawnt Member Posts: 7
    Any luck on the radio fix?
  • vlad36vlad36 Member Posts: 8
    My new 2007 Santa Fe Limited AWD has close to 800 miles. Can folks please advise their opinions on the timing of the first oil change and why? Also, should I stick to the dealership for oil changes for a while? If so, for how long and why? In addition, is there further advise folks have to offer as I have had my vehicle for just 3 weeks and want to make sure I start running it the most optimal way. Thank you.
  • oogaloooogaloo Member Posts: 2
    Got 1st oil change at 3k. Now have 16k on '07. Get oil changed every 3k miles, but then my dealer does them for free, and so far I haven't had any hard sell or up sell for other products. I did have to replace the tires at 16k miles, which seemed very short lived, because the rear wheels seemed to be excessively worn on inner edge. We live in rural mountain area with difficult twisty roads and we were thrilled with handling a AWD handling in snow last winter.
  • nycmbnycmb Member Posts: 4
    Just noticed that the light/clock was on in my husband's Santa Fe. The radio turns on when you push the button but the key is not in the ignition switch so SUV is not running. It started up fine but will this eventually drain the battery? We have appt. to take the car in a few weeks so wondering if we can hold off until then. This is a 2007 Santa Fe with less than 3,000 miles. Thanks!
  • roudy1roudy1 Member Posts: 36
    16k is really short lived; I have 25k and probably have another 10k before I'll have to replace them. Have you rotated the tires? If the rear wheels are wearing excessively on the inner edge, it sounds like an alignment problem.
  • scottk2scottk2 Member Posts: 19
    The sunglass compartment on my 07 Santa Fe sometimes does not open unless you push on it about 5-6 times. Inside there is a white plastic piece to the left which appears to be the catch and it seems like it's loose which I think may be the problem.

    I showed it to my dealer's service dept. (before I knew about the plastic piece) and they "recommended" being "patient" with it and just think about replacing it if it gets worse. He said they would need to take down the ceiling liner to work on it which I might not want them to do? (They consider it a minor issue, and so do I but of course I don't need any type of distractions when I'm driving, and I like to use that case.)

    I took a look up in the holder and there are 2 screws which to me look like that's what's holding it in and may be a very quick replace.

    Has anyone had experience having this replaced? I'm having the map light fix done at some point, maybe they can do it at the same time.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    I think you need to find a new dealer. you do NOT have to remove the headliner to remove the eyeglass holder. It is replaced when they do the dome light fix so I can attest to that. If it does not work as it is supposed to it should be replaced IMHO...If you need help, call Hyundai USA and complain. Sounds like warrantee avoidance to me. Since they think the headliner has to come down, they would not get reimbursed enough by Hyundai and would take a loss(just a guess) since it is so easy to replace, , they should at least break even.

    Are all the dealerships just dumb? Be patient...that is absurd. You paid for a working one and deserve one.
  • scottk2scottk2 Member Posts: 19
    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

    Is the eyeglass holder replaced automatically with a new one when they do the dome light fix? Not sure how the dome light fix works but it does look like the glasses holder and map light are all one unit when it comes out. Or do they pull it out, re-do the wiring and then put the same unit back in?
  • roudy1roudy1 Member Posts: 36
    The eye glass holder was replaced on mine when they did the map light fix; the new one is actually a big larger than the old one.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    Yes, the Map lights(entire assembly including eye glass holders) and dome lights are replaced with completely new units, when they do the fix. Just warn them nicely (if you have a rum dum dealer) to keep dirty fingers away from the headliner! (yes some of them are stupid)

    The kit also comes with 1 or 2 additional harnesses. One harness is 'snaked" down to the front door switch from the dome light.That way, both the map and dome lights come on and dim off at exactly the same time. You would never know. Lots of posts on this subject...just do a search. I was one of the "early ones" that had it done so I understand your concerns...if they had to drop the headliner I would not have had it done!

    The trick to impress upon the Service manager/advisor is that "please do not dirty up my headliner! can't tell the difference on mine after the fix and it works perfectly!

    I think it took them about 45 minutes for the entire job and the headliner DID NOT COME OFF!) They had never had done or seen one done one before..IN FACT THE DEALER DID NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT THE FIX OR PROBLEM FOR THAT MATTER. HyundaiUSA took care of everything including ordering the CORRECT color trips and all the rest. 10 days after it came was installed and working! (actually arrived in 7 days)
  • scottk2scottk2 Member Posts: 19
    Thanks for advice about the headliner. Makes me want to stay to supervise the work.

