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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2007+)



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please - a single posting of your question is quite adequate. The shotgun approach simply annoys the people from whom you're trying to elicit help.

    tidester, host
  • sol5sol5 Posts: 2
    Anyone with the Ultimate package have a noticeable hiss when listening to the radio and/or DVD player with the engine running? Playing sound through the stereo with the engine off seems to completely remove the hiss.

    Hiss isn't overwhelming but it's definately noticeable.

    Am planning on taking it into the dealer but was curious if anyone else has experienced it.

  • I have GLS with 5 seat. I live in Vancouver.

    My Santa Fe makes this slight but definitely noticible

    grinding noise when it's being shifted from 2nd gear to

    3rd. It's as if when you are driving manual, you let go of

    clutch a little too soon, and your transmission makes

    a sound, just like that.

    But it happens every once in a while.

    I talked to the local dealer, they said they can't fix

    what they don't know. When a mechanic took it for spin,

    he couldn't feel anything. And told me they can't start

    fixing without something concrete dignose to begin with.

    I thought my full description of what's happening is

    good enuf to start..

    Any way, this is bothering me big time.

    Anybody else having this issue ?

    Or Did I pick 1 out of 1000000000 santa fe which has
  • I was cleaning the second row and leaned on the back of the front passenger seat. Upon removing my hand I heard a strange noise similar to crushing a bag of potato chips. I depressed the material several times and had the same effect. It seems the adhesive is beginning to fail and allowing the material to pull away from the seat. Visually there is no issue but I will mention it to the dealer. Can some else take a look at there Santa ( w/ Leather ) and see if they are having the same issue?
  • I am currently having issues with the button sticking from time to time. Anyone else?

    Also, does anyone feel its slow to respond? Better than half the time it allowed the interior to get a good dose of fumes before switching to recirculate...

    Called this one in and the dealer has asked me to bring it in for inspection after Christmas. Will update this post on the outcome.
  • I've just bought a 7-seater Santa Fe 2.7 V6. I would like to put 1 to 2 golf bags on the roof rack to free up more cargo area in the vehicle. Any recommendations and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  • Has anyone had any issues with the MP3 capabilities of the Infinity sound system on the 07 Santa Fe? I know exactly what kind of audio files the stereo is supposed to read, and I only use MP3, so that isn't an issue. I have also tried multiple brands of CD-R discs and it doesn't seem to be a definitive factor 100% of the time either. This leaves me believing that the way the MP3 files are written to the disc (e.g. the disc's format) is the problem. I am using iTunes and some discs work, others don't. Dealer is beyond clueless on this one. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • Here are some links for some free software that will help you with your MP3 Files.

    Link To MP3 Trim

    Link To MP3 Gain

    Link To ID3-TagIT

    With the ID3 TagIt program you can setup your MP3s to show title and artist, etc., when they play.

    Try burning with the free version of DeepBurner. Make sure that you burn as "Data" and No "Nulti-Session". See the following link.

    Link To DeepBurner

    Don't use paper labels and try burning at a lower speed.

    Use folders for your music.

    Hope this helps!
  • Had the same issue. ONLY some disks would work until I realized I was not ending the session. If I placed an open disk it would not play. Hope this helps.
  • rshookrshook Posts: 17
    Went to get our new SF - put the DVD in for the kids to watch on the way home and it's dead, wouldn't even pull the disk into the unit. Bummer. They gave us a loaner but the new car's been in the shop all day today getting a new DVD unit per the service folks.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    Dealer replaced climate control.
  • rshookrshook Posts: 17
    Oooooooooops, it was an owner error :blush:. We picked the car up at night and when I slid the DVD in, I missed the slot thus it went into a small gap above the unit. Took the dealer all day to figure it out though so I don't feel so bad. No quality issue though so I feel better - though somewhat embarrassed.
  • Every time I take my Santa Fe through the car wash, the check engine light comes on. Any ideas? Thanks!
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    Yes. Plenty and none of them are cool. Get that Santa back to the dealer asap.
  • Anything you can share, the dealer isn't an option. It's a 2001 with almost 150kmi.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    My apologies. My response was based upon your post within the 2007 Santa Fe Forum.

