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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2007+)



  • btj1btj1 Posts: 6
    My clock in my 2004 Santa Fe keeps changing the time to 1:02. It will do it driving down the high way or when I start it sometimes I notice it has changed. Anyone ever had this problem??
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    i think this is a recall... but it would be covered in the warranty anyway as part of the suspension...
  • np01np01 Posts: 17
    The paint is peeling off one of the body-colored trim pieces in front of the roof rack because it was not primered. I have an '07 Silver Santa Fe with only 17,000 miles that has always been garaged. It's six months out of the 3 year paint warranty, and even though it's obviously peeling from all sides of the piece, the dealer, Phil Long in Colorado Springs, says that I scratched it off! :mad:
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    I am looking to replace the Bridgestone tires on my 08 Limited AWD. So far research and phone calls have narrowed down my possibilities to Yokohama Avid Envigors, Dunlop Signature CS, and Goodyear Fortera HL in the needed 235/60/18 size. Anyone have any experience with these brands or any other suggestions? The ratings on for the Yokohama and Goodyear tires are similar but the Dunlops don't have sufficient ratings yet to detect a trend. Price-wise they are all reasonably priced so that is not a big issue. Chime in folks. What do you think or what have you done already to replace those crap Bridgestones that came on our Santa Fes? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)
  • well, about a month ago, i put a set of yokohama envigor on my 08 santa fe awd. there is a few things you should know first. when buying 18" tires even though price for you is not an issued, its very expensive and in the event of replacing one tire w/mounting and balance the prices can reach over $190 per tire from any tire shop, its a very good idea to have an alignment done . the rear suspension on this santa fe its very sensitive to potholes and settings can easily change (camber). also i m running 35 psi on each tire, hyundai recomends 30 psi but at that level i find the ride very soft. with this vehicles its good to have a firm ride. the envigor works excelent with the awd system on this santa fe suvs.
    i m in nyc, we have seem alot of snow this month. i drove and comutted on snow every day like if it was not even there, when buried at 16"s of snow on the ground, this tires can pretty much dig themselfs out easily with the awd lock button on. on dry pavement the give excelent feed back and handling is greatly improved. you ll find your self cornering with more confidence and higher speeds. the steering response is great . the road noise is very low, this tires have a 560 tread rating, its good to say under normal driving they should last about 60,000 miles. i was looking at the michelin lattitude tours, but the tread wear was about half and the price was over $245 per tire (including balance and mounting from a tire shop). hopefully someone here can give you a review from another tire makers. just remember, make sure they are using the same santa fe w/ awd, my cooworker went with the fwd version with traction control and i driven the fwd version on dry roads and is pretty much the same but on wet surfaces rain, snow and ice without the awd its a very different story. good luck with your seach hope this helps. :)
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Thanks for the feedback. My Sf is an 08 Limited AWD and the local Monro Muffler and Brake will sell the Yokohamas to me for $180 each, mounted, balanced, the whole works. The same tire can be had on for $132 each but until I add in the shipping and mounting costs, the difference for four mounted and balanced is only $62. And if I purchase from Monro, I get free tire rotations every 5000 miles and a free alignment check so I am leaning towards them right now. And your snow experience is the info I was looking for. I live in Johnstown, PA and if there is one thing we get in the winter, it is SNOW! ;)
  • wdjoewdjoe Posts: 1
    I too had this problem at 66,500 miles. Same stabilizer links. Looks like this is a major issue with these vehicles after I have doing quite a few Google searches on this issue.
    Hyundai should have a recall for this item.
  • My 2010 Santa Fe driver side door dosen't open or close properly. The door will hinge up when it's closing and hinge down when I'm opening it. I have to close it harder than normal to close the door. Does anyone have or heard of this problem before in other Santa Fe or cars? I told the dealership of the problem and they said that's how it is. It's the manufacture that sets the latcher on door and the striker on the frame.
    If anyone have a solution on this issue, please let me know. Thanks.
  • loraolorao Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 SantaFe too and have had the sane problem for 2 years and nowthat my warrante is about to expire they have finally said it is the sway bar and have ordered the parts
  • Originally, my mechanic said he couldn't find anything wrong. I had him replace the stabilizer links anyway, and the clunking/noise problem was solved. It seems like they generally don't spend much time diagnosing this problem, considering how common it is on this and other Hyundai forums.
  • I had to have them replaced about 24K ago and unfortunately I had also missed my warranty date/miles. It was relatively affordable at just under $150 for both installed at the dealership and it has completely resolved the issue. At least it works and no more clunking!
  • While it is too soon to make a valid judgment, I can say that the Yokohamas seem to be much better in the snow than the departed OEM Bridgestones. I'll update as I put some miles and weather on these Yokohama Avid Envigors, but so far the choice seems to have been a good one.
  • Haven't had any really good snowstorms (unless you count the 1ft of snow we got the other night!) to drive in since I put the Envigors on my SF, but I have a few observations:

    1. Tire noise on dry pavement is down and is a different type of noise. Probably the best way to describe it is the noise is less bass--more midrange and a lower volume.