    Glad to know the eyeglass holder is also replaced. So I won't need to have that done seperately.

    Like many of the past posts about this my dealer's service dept. had never heard of it but I called Hyundai and they are supposed to get back to me in a week or so to schedule it.
  • scottk2scottk2 Member Posts: 19
    Ok, here's another very minor thing. The SUV has 4 foot plates (The front ones say Santa Fe) One of the foot plates inside the rear door is bowed up which looks like it was bent before it was put in. It's something that probably wouldn't be noticed by most people. Service told me (When I talked to them about a list of things) that I shouldn't worry about this, minor thing, a new one may look the same, didn't know if Hyundai would cover it since it wasn't noticed before I bought vehicle by me or dealer.

    I asked what it took to put it in and was told it just snapped in.

    I know it's a very minor thing, but has anyone had experience having that piece replaced?
  • mpuzachmpuzach Member Posts: 635
    It might be a minor thing but that doesn't mean you should have to live with it. Shame on your service department! I'm betting that if you take it in and have them look at it, they'll figure out a simple way to make your existing plate lay flat (the way it's supposed to). If they don't, they should order you a new one, plain and simple.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    I agree 100% with is under warrantee and I checked mine...the sill plate does seem to come out easily and is made of rubber or something similar. Sounds like a really bad dealer to me!

    I almost bet if it were removed and heated up, it would re assume its original shape. remember, they tuck the shi[ping plastic sheeting under it. it might have buckled when an over anxious worker removed the plastic also!

    Only disadvantage is that it was not picked off at delivery...patience...what a great (not0 line of BS that is.

    She could also take the position that it buckled during ownership which would throw it back at them. IMHO. wow, what an unresponsive dealer...I would camp out on the GM's doorstep !
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    I agree with mpuzach 100%...warrantee or at least attempt a repair...Don't let the stealership type dealers get away with this garbage,,,just encouraging more shoddy workmanship and attitudes IMHO!. If you let these guys will have track marks over your nose LOL.

    Hyundai needs this type of attitude like i need hemorrhoids! In fact, no Hyundaiusa and complain about the dealer, and type of problem and get a factory rep down there...can't hurt!

    bet a little heat might help re shape it...put a hair dryer on it but be careful not to melt it.

    I bet with an upward bow in won't be long until it tears as the door is opened and closed. Also if water gets under it...hello rust! Might turn into something more than Minor!!!!
  • scottk2scottk2 Member Posts: 19
    Thanks for the info. I'll be calling them at the beginning of the week, and asking to fix it.. again. Even my sales rep who I showed it to after I spoke to service said "I should argue for them to fix it".

    The other things they are doing are my middle seat belt has been stuck in the locked position since I bought it, can't get it un-stuck. And my shift knob had a deep scratch in it I noticed a couple days after I bought it and it looked like a little of the paint was chipping, so they ordered another knob.

    If this service dept. gives me the run-around again I'll tell them I'll bring my business elsewhere and use another dealer- but first I'll push that I just want the fix to be done because really I have no desire to shop around a service dept, but will if I have to. Then I'll call Hyundai. (I actually already talked to someone at Hyundai about about it when I called about the map light fix, was asked if I wanted to file a complaint and I said I would give it one more shot first, they encouraged me to go to another dealer if I want.) There is another dealer further away that I ended up not purchasing from but I was impressed with their courtesy on the phone and customer service.

    I dont look forward to dealing with these service dept's. I have no desire to be around these attitudes, waste any of my time. I use an awesome mechanic for our vehicles. I've been using them for awhile, they are the best. I dont like the fact I have to deal with a Hyundai dealership for the warranty issues but that's the way it goes with a new car.

    Thanks again, I'll let you know how it works out.
  • ghd1959ghd1959 Member Posts: 24
    I called Hyundai once again on the Map light fix and they claim they never heard of it. Originally they ordered a dome light for the rear and replaced that 2 months ago and the dealer knows nothing about this fix. This has been going on for 4 months already...
  • scottk2scottk2 Member Posts: 19
    I know you've had trouble with this since I read past posts. I originally called Hyundai a week or so ago at 800-633-5151 and connected to Warranty, and spoke to Elizabeth who set up the order. She knew all about it and seemed to be very helpful (I wrote down her ex.# but I've misplaced it for the time being) I just got off the phone with them again, since I realized I misplaced the info she gave me I gave then another call to make sure all was still set...and I spoke to a guy named Randy who answered the phone. He knew about the fix, and he just looked up my name and they had the record of when I called last. He said the records show my part is at my local dealer, and I should call them to set up a time to do the work. I did get a card from my local dealer this past Friday saying my part had come in (I thought it was for another part I ordered).
    I wasn't able to call today but I will tomorrow.