    There are several areas you can check for water intrusion. Most are electrical. I highly recommend having a professional look at it. This issue will get worse and may disable the truck. Look for water getting to the fuse block under the hood. Also look for water some how getting into the fresh air intake. Locate and inspect the O2 sensor wiring harness and inspect for damage and exposure to the water. I am looking in the electrical manuals for more detail for you. What size motor do you have? While I wait for an answer I will guess it is a 2.7. Correct?
  • If you are getting water in the engine compartment during the wash, it could be causing a misfire that will throw a code and check engine light. For instance some water may be infiltrating around your plug(s) or plug coil pack(s) causing a temporary misfire. After the water dries, and your misfire goes away, then your light will go out after a few run/start cycles. If you have an Auto Zone Parts Store nearby, they will read your error code for free and that may help you direct you to the problem, and if it is a misfire, it will probably tell you which cylinder(s)is misfiring. :)
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    I agree. You will need the codes. Below is from the manual. Hope it helps:

    Applies to: Santa Fe 2001-2004 and Sonata 2001-2004
    Fuel System MFI Control System


    If the MFI system components (sensors, PCM, injector, etc.) fail, the interruption or failure to supply the proper amount of fuel for various engine operating conditions will result. The following situations may be encountered:

    Engine is hard to start or does not start at all
    Unstable idle
    Poor driveability

    If any of the above conditions is noted, first check for trouble codes and make basic engine checks (ignition system malfunction, incorrect engine adjustment, etc.). Then, inspect the MFI system components.

    Diagnostic trouble codes are set as follows:After the PCM first detects a malfunction, a diagnostic trouble code is recorded when the engine is restarted and the same malfunction is re-detected. (The malfunction is detected in driving cycle). However, for fuel system rich/lean misfiring, a diagnostic trouble code is recorded on the first detection of the malfunction.
    Erasing diagnostic trouble codes:After recording the diagnostic trouble code, if the PCM does not re-detect the malfunction for 40 driving cycles, the diagnostic trouble code will be erased from the PCM memory. However, for fuel system rich/lean or misfiring, the diagnostic trouble code will be erased if both of the following conditions are met:
    When driving conditions (engine speed, engine coolant temperature, etc.) are identical to those when the malfunction was first recorded.
    When the PCM does not re-detect the malfunction for 80 driving cycles.
    A "driving cycle" is completed as soon as the vehicle goes into closed-loop operation.

    Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)

    The MIL lights up to notify the driver that there is a problem with the vehicle.

    However the MIL will go off automatically after 3 subsequent sequential driving cycles that do not redetected the same malfunctions.

    Immediately after the ignition switch is turned on, the MIL is lit for 5 seconds to indicate that the light operates normally.

    The following Items can be indicated by the MIL:

    Fuel system
    Air flow sensor (MAF sensor)
    Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IAT sensor)
    Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECT sensor)
    Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
    Front Oxygen Sensor
    Rear Oxygen Sensor Heater
    Rear Oxygen Sensor
    Front Oxygen Sensor Heater
    Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP sensor)
    Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP sensor)
    Evaporative Emission Control System
    Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)
    Idle Speed Control
    Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor (Except 2.7L V6 engine)
    Idle Switch
    EGR System (Except 2.7L V6 engine).

    Inspecting the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL)
    After turning the ignition key on, check that the light illuminates for 5 seconds without the engine running.
    If the light does not illuminate, check for an open circuit in the harness, blown fuse and blown bulb.

    The PCM monitors the input/output signals (some signals at all times and others under specified conditions). When the PCM detects an irregularity, it memorizes the diagnostic trouble code, and outputs the signal to the self-diagnosis output terminal. The diagnosis results can be read by a Generic Scan Tool (GST) or Hi-Scan Pro. A diagnostic trouble code (DTC) will remain in the PCM as long as battery power is maintained. The diagnostic trouble code will however be erased when the battery terminal or the powertrain control module (PCM) connector is disconnected or erased using the Generic Scan Tool.

    When battery voltage is excessively low, diagnostic trouble codes can not be read. Be sure to check the battery for voltage and the charging system before starting the test.
    Codes are erased if the battery or the PCM connector is disconnected. Do not disconnect the battery before the diagnostic trouble codes are completely read and recorded.

