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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2007+)



  • sprintrpssprintrps Posts: 62
    My Dealer is quoting $379.00 for the 30,000 mile service on my 2007 SE. According to Edmunds this should cost around $145.00. What have you paid for this service? Also, Hyundai recommends changinging the transaxle fluid, but it is not included in the Edmunds price. real problems...great car.
  • rileydrileyd Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Sante Fe Limited and had to replace the rear brakes @19,000 miles. Hadn't had the car a year. Since they were not under warranty I had them replaced at a local car repair shop. Cost $176 and still get the warranty on the brakes (12,000 miles/year) because repair service used "Genuine Sante Fe Parts"
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Are you sure it's Hyundai recommending the transaxle fluid and not the dealer?

    If it's Hyundai, you need to let Edmunds know so it can be added to the maintenance guide. If it's the dealer ... well, it may be a good idea or not, but it's for sure going to help the dealer's profit.

    Instead of asking for a "30k service" you could just ask the service writer for a quote for doing x, y and z and nothing more. X, y and z being the items that Hyundai recommends in your owner's manual.
  • sprintrpssprintrps Posts: 62
    The Owner's Manual clearly shows to replace the transaxle fluid at 30K. The dealer has been excellent so far, and I believe they are honest. (The sales manager is my neighbor). I pulled in last Friday at 4:00 with the engine missing...they replaced the O2 sensor and had me out in 45 minutes. They are "warranteeing" the rubber weatherstrip (cost $212.00) which has fallen apart, which could or could not be my fault. I am 6'5' and rub the strip when I exit the vehicle.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Ok, thanks, I'll pass the info along and the data people can check it out and fix the guide.

    If you have that kind of personal relationship with the dealer, you may want to grin and pay a bit extra for your service. It sounds like you are ahead on the weatherstripping as it is and who knows what kind of "after-warranty" help they may give you on a future wear and tear item.

    Easy for me to say since it's your money. :D
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Owner's Manual clearly shows to replace the transaxle fluid at 30K

    I just looked it up online at Hyundai's website and while it does say replace at 30K, it is under the category, "If Necessary". Now who decides when it is necessary is a very open-ended question! :confuse:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    lol, now that's covering the bases. The maintenance guide says to inspect the transmission fluid and drive shaft and axles at 30k. I'm assuming that means the transaxle is covered for fluid inspection - parts is parts. :shades:

    So, an "automatic" recommendation of a fluid change looks more like a profit motive for the dealer than calling you up after it's on the lift and reporting a problem with the fluid color or odor.
  • toycam11toycam11 Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply I will get a second opinion,and will post my findings..BTW I live in northern nj,and most of my driving is highway driving so im very suspicious of the need to replace front and rear.Thank you.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Ok, our crack data team notes that the automatic transmission fluid change is listed under the “if necessary” column in the Edmunds Maintenance Guide and here's why:

    Maintenance schedules are typically separated into two types based on your driving conditions: normal and severe. A maintenance schedule using “normal” conditions have less frequent suggested checks/inspections and less frequent fluid/filter changes. All of the maintenance schedules listed in our maintenance guide currently use the “normal” condition.

    In this case, the 2007 Santa Fe’s transmission fluid change at 30k miles is required in the “severe” condition but not in the “normal” condition.


    The normal vs severe service is another can of worms - it sounds like you would fall under normal service since you aren't towing or idling or driving on dirt roads. The dealer may suggest otherwise. :)
  • My driver's side floor mat keeps coming loose from the anchor; aside from that there's no other carpet issues on my '07 SF Limited.
  • I had this happen - had the car in the shop 5 times in first 5k miles - kept replacing different things, and the light kept coming on within 15 miles or so. The 5th time I told them I don't want the car back without at least 20 more miles on the odometer and no engine light... it hasn't come on since. :) Sounds like it was this issue.
  • I just had my brakes (07 santa fe) looked at because I suddenly started feeling/hearing a grinding -- they have 26K on them. My mechanic took them apart and cleaned them-- said everything looked brand new ( I do a lot of highway driving too-- between buffalo and rochester ny). He told me that they were just "frozen" in place-- and once he cleaned them all up -- they were back to normal. ( A lfriend recommended the santa fe-- and she has over 50K without replacing the brakes -- I believe she has an 06)
  • js06gvjs06gv Frisco, TXPosts: 434
    Anybody out there with problems with the power lumbar support on 2007+ SF? I had the mechanism inside the seat replaced once due to malfunction, and last night when I went to adjust the support it failed again. When it deflates I'm hearing a loud crackling sound inside the seat and then it won't inflate again.

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  • shmshenshmshen Posts: 20
    Hi, I got my new 2008 Santa Fe in the middle of this May. I do not drive it a lot. Now it has passed 3 months, but it only has around 1200 mile in ode. Should I go to oil change now? Or can I wait to 3000 miles? If I do wait till 3000 miles, will it hurt my warranty?