    Try calling and ask to be connected to Elizabeth or Randy and see if that's more helpful. It seems like someone should know unless I just lucked out. As I wrote in a previous post and I saw others did too my dealers service dept. knew nothing about it.
    It's a drag getting the run-around.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    AMAZING...Somewhere in here are several part #'s which are the different color/ with and without. sunroof kits for that map light fix. Again the kits are made up of 1) map light assembly, 2) dome light assembly and a couple of harnesses....

    errrr in your dealer's case...possibly a kit for brain surgery 101!. I think my fix was done last April or so....

    Hey it could have been worse...the SA could have been a brain surgeon! :sick:

    I would find out when the SA's B'day is and light a candle for him/her, so they can find there way around in the SF at night...this got absurd a long time ago!!!!! Would make a great commercial for Toyota or honda!
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    Hell everyone knows about the kits...even the Toyota SAs LOL.

    It is sad but funny about the kit being at the dealer's all this time!

    I am sure your dealer can figure out how to install the non existent kit! He must 1st make sure there are light bulbs installed!
  • ghd1959ghd1959 Member Posts: 24
    Is changing oil and filter on the 2.7 a big deal? I can see the filter thru the skid plate hole, but can you leave the plastic shield on and change filters?? Is the oil drain plug right behind the filter also? And does the washer really have to be changed at 3,000 on the ne wSUV??
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    changing the washer is just good practice - as opposed to waiting for it to fail and it is not expensive...
  • dezman1dezman1 Member Posts: 16
    Not sure about others but I also have a 2.7GLS and boy, was getting the oil filter off a project in itself. I have always changed my own oil on all my previous vehicles and had no troubles. I checked under this Santa Fe and saw the opening in the skid plate and also reached up to see if removing the filter was going to be a problem before I made the purchase. I thought it would be a breeze until my first attempt to change the oil.

    First of all, the filter is really, I mean really in a tight fitted spot which I cannot understand except a better reason for you to take back into the dealer to change the oil. But I just could not budge the filter after draining the oil already. I tried every angle and a oil filter wrench, pipe wrench, and almost the hammer. Finger gripping is out of the question too. I dented the filter pretty good and decided to leave it on and top off the oil since it already turned dark. :mad: No light to work with. Spent the next week searching for a filter cap thing that would fit the filter and every auto store just did not have a perfect fit. Tried online too.

    I bet Hyundai has one that fits perfectly. The other thing I thought was since this was put on at the factory, it probably was torque tight and just needed that first change to make future attempts easier.

    So 2 months later, yes, I know, I wouldn't recommend doing what I did, I decided to try again with another adjustable strap type of wrench. Nothing doing, just too tight down there. My neighbor pulled up and he wanted a try at it so I let him go and now got him all hot and sweaty and not willing to give up. He ran to his pathfinder and pulled out his never fail wide gripped wrench and said "no worry, I just have to punch a hole in it if I don't mind since it was already scratch, dented, and mauled up anyways. He was amazingly able to find a small grip and moved it 1/2 inch at a time and the first budge was like a miles stone. With each attempt, madybe like 20 times, he got the filter moving and it was soon free.

    Good luck to everybody who think it may be some simple, wham-bamm-thank you-mamm. 15 minutes easy like i take with my Nissan Pathfinder.

    Oh, you are better off taking off the skid plate to work. 6 bolts and its off quickly.

    The drain plug is simple to access, it is only the darn filter that is such a pain. I took pictures of the whole thing but it won't serve any purpose as just getting a grip of the bottom of the filter will frustrate you all. :sick:

    I also recommend replacing the washers each time as they are cheap. Dealer gave me 10 washers anyhow. I picked up Hyundai OEM filters on ebay for almost 2.50 each with shipping. I bought 10 of them from a seller. They are the older stock number item, colored black, as the current blue ones are. The shop guys said it is all the same and the new filters only changed to have KIA almost labelled on the filter as they are cross fitted for many Hyundai and KIA models.

    Have fun with yours and maybe you find the trick and tip us all on this.

