Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2007+)



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    Picked up my SF with the new relay. Starting and driving fine the last two days. Our key remote locks didn't work after the relay replacement, so we had to make a trip back to Hyundai Service for a quick reprogramming. Thanks to all for their helpful comments.
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    Maybe they cut it off because the supply of parts is embarasingly poor. I have been waiting 2+ months for an AIR FILTER for my 3.3 Santa Fe. It gives me doubts about Hyundai when a simple maintenance item cannot be supplied. I spent 30 years in the import auto parts industry before retireing and I never had a situation where an air filter could not be supplied. I have been told for 2 months by the dealer that the filter is still "back-ordered". What a poor performance by Hyundai.
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    that does suck - but i never get air filters from the dealer...
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    Was just down near my dealer and thought I would drop in prior to my next oil chg to get a part ordered I presumed was going need ordering in advance.

    Having been through a Mini Cooper and a BMW, the symptom was clear to me and I presumed they would have to order the part...WINDOW REGULATOR...he said they had a few in stock since they had been getting reports of failures.

    So if any of your windows are squeaking I recommend stopping by the dealer to have it checked out...they said 2-3 hrs. Just think how much it would be without a warranty! :cry: Just an FYI
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    Didn't know the oem air filter was available for the 07. There is a K&N but I have never been fond of them (I live in a very dusty area). Do you have a link for the 07 SF paper replacement? TIA.

    So far the only thing I do not like about the SF is the lack of afermarket parts...but then and again...all manufacturers are doing it too!
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    i think NAPA has them WIX brand air filters... i heard they were not as bulky and allow more air flow - k&n does not have anything out yet.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    thank you....Wix usually makes good stuff too!

    Saw 2 models on their site 10-11 dollars. I think the oem one is about $30! will have go have a peek one day but it will be a while until I need one, I do not let air filters go more that 10-15000 miles in this dusty climate (northern Nevada)That would be one less thing to be scammed by the dealer though!
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    I was in the import parts business on the wholesale side for 30+ years. I can tell you that the aftermarket filters may look the same as an o.e.m. filter but in most cases they are cheap imitations. The primary difference will be the quality of the filter paper. The original filters are made of much finer material with a higher tolerance for keeping out particles, and designed for a specific air flow. I would expect that most (if not all) of the aftermarket filters (not K&N)are made in China, and are being imported for less than a buck!!
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    Thanks for the info....I do not doubt it for a minute, but here is one for you. The OEM Honda oil filter used to be made by a decent company here in the states or Canada (filtronic?) it is still blue but is now made by FRam. (also used to be a decent company MANY years ago)

    The only way to tell is the last 2 digits in the part #. Moral, It is not always what it seems to be...I guess. I think the whole world is made in China...sorry state of affairs and we are just as much to blame, if not more so for letting it happen. Just MHO
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    as long as it doesn't void the warranty - i will always go with aftermarket - sometimes the stuff is even better than oem - they sometimes correct design flaws... the Hyundai air filter looks like way to much material to allow the engine to breathe... and as for the claim that aftermarket oil filters cause noise - i think that would only happen if the proper "O" rings are not used.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    anybody else getting this? on the 3.3 limited awd santa fe - when you turn off the engine the fan still runs for a little while b4 it stops - mine is squeaking - i put it in as a side note when i bring it in to the dealer for the svc eng light problems - might be nothing or it might be precurser to some other failure - i'll keep everyone posted...
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    somedai - are you sure it's not the automatic electric fan running after the engine stops ? I'm pretty sure the S.F. has one. It'll run if the engine gets real hot in this summer weather. If there is a cooling problem , the diagnostic should pick it up when you have it in to service.
    Hope it's nothing serious. I know what it's like to keep going backwards and forwards into the shop when I had my recent problems.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    no - it's not a problem - yet - that would make me REAL concerned but a squeaking moving part on a new vehicle just annoys me to no end - i shut of the engine and velocity allows the fan to continue spinning and you can hear it squeaking as it slows down...
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    When the engine is hot, it is not unusual for the fan to keep running until the engine gets under a preset temperature. This is a good thing.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    not talking about the fans operation... talking about the squeaking noise the fan makes - that's the problem... i have yet to see it continue to run to cool engine after shutting the vehicle off - not even sure if this vehicle is designed that way...
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    Well, It could also be the serpentine belt or the pulleys that goes to the alternator, water pump and A/C. They soemtimes can get dirty/wet, shiny and squeaky. I did have a Pontiac like that. I had the belt replaced a few times. It turned out to be a leaking water pump seal that got the belt wet , which caused the slippage on the pulleys, even with a belt pre-tensioner.

