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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2007+)



  • sen1sen1 Posts: 23
    re Head rests. I should have said it is a 2011 Santa Fe.
  • Recently had oxygen sensor replaced. Check eng light was on, now out. At same time dealer said Rt Ft Balljoint should be replaced. Have others had similar problems. I see posting re front suspension.
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    Did you ever find out how to remove the rear headrest ? You could always use bolt cutters.

    Guess no one wants to be a First Responder.
  • btj1btj1 Posts: 6
    On my 2004 you just push in the buttons where the head rests go into the rear seat top and pull them out?? Plastic little buttons on the top of the seat that allows you to adjust them also. Push in and pull them all the way out.
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    The push buttons let you raise and remove the headrest.
    They collapse real nice when you lower the seats but won't budge otherwise.
  • sen1sen1 Posts: 23
    OK, I finally got them out. The button is at the hole where the two chrome like support rods go down into the seat back. You push the sliding button part towards the rod. Then, you have to get tough with the head rest and really pull hard to get it out. Then, to my surprise there is a long black cable attached to one of the support rods. I may cut it off. Right now the head rests are dangling behind the seat back. Rearward visibilty has increased 100 %.
  • I know I'm probably in the wrong section considering my Santa Fe is a 2004 but this section seems to have the latest/most responses. OK - first thing first I have a 2004 Santa Fe (4 cyl 2.7 L FWD) with only 42,000 miles on it. Coming from home work roughly doing 25 - 35mph my car all of a suddenly stalls - coasting to a stop (while crossing a very busy intersection I might add). After putting it in park I try to restart it - the engine cranks over as usual and starts but roughly 4 to 7 seconds afterwards it stalls again. I did this 4 or 5 times again with the same results. I'm almost positive the check engine light is on. The next day I popped the hood to see if the belt broke but its fine so I tried to start it again (same results engine starts but after 4 to 7 sec. stalls again). Before this engine trouble I haven't had one ounce of trouble from my Santa Fe. Not to be funny but yes there is a half a tank of gas in with plenty of fluids in it. After some research I kind of think its the Crank-shaft sensor (seems to be a problem with them in the Santa Fe's). Does anyone have the same issue and/or solution before I finally take it in to the dealership...? Thanks......
  • btj1btj1 Posts: 6
    I had something simular with my 2004. I took it in and it was the throttle control "Something". Mine was under warranty and they just fixed it. It didn't die on me but it spit and sputtered all the way home and I could only go about 35 mph. Hope this helps?
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    You are definitely in the wrong Forum if this is the first problem you have had with a 2004.
    T he newer model boast a different engine and transmission. You can get a quicker/better response if you present your problem to one of the Experts.
    Good Luck
  • pen2guin3pen2guin3 Posts: 5
    edited October 2011
    Thanks guys for the quick responses. I really appreciate any and all responses so I can have somewhat of a clue before taking it in to get fixed. Like I mentioned before this is the first time I've had any problems since the day I first bought it. Actually I'd love to hear more of possible causes and/or solutions. When I take it in and get it fixed I'll post back so hopefully it may help someone else out. I guess posting it in the correct forum (sorry) would up my odds of a possible cause and solution. Again guys - thanks so much..!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    You say it is a 2.7L 4-cyl...

    There is a 2.7L V6, and a separate 4-cylinder (2.4L, I believe, for 2004). Do you know which it is? Hyundai has never put a 2.7L 4-cyl into production.
  • I'm sorry I do believe you are correct with it being 2.4L (not that mechanically inclined). Thegraduate do you have any suggestions on what my problem may be...? Any help would be much appreciated.....!
  • obktobkt Posts: 35
    Has anyone had this recall performed on their Fe, installing a Teflon protective covering on the lower portion of the front springs? I had this done about a month ago and am now getting a squeaking noise from the front each time I start and stop. Sounds like the A frame bushings are worn out. It wasn't making this noise prior to the recall. It is very noisy when the weather is cold and damp as it was on a trip I made back east. Here in southern New Mexico it's dry and still warm so the noise isn't as pronounced. There is also a mild popping noise when I turn the wheel full left. Other than that, the car runs great.
    I'm wondering if anyone living in a cold, damp area has heard this same noise after having the maintenance done. Thanks in advance for any input.
    BTW, I have an appointment with the dealer on Wednesday, but I don't have much hope in getting this resolved. But at least I'll have documentation to show possible problem.
  • Not had that problem w/mine. You could try NHTSA website for recalls. On that note I had similar problems w/2001 SF and rear suspension rusted and wheel came off while driving. Upon contacting Hyundai Corp. as to why no recalls notices were sent they said "they send recalls intermittently". Nice. They also don't pay for towing or loaner cars.
    I would be keep an eye on the suspension from past experience and also would be interested in dealer's response.
    Good Luck
  • Plenty of cold and damp this Fall up here in PA.
    Had recall done 7 weeks ago and nothing is different than before.
  • obktobkt Posts: 35
    Took the car into the dealer and they found that the springs were not properly seated. Dealer ticket says "Springs slightly repositioned". Apparently when they removed them to perform the recall, they didn't install them correctly.
    Fe is nice and quiet now. Thanks for all the responses.
  • I just had the throttle position sensor replaced and ended up with another round of problem. The vehicle slugs and is hard to move when the steering is turned left or right at almost 60 to 90 degrees (when moving forward or reversing).
    Took it to the dealer with initial thought that the AWD was on but nothing was found wrong with the AWD. Eventually had to do rear differential service as the manager thought the oil may be old causing some resistance on the back wheels. He said I should drive it for another 500km and call him if the problem is still there.