    Okay, here is a link to my photos: /page/photo.html#pic

    imageSee more Car Pictures at

  • lucky15lucky15 Member Posts: 72
    Everything that dezman 1 says about changing the filter on the 2.7 is true, I went thru almost as much aggravation as he did, I finally used a strap attached to a socket then attached to my socket wrench and was able to move the filter by leaning into the serpentine belt a little with the affair, I was able to move the filter about one eighth of a inch at a time, it took me about one and half hours to get the filter off and when I finally got it off I got my arm covered with oil from the filter as I was taking it off. If there was a place you could trust to change the oil and filter I would have gone there but even the Hyundai dealer didn`t do it right the last time I had it done there, they put in a half of quart too much oil, every place I have had it done I have had to double check to make sure they did it right, as in making sure the drain plug is on secure or the filter is on secure and not leaking or is it the right filter for the car or putting in the right amount of oil and the proper weight of oil, I had to actually tell one quick change place what weight of oil to use. So this being said, I figure if I have to go thru all of these checks after it is done by someone else then I may as well do it myself, not a fun job but at least I can sleep at night knowing it was done right, I have heard of many horror stories from other people that claim they it was not done right, even my son-in-law who said the place did not secure the drain plug and the engine burned up and what a problem getting that taken care of was. If I had know when I purchased the vehicle what a problem it was it may have swayed me into buying the 3.3, which I have read here is a lot easier to change the oil on.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    would a fram filter with ther sure grip help? and make sure when you install the filter it is only hand tightened...

    glad i got the 3.3!
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    Whew...I am glad I have the 3.3L engine where the Filter is very easy to get at (on top of the engine);.

    Take off the 6 bolts holding the decorative cover on top of the engine, and you are looking right at the canister that contains the filter canister (Holder) (not the can type of filter we have become used to, but an element that fits inside a permanent canister) . BTW, I would always use the OEM filter canister on the 3.3L. That filter looks well made and Heavy Duty. From what I am told, there are not many choices for the 3.3 anyway. They are a bit costly but money well spent!

    That's how I found out about the Fram filters on the Hondas. I went to change my fisrt one on an 2005 element and the new one looked a little odd WITH A DIFFERENT PART NUMBER AT THE END 9BY 2 DIGITS) Being the curious type, I hacked sawed the old one apart.....wam it was Honda blue but was definately a fram filter!!!

    I have a pretty well equipped "shop" and tools for a home owner, but not to tackle one wedged in that tightly.. I do not have a lift though.

    Looks as though one of those cap type filter wrenches that fit at the end of the filter (uses a ratchet) might fit in there...just a guess since I have not even looked under a 2.7 engine.

    As Far as Fram (Honeywell), why use an inferior filter on such a nicely made engine :sick: Fram is probably the worst of the worst in filters I have ever examined. Cardboard end caps and really poor filtering material to boot... , Really cheap by pass valve and in general poor construction. They do have a nice paint job though :shades:

    Seriously though...this is not the same Fram your father used to use...just do a google lookup on oil filter review ...all filters are not created equal and if you do plan to keep the SF more than a FEW YEARS...DO NOT USE FRAM!!

    Do not know if they make a filter form the 2.7 hyundai, but the Gold line from Napa (made by Wix) make good filter products..they are bit pricey (and high quality parts), but SO IS AN ENGINE!!!
  • lucky15lucky15 Member Posts: 72
    A Fram filter with the sure grip is what I installed for the first time but getting the factory one off was the _____buster.
  • lucky15lucky15 Member Posts: 72
    A cap type wrench for a socket would work if you could find an exact match for that particular filter size, I have two of them but neither one of them was the right size. I know there out there just haven`t found one yet.
  • dz302dz302 Member Posts: 26
    Regarding Fram oil filters: I don't work for Honeywell, but I DO know that I've been using Fram filters on my vehicles for oh, 30 years now, and I've never had an issue with engine bearing or internal parts wearing prematurely. The bottom line is to change your oil and filter REGULARLY and it shouldn't matter what filter you use as long as it's NEW. Hell, stuff a clean cotton rag in an empty filter can, and I'm sure that would work better than nothing. LOL! A few years back, we decided to cut open several different types of used oil filters. Other than the number of pleats you really couldn't tell one from the other. The filter material was the same. I'm sure they're all rolling off the same assembly line with different colour paint on them.
    My '07 SF is going to be dealer fed for oil/filter changes until the warranty expires.
    If there are any problems with engine wear or failure, that's Hyundia's problem, then.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    its not that they wear or cause wear if changed regularly. It is the cardboard endcaps and poor by pass valve. I just read somewhere that someone had a fram oil filter blow and ruin his engine. If they work for you...That is a good thing but I would not use one (anymore)after cutting one in half and taking it apart.