    2. Ride has definitely changed and these tires are more sensitive to pressure change than the old Bridgestones. When first put on the pressure was set to 30 psi and the ride was good but felt a little soft. After trying a few different pressures, I set them to 32 psi and the handling is improved, rolling resistance seems to be better, but ride quality got a little harsher but acceptable. To get the same effect on the old Bridestones would have required going to at least 34-35 psi. 32psi seems like my sweet spot for these new tires.

    3. Whether it is just psychological or real, my confidence level in driving my SF in bad weather is higher. It just feels more planted and sure-footed.

    4. Gas mileage seems to be up some but that is questionable right now due to cold weather and winter gas. The real test for this will come as the weather warms up around here and we get some good gas. I'll drop in again when I have more info to report.

  • Does anyone know what problems would be caused with a oil pump failure after they say it is fixed in a 2010 Sante fe with only 6000 miles on it?
  • i have a 2004 santa fe 60000 k miles when it is hot and sets for 15-20 min. it turns over but will not start for 3-5 sec. then it will start as i go to take off the car will sputer 3 times then run ok dealer changed fuel pump fuel regulator checked for vacume leaks . no change. thay checked with hyundai no help has this happened to anyone? help
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    I have a 2008 Santa Fe with LG navigation. I was wondering if anyone out there has done the update with MapnSoft. My version is 3 years old but I would really like to know if there is any real value to doing the update before spending $199 net That's very expensive. I called MapnSoft and really could not get any information from them as to the value of the update.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,328
    I don't think so. For one thing, very few street changes take place in 3 years unless you live in BoomVille somewhere, and even then, you probably know these changes.

    Secondly, for $199 you could navigate easily with a smartphone plugged into your MP3 input. True the screen would be small but you'd have audible directions through your speakers. Verizon's NAV is free with their phones and it's a *great* system. AND there's never an update needed--it's all automatically done.

    Last of all, you might check into the cost of aftermarket, in-dash NAV and balance that cost against the $199. As you know, there's nothing as old as old tech.

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  • patishapatisha Posts: 1
    I parked my 2009 santa fe in my driveway and as I was getting out of the vehicle it started to move and it dragged me sown my driveway and down a hill and into a tree. Of course the dealership can't find anything. As a result I fractured my tibia. I never had any accidents or tickets. Did anyone else have a problem with their vehicle moving while in park?
  • goramsblazersgoramsblazers Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    Dash Board Airbag Indicator - We brought our 2009 Santa FE to the dealership because the airbag light stayed on. Seems a plastic water bottle rolled under the passenger seat; the dealer said that when we slid the seat forward the airbag sensor wiring was severed. Parts estimate is $800 plus; labor estimate $560 to $600. Dealer offered to pay for parts; we pay labor. Has anyone had this issue and is the price estimate resonable?
  • alj007alj007 Posts: 4
    This will be a top 10 mistake, but not too proud to ask for some help!!! I have a 2007 GLS and when I tried to replace the Cabin Air Filter, the tabs broke off. Yes, all 4 of them. Any idea how to get the door off to get at the filter? Is this a single replacement item if I have to remove it the barbaric way or is the door a combination piece with the entire housing?
    Thanks for all replies.
  • omar6575omar6575 Posts: 24
    i did the same mistake instead of squeeze the tab, i pull it and broke it.

    OK, first thing to do is to remove the glove compartment door limiters and the single slider on the right , there are two limiters on each side. it allows the door to hang freely, more room to work.

    your going to need either a smalll needle nose plyers or a very small screw drive.

    with the screw driver pry on top of the cover near the broken tab, pull the tab up. do the same for the left upper tab. the bottom tabs are fairly easy to reach. once pry the tabs pull the tray out.

    the tray cost about $13 at the dealer ship. to be honest if you master the technique with these tools you wont need to buy another tray. the tray still will work with out the broken taps,

    hope this helps. :)
  • shawntshawnt Posts: 7
    Any luck on getting this fixed?
  • wachsfwachsf Posts: 9
    My wife's 2008 Santa Fe with only 13,000 miles had the same problem. The car went into limp mode and she had to restart the engine to get going again. I drove the car later that night and it happened to me 3 more times, with the Electronic Stability Control, All Wheel Drive, and Malfunction Indicator Lamp all lit up simultaneously.