    Inspection Procedure (Using Generic Scan Tool)

    Turn OFF the ignition switch.
    Connect the scan tool to the data link connector on the lower crash pad.
    Turn ON the ignition switch.
    Use the scan tool to check the diagnostic trouble code.
    Repair the faulty part from the diagnosis chart.
    Erase the diagnostic trouble code.
    Disconnect the scan tool.
  • Wow thanks so much for all the information! I'll definately have it checked out. Thanks again! ;)
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    No problem. Keep me posted. Good luck!
  • I am very concerned about the 18 inch tires than come on the se santa fe. I am told by two tire dealers that 18 inchers are more for performance than for long life. I was told by firestone that no 18 inch will get more than 40K max. if that much. Seeing that I am going in the morning to possibly buy one? I have read in this forum that owners are reporting tires wearing out in as little as 20K. This tire size is very expensive. I can get a GLS with 16 inches but only santa fe owners can tell me if cost trade off is worth it. Is it?
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    I have 2500 miles on my Santa Fe Limited with 18 inch wheels and the tires still look like new ;)

    But seriously, I'm not concerned about the 18 inch wheels. I have not yet heard from a 2007 Santa Fe owner with enough miles to assess tire wear. The big problem with 18 inch wheels is that most of them use tires with tiny sidewall heights, stiffer sidewalls, and softer tread material to increase traction. The Santa Fe uses a 235/60 R18 sized tire with a fairly high sidewall (60% of the 235mm width). Manufacturers should be able to build tires with decent wear capabilities in this size.

    My only real concern right now is that this is not currently a popular tire size so the selection of available tires is limited. A quick check at TireRack shows about 6 tires that will fit. I have no idea how my factory Bridgestone Dueler H/T D684 II tires will wear. Since many Crossovers are going to 18 inch wheels, I'm sure the tire selection will improve in the next few years.

    I absolutely love my Santa Fe Limited AWD, which is one of the safest vehicles you can buy that's not a minivan or monster SUV.
  • I have 5100 miles on my 07 Santa Fe and my tires still look new. I personally don't keep tires for more than 40k miles on any vehicle so if they last at least that long, I'm fine with that. I looked them up on tire rack and they are listed at $120, not bad compared to the 17in Michelins on my 06 Azera that retail for over $220.
  • kp58kp58 Posts: 17
    Not sure about wear time on the 18's but they sure give the vehicle a cool look and really sharpen up its exterior appearance in a good way.
  • 07xle07xle Posts: 177
    Have you ever heard of looking at the Treadwear rating on the side of the tire??????????

    That is a better comparison than others and your opinions.

    Screw Firestone!
  • I appreciate all who wrote back. Even though I wasn't planning on buying today, I wanted to think it over tonight ...but... my wife fell in love with the tucson. She said it drove and rides like a dream. I said, you know, a nightmare is also a dream. Her answer to that was that I am more the nightmare than the car. So that is that. Regarding the treadware rating on the tires; I checked. The santa fe tires are rated with a 330 tread, rating for temperature and traction of "B". The tucson has a number 500 treadware and a A rating for traction and B temp. The traction is very important and I can see the difference in the tread pattern between B and A.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    Went to the dealer yesterday for my first oil change. I told them about the driver seat issue and they said they would look at it after they changed the oil. Turns out the switch is bad. They will order it and install when it comes in. Also asked them to enable the door locks when driving. That went well. They lock at around 15-20 mph. Cool.
  • 2007 Santa Fe SE.....When in gear (drive or reverse), engine idling, foot not on throttle or brake, I sometimes experience slight engine surge. It's acts like I am slightly stepping on the accelerator, but I am not. It does it very briefly (less than a second). It happens when I am moving slowly through a parking lot or backing out of the garage. Is this happening to anybody else?
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323

    Dealer called today to tell me the switch is in. Will have it installed in the morning. 48 hour turn around, not bad...
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    I called a good friend of mine who is the service manager at my local hyundai dealer. They currently have only one customer with this issue. He calls it hunting ( Throttle surge ). They are currently looking into the problem. He thinks they have isolated the issue to a throttle sensor or vacuum problem. Will update as more info becomes avail.

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