    An FYI. If you do have engine trouble and Hyundai can prove it was due to a 3rd party part...they are not held responsible...Magnesson Moss warranty act! (and they have more money to fight than we do. Using an oem part...they really have no way out...
  • reemoereemoe Member Posts: 15
    I have a 2007 SF GLS (2.7 L) with 5,500 miles. Last night when filling up with gas, I tried to reset the "Trip A" mileage to zero by pushing the 'Reset' button on the dash.

    After doing so, I could no longer get back to the main odometer reading. It was stuck on "Trip B."

    Has anyone else experienced this? Should I take it in for repair?
  • mpuzachmpuzach Member Posts: 635
    Hmmm...I've not heard of that one before. Did you try shutting everything down and then restarting? If that doesn't solve the problem, I'd say a trip to the dealer is in order.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    I wonder if the switch has gone bad...just a thought
  • patches2patches2 Member Posts: 13
    I've seen all of the info about this repair but still have 1 nagging question.
    Does this repair allow the light to come on when you put the vehicle in park and turn it off like most other cars? :confuse:
  • mpuzachmpuzach Member Posts: 635
    Does this repair allow the light to come on when you put the vehicle in park and turn it off like most other cars?

  • gunga64gunga64 Member Posts: 271
    One thing to make sure is when you get an oil change done the shop doesn't lose (or just doesn't put back on) the cover that usually hides the oil filter. I have a sienna and one of the oil shop places lost the plasic cover that basically hid the oil filter, it not only hides the filter but covers the belts so they don't get wet and slip. Since losing the cover I occasionly have the belt slip that is on the ac. Just want you guys to be aware of this in the future. I haven't looked at the santa fe cover but I bet theres one. Also if the oil filter is on that tight they are over tightening the filter. It should be loose enough to take off by hand. If need be. Wonder why so tight!
  • dezman1dezman1 Member Posts: 16
    Hi Gizzer777,

    Not sure what you mean by a plastic cover? There is no covering over the filter itself. The only thing to remover to make filter removal easier is the large skid plate thing. The filter is right there next to the belts but in a very tight fit leaving little room to grasp the filter.

    Maybe the next time, it should be easier as I hand tightened the new filter.

    If you saw my original photos posted, there is nothing over the filter.

    Happy Gobble Gobble Folks.
  • patches2patches2 Member Posts: 13
    Then what good is the repair ???
  • gllundgllund Member Posts: 29
    I love the new dome light repair. When you click the remote, the dome light goes on and then fades when you start the car. The dome light goes on when you open the door when you are leaving the vehicle. I know what you mean because my last car the dome light went on when the key was turned off. It's still a lot better with the update then not doing it..
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    THERE IS A large plastic COVER THAT SITS ON TOP OF THE 3.3. It is held on by 6 bolts and is just there to make it look cool and cover up the ugly part of the engine. It has the Hyundai emblem and V6 in plastic chrome on it with 6 tubes coming out of it. That is what covers up the top sitting oil filter on the 3.3L. When you remove it, the filter canister is sitting just in front on the right side. IT IS NOT A SPIN ON FILTER, but a canister that holds the paper element.

    You can also just see that canister from the front right side of the car sitting in front of the engine if you bend down and look onder the cover
    Hope this helps. If not, I suggest asking the dealer where it is and they will point it out to you

    Someone had posted a link to a site on changing the filter on a 3.3L Sonata but it is unfortunately gone. I took a couple of Pics for you go to:

    I will leave them up for a week or so for you...please add to message when you have seen them
    That is only the 3.3L NOT the 2.7L .....where the filter is underneath the car as so many have pointed out!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • patches2patches2 Member Posts: 13
    I had Hyundai repair the Airbag problem the day after Turkey day and I thought it would be a simple easy fix? WRONG !!!
    They had to replace the entire passenger seat, the dealer said that it cost $3563.00 including labor. All covered by Warrenty (sweet) I was so hoping it would be since I've only got 1450 miles on the vehicle.
    I mentioned that I need the dome light repair, I didn't. my SF was made 6/07 and the repair had been made at the plant. I guess some does read the complaints and Husa fixed what had be a costly repair.
    Ihope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season !!!!! :)
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