    I called Hyundai Roadside Assistance, and they arranged for a flatbed to tow it to the nearest dealer even later that night. Two days later, the dealer replaced the Throttle Position Sensor per TSB, and reprogrammed the ECM. The repair and tow were both covered under warranty. I am very satisfied with the service from Hyundai Roadside Assistance.

    We haven't used up a tank of gas since the repair, but the average fuel economy has improved from 17 mpg to 19 mpg (she does mostly city/country driving).
  • monkeyboy3monkeyboy3 Posts: 2
    My girlfriend and I have just moved to Seattle and are after a car for moutain biking and getting to the mountains and think the Santa Fe fits the bill.

    We've found a 2003 2.4l 4 cylinder Santa Fe with 137k on the clock that is listed for $7000 (I think we can haggle down to about $5700). The car seems in pretty good nick.

    But I have a couple of concerns that I was hoping you guys could help me with (please excuse my general car ignorance):

    1) The coolant level was quite low (are leaks quite common? as long as we keep it topped up is that ok? or is this indicative of something else?)

    2) There was a small leak of a red transparent oil coming from approximately the middle of the engine and running along a seam (is this the crank case??). Is this just a bit of engine oil or is transmission oil? I've looked at the reviews on this site and most people love the Santa Fe, but the ones who don't have had problems with the transmission. Is this indicative of a major problem, or is small leak ok and perhaps expected in an older car? I had a look at the engine oil on the dipstick and this seemed to be a similar red colour.

  • natesbugnatesbug Posts: 1
    I've had the same issue...I have a 4 wheel drive 2002 Santa Fe, and they have to keep tearing down part of my transmission and repairing the seals on them, because they leak.....I think its a defect. But I can't find enough people having the same issues that I am having.
  • I had the same exact problem. The dealership wanted to oil the caliper which I have never heard of so I took it to my mechanic whom had to replace the back breaks and rotters at 24,000 miles. The best part of all is it was of course not under warranty!
  • suzyq35suzyq35 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem when I pump gas. Sometimes it lets me pump 2 gallons before it shuts off sometime just 1 gallon. I just took it in to my Hyundai dealer and they replaced the fuel cut off valve, but that wasn't the problem. They tried to pump gas and it did the same to them after replacing the part. It cost $120 plus $6 for the part. Now they want me to bring it back for an all day inspection to see what else they can do to try and fix the problem. I want to know if anyone else has this problem and was it fixed? I don't want to take it in and come out broke with still no answer, but all new parts.
  • mn_drivermn_driver Posts: 1
    We just had the Throttle Position Sensor replaced (under warranty) on our 2008 Santa Fe AWD with 32,000 miles. The car was surging when we started it in the morning and sometimes when we would pull up to a stoplight. The RPMs would bounce a bit. They also updated the ECM. Hopefully this helps anybody having the same symptoms.
  • Hi,
    I have a 2008 Santa Fe with about 75,000 miles. I've had no issues with my car, knock on wood, and really do enjoy driving it. I'm very good about maintenance, and I like and feel confident about the service I get at my dealership. I pretty much evaluate their recommendations after a service and typically follow through because I feel they are in line with the manufacturer's recommendations. Recently, they made a recommendation that the vehicle needed a power steering system fluid exchange, as their inspection revealed that the power steering fluid is "dirty/contaminated". I would expect that from a 3 year old vehicle. I've checked my use and care manual, and it does not list this as a recommended routine service. I'm not experiencing any problems with my power noises, etc. However, I don't want any problems either. I do a fair amount of weekly highway driving, and our NH winters can be harsh. I'm wondering if this is really a necessary service for something that is not currently a problem. What are your thoughts on the priority of this recommendation? How routine is it? Thanks for helping me sort this out!

  • dz302dz302 Posts: 26
    Hi "Aloftylady"~
    Like any other fluid in your vehicle, the power steering fluid does break down and get dirty. The question is does it need to be changed? In my opinion, I think it's a good idea to replace it. There are tiny amounts of metal that break down from the moving parts within the steering hydraulic system. These will contaminate the fluid and can cause wear. Having it changed is good insurance that you won't have any trouble down the road.
    One of the tricks I've used in the past, is placing a steel fuel filter in the return line of the hydraulic hoses that run from the PS pump. This will catch a lot of the metal chips that can be present in the system. This was especially an issue with '80's GM vehicles, as they had bad steering racks and the metal chips would eat up the PS pumps. Then you would have to replace the pump and the rack. Very expensive, indeed.
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