    Thank you very much for your input!
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    Just got my new Santa Fe and love it. I was reading in the owners manual about windshield wiper deicing. Are these heated wiper blades? Just curious about the feature. Thanks.
  • Sigh...if only! All it is, is a heater wire embedded in the bottom of the windshield. Basically all it does is keep the wiper blade from sticking to the bottom of the windshield in icy conditions. Not a true heated wiper blade.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    There have been several posts already about oil changes - the owners manual gives recommended intervals for service, depending on driving conditions, i.e. normal or severe (extreme temperature,towing,mostly city driving in heavy stop and go traffic)

    I personally am in a similar position where I don't put too many miles on the car, but I live in extreme heat, so I did my first oil change after the "break-in" period of 1000 miles and then do them at 3000 mile intervals because it's mostly city driving.

    in the old days,they used to put in a special high viscosity "break-in" oil when the car was new, but now-a-days, with the better piston rings and better tolerances on moving parts, they effectively did away with breaking in the engine.

    The break-in period of the S.Fe's engine is more for the adaptive transmission learning, but I still changed the oil after the first 1000 miles to get rid of any particles that may have accumulated from the wear-in of the moving parts.

    Most service departments,of course, will recommend every 3000 miles using regular oil- synthetics last longer without breaking down.
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    My new SF has navigation. Does anybody know if the mp3 player can display the playlist of the cd? If so, how. Thanks.
  • I am also new (just today) to this forum and I think it's great. I am having the same problem with my 2007 Sante Fe. Air bag light indicates it is "off" while my passenger, of "adult size" is sitting in the passenger seat. The dealer replaced the seat and it's been in the service department three times. Sometimes it works properly then for no reason, it malfunctions. The dealer said they can't do anything more so now we are having a hearing with the Better Business Bureau. So I need some help to show that I'm not the only one with this problem. Is there anyone else out there that has this problem or :lemon: an answer or can help me. Thanks
  • Hi - there are two things you can do :

    In the search box on the front page, type in front air bags and it will bring up the previous posts about this well known issue and what others have experienced.

    Also go to the website of the Government Office of Defects Investigation complaints page( and check out Hyundai Santa Fe 2007 - there you will see on the first page 21 claims for front airbag sensor complaints.

    Unfortunately, these have been happening since the first vehicles were made in 2006. No-one seems to know whether it is just a malfunctioning sensor, or if it actually does keep the airnags from deploying, or if it is badly postioned seat weight sensors, or even at what design weight the sensor activates.

    For instance, if it is a 100 lbs. then that brings up safety questions for small adults and children in the front seat.

    Hope you get it resolved.
  • Has anybody ever had a problem with any hyundai vehicle just rolling when parked and with the emergency break on and no keys in the ignition?
  • Are you driving a manual?? What gear are you leaving it in? I've never had an automatic in Park do this, but manuals left in neutral will. I put the manual Elantra in 1st gear when parked and the break on when on a level surface.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    A car will not roll if the emergency brake is properly engaged. You're not pulling the lever hard enough. Also, putting it in gear with the engine off is good advice.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • There has been a lot of posts here about the emergency brake cable not being adjusted correctly. Mine didn't hold either when I first got my SF, but the dealer adjusted it. Might be what you are experiencing.
  • Just purchased a new SF. I think I read somewhere that you can extend the 5/60 bumper to bumper warranty to 10 years for $1500. This was not offered to me by the dealer. Is this true and is it a Hyundai warranty?
  • The 5/60 bumper to bumper warranty on your 2008 isn`t really bumper to bumper coverage, read the fine print, as for the extended warranty to 10 years for $1500 I wouldn`t get it if it is available, it really isn`t bumper to bumper either and it is overpriced at $1500, I paid $800 extra for the extended warranty in 2007 from Hyundai Motor Co. and I`m sorry that I wasted the money, my 2007 is running fine but I`m not sure I will keep it longer than 5 years, I don`t think Hyundai Motor Co. carries extended warranty coverage any more. I hope this helps.
  • my car is an automatic. I would put the car in gear while the car is off but the car will not shut off until the vehicle is in park. the company put a re-manufactured transmission in my car even though they never diagnosed the cause of the accident.
  • I have the 2007 SE AWD SF, with the power lumbar (1 1/2 years, 23k miles). Thus far, no problems or unusual noises...knock on faux wood.
  • I bought my 2008 Santa Fe in the middle on this May. Now it has 1650miles. It was great until yesterday (September 20). When I started, turned the transmission to “D”, pressed the gas pedal. Then I can feel the car was jerking. Apparently the transmission was working not smoothly. It used to work very smoothly until yesterday. After the first incident, I tried the “R” and it also had the same problem. The problem usually happens when I start the car and sometimes at the stop sign after a full stop.

    Then I try something in the uphill (but it has a very small grade): drive to a position in the uphill, stop and park it. Then switch to “D” again, the car CANNOT stop and start retrogress. At this time, I push the gas pedal harder, then the car begins move forward with jerking.

    This is a brand new car and I did not drive it a lot. I do not do oil change or any maintenance yet.

    Went to my nearest dealer this morning and they said there IS a problem in the transmission:
    No codes in system - internal mechanical concern - low pressure at idle possible pump failure in trans.

    But they refused to work on it and advice me to bring it to the dealer where I purchased it. So I drove to the dealer where I bought and still waiting for their test.

    That is bad, it only has slight above 1600 miles :mad: .

    Does anybody have the similar problem?
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