    Has anybody experienced this or is there anybody with some idea of the problem here? It ts a 2008 Santa Fe with 80,000km and has been a good boy until this.
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    edited December 2011
    Had the Cabin Filter replaced ( by Dealer) several weeks ago as per mileage recommendation (21,000). The wife just noticed recently an offensive, musty odor when the blower is on, both in outside and re circulating modes. Bothers her more than me, but I do notice it.
    Not sure why it wasn't noticed right after install. The air quality was never a problem with original Filter.
    Should I pull it and check it myself --- I dread going back to the dealer 4 weeks later.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,588
    Won't be the first time someone has put it in backwards.

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  • I would remove filter and check, it is a simple operation, it is shown in owner's manual. Maybe they "forgot" to put in a new filter (I am not a dealer repair booster). Good luck.
  • kdconodkdconod Posts: 53
    edited December 2011
    Or perhaps the filter got wet in shipping unbeknownst to the dealer. If you don't want to take it back to dealer, just buy another and pop it in.

    (I would never have a dealer replace a cabin air filter - they tend to charge more than double the price you could get from an auto supply place)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,588
    shoot, we've had people in the forums who had cabin filters replaced in cars that didn't even have cabin filters! :P

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  • The MPG, when having first purchased the Hyundai Santa Fe, was upwards of 25.5 on trips and around 22 to 23 in the city driving.
    This was the prime reason I got rid of my Dodge Dakota which was giving me 16MPG/18MPG city/highway respectively.
    My total driven miles since the lease of my Santa Fe are 3800 +/- as of 12/12/11.

    About a week ago, 12/05/11, the MPG had decreased to 19.0 MPG on trips and very little change in city driving.
    I filled the tank and noted that the MPG reading went back up to 24.0 MPG for a few miles then dropped back to 19.0 MPG whether I was on the road at a constant 60 MPH or driving in the city at 30 MPH
    Checking the actual miles driven since the last fill-up (on 12/12/11) with the gallons of gas consumed, i.e. Miles/Gallons used, the MPG calculated to 18.0 MPG. Why??
    The odometer resets the MPG after fill up. I’m up to 19.8MPG having driven 3 miles from the gas station and will continue to monitor the MPG to see if it reaches the expected MPG (the reason I purchased a Hyundai)

    I brought the car to the dealership (where leased on 09/12/11) to have the problem checked and they weren’t able to find any problem other than the tire pressure was down by 3 psi. Our temp had fallen to below freezing that day but even so, when the problem first occurred, the temp was in the 60’s.

    Has anyone else experienced a similar problem and if so, is there a solution?
  • dz302dz302 Posts: 26
    Usually, I know it's time to change ours when it starts getting stinky. My wife says it smells like "dirty socks". I change it once a year, just before summer. I also spray a deoderizer/disinfectant specifically made for automotive HVAC systems, into all the vents BEFORE I replace the filter. Helps kill any "bugs" and "dirty sock" smells. Then it smells as fresh as a daisy!!
    Give it a shot....
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    edited December 2011
    What kind of daisy - a benzene one or perhaps a phthalates one? :shades:

    I'd consider using something like BG Frigi-Fresh if I had mold in my HVAC but not on a regular basis.
  • Actually, the Cabin smelled better before the replacement. Spent the weekend in the Hospital so I haven't had a chance to pull the new one.

    The deodorant is not an option since most remind you of Restrooms.
  • If unable to obtain satisfaction from the dealer on problems with a leased 2011 Hyundai,
    Where does one one further direct it's complaints?
  • This is going to be a long one, and I hate to post it but I am pretty disappointed in the dealer where I purchased the car and would like them to finally admit there is a problem with my car! I have been going in for the past year and telling them the same thing every time. Their response to me is simply we can not diagnose what we cannot duplicate. this all came to a head lastnight when I tried to push on the gas pedal and nothing happened. It was all I could do to curse and put the car in reverse and let it idle me back to my driveway. Luckily I was in the near my house and not somewhere remote as it took 2.5 hours for the Hyundai Roadside assistance company to show up, which in this case was someone from CAA. Yup I am in Canada. I could see those response times in a snow storm, but I could be driving my motorcycle as there is no snow on the ground.

    I have gone in and told them that I was driving on the 401 and went to make a lane change and accelerate when all of a sudden, I had nothing, no power behind me and making a change to the fast lane with someone barreling down on me at 120km/h, the engine then got supply of gas or kicked in after a few seconds of hesitation. The dealers response...Ya thats the way the transmission works. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

    Other than that it has been apparently routine maintenance they are hosing me with. Tranny flush, fuel injection, power steering, brake fluid, coolant flush, cleaning service for the brakes that prolongs life (ya right see how that works for me). All of these things you would expect a car running in top shape. not so much for this Sante Fe.

    Needless to say I am not very impressed. When I mentioned to the service manager that I researched online what the problems could be I have been having he responded with 99% of the time the blogs are wrong and dont know what they are talking about. Googling my engine problems I found various things from Fuel Pressure regulator to EGR valves and maybe a throttle position sensor. The Service Manager also told me that my Sante Fe doesnt have an EGR valve, I said ok fine I am not the mechanic but can you give me something other than duh well the computer didnt show anything so everything is fine!

    I am not imagining these things they really do happen to my car.

    Anyone able to help me out or tell me a better Hyundai dealer in the Ottawa area to go to?
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    Sounds like the throttle position sensor.
  • If you get the Check Engine light, then I would think it's the Throttle Position Sensor. Someone posted the details of the Technical Service Bulletin here:

    The TSB would only go into effect if the computer has stored the trouble codes to confirm that the TPS is defective. It sounds like your dealer either didn't see those codes, or didn't bother to try to read them.

    But if you don't have the Check Engine light, then it could be a TPS, a faulty wire harness, or even a transmission problem.
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