    I also had a similar problem with a Dodge Caravan a few uears ago, which turned out to be a worn bearing on the pulley from the alternator.The Pontiac was less than a year old, and the Dodge was about 2 years old. They both eventually made sqeaking noises when the engine was running.

    I hear you about annoying squeaks on a new car,though. Hope they find something simple and all turns out well.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    nah - i know it is the fan - it's one of few things that continues moving after you shut off the car - all the things you mention stop moving as soon as you shut down...
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    Just bought the 2007 Santa Fe Se with premium packages 2 months ago and now it has 4600 miles on it. The passenger side and sometimes driver side windows squeak when rolling up or down, especially after being heated by the sunshine for a while. Also found some little rattles from around the steoro over bump road. And the central arm rest squeazes all the time when I put my arm on. I don't know if I should stop by the dealer to fix these problems. Also from the day I got the car, there has been a dust in the left turn indicator light in the instrument panel. Otherwise the car is a good vehicle.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    from what I have seen (just posted here as a matter of fact) squeaky windows sometimes indicate that the window regulator is going bad. Dust inside the turn indicator...I would also bring it in. If they tell me it's nothing, make them document it just in case on your service ticket. As far as noises go, you did NOT pay for them, therefore you do not want them! Nice thing about the SF is that they are pretty tight!

    I took delivery of my SE during a rain storm in Feb...woke up and the tail light was full of water! In she went! That got in just from the ride home (about 25min) since it is garaged! Definitely was not sealed properly and they replaced it immediately with one from a lot car so I did not have to wait! THAT WAS GOOD SERVICE!

    I am one of those that believes that if you have a warranty, use it!(You definitely paid for it in the purchase price!!!)

    I usually keep a list and have the little stuff done at oil chg time...Window regulators take time and are expensive! Just MHO!
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    make sure they don't spill any oil during oil change on engine and transfer case...
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    My 07 Ltd wouldn't start this morning, completely dead. Checked under the hood, the positive terminal is loose, I can lift it off without any effort. The negative is loose also, but takes a little gentle pulling to get it off. There doesn't seem to be any way to tighten them, the bolts on the terminals are tightened all the way down. Anyone encountered this before? I searched this and another SF website but found no mention of it. To the shop tomorrow...
  • angel20angel20 Member Posts: 22
    Just out of wonder... what happens if they spill oil on engine or transfer? There is some old oil spill on the casing on my this a problem?
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    just messy - and you might start smelling it burning off and wonder if something is wrong with the vehicle - an annoyance...
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    Bought two Santa Fe's last April on same day from FitzAuto Mall in MD -- Limited for us, GLS for son. Excellent buying experience and generally satisfied with quality and driving experience. One problem -- Limited with larger engine seems to hesitate when shifting gears. Happens at low speed as well as at highway speed -- almost imperceptible but definitely there and NOT there on my son's GLS (smaller V6 with different auto trans.) Took to local dealer and got the "everything fine sir; performing per spec." Anybody notice this with their Limiteds?
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    yeah - it does seem jerky - like the ESC, ABS, and the adapting transmission are fighting against each other instead of working together - mine is having other problems so i can't trust anything i feel with it now as it is operating with an existing problem...
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    Hey There,

    Is there anybody out there that have a GLS model with a gear-like noise that becomes noticeable as you hit 35mph and get increasingly loudy as you pick up speed? You have to turn down the radio and A/C fan and find a clear rather smooth road or highway. I noticed it after 3 months and thought it was nothing. Now it is quite noticeable and took it in to the dealership while they were fixing the maplight harness.
    The service agent called me back and said that Hyundai USA will be shipping in a new transmission and have to schedule another appointment for that. I am fuming but holding it in right now being with a replacement transmisison, who knows what else may go wrong on this vehicle.

    Anybody else notice any gear-like noise on their GLS? Comments would be appreciated too.

    By the way, the maplight harness went in well and works like a gem. I was the first Santa Fe that the dealership retrofitted and the service guys had no idea why they were doing the swap. I told them about the complaints and other mainland customers were getting their map lights worked on.

    By the way, I am out in the middle of the pacific in Hawaii.

    Thanks. :cry:
  • sprintrpssprintrps Member Posts: 62
    Dealer just called. They got the air filters in stock. Because I was patient they gave me the air filter at NO CHARGE!!. Great Dealer (Cavenaugh Hyundai, Jonesboro, AR)
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    My own 2 cents as a previous toyota owner.
    i bought my 2007 SFee in November 2006.Since then I had two minor issues where one corrected itself.The temperature indicator was indicating the wrong temperature.Guess it suffered from the Quebec cold weather here in Canada.Fortunately the problem dissapeared by itself before we could apply a tech bulletin.
    Recently the drivers windows mechanism had to be replaced since it was so noisy (squeaky) & slow on the way up.
    I wouldnt mind having the map light lighting up when entering the vehicule instead of other way.
    I have pointed to my mechanic a noise occuring on initial use of the vehicule when reaching about 20 miles/hr, some clunk from the drive train & felt under the pedal is bugging me.He invited me to test drive a new SFE from the lot and sure enough that same noise was felt.While i was at the dealer another Santa Fe customer was inquiring about the same noise ...Nothing as been found and he did ackowledge the issue.He couldnt tell if it came from the trani, brake ...
    Since that visit i drove over 2000km without any problem.
    It could also see an improvement when cold transmission seems like it hesitated a little before shifting gear.
    By the way the auto door lock after 25 miles/hr as some security features are options that coud be enabled or disabled at the dealer (using eprom device) i had my auto door lock enabled after 20 miles/hr.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    K&N air filters are now available - wow - less than a year...
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Please report on your great dealer experience in Dealer Ratings and Reviews at Edmunds too.
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    Hi dezman1.

    I have a Santa Fe GL premium model (Canada). I have it for 2 months. I have noticed high pitch noise when accelerating on 4th gear. The noise appears around 75-80 km/h speed only and its gone once it shifts into 5th gear. Then on 5th gear it reappears again about speed 120km/h. I have noticed that driving one night with no cars around on a very smooth highway and having everything turned off (radio, fan etc.). In my case the noise does not get louder, it just appears at certain speed/gear combination. Since it's very hard to hear and the cabin is so quiet I ignored that, but reading your post I will keep looking and let you know if it gets any worse. :(
  • bakarbakar Member Posts: 4
    HI there.

    I had a similar problem. Somebody scratch my door on the parking. Try to use something which is called "Scratch doctor". I am not 100% sure about the name but it has a "doctor" and "scratch" in the name. the bottle has a orange color. It works like a charm. The guy who works in the paint shop recommended this one for me. If you scratch is noe all the way through clear coat you are fine. Just apply the specific on your scratch an let it dry to haze, then wipe it off with soft cloth. You will not see this scratch for sure. Mine scratch was quite deep (to the clear coat) so it did not remove it completely but is much less visible. I tried this also on some minor scratches and it removes them completely. I believe this is the best product on the market. If you are in Canada "Canadian Tire" stores have for them" for about 14$.
    Good luck :)
  • bakarbakar Member Posts: 4

    DO NOT Go to dealer to install your hitch. I did it on my own.
    It takes 15 min to install the hitch receiver. I went to the hitch store and asked them to order a proper hitch for me. The brand is "hidden hitch". They will know the part number if you tell them this is for Santa FE 2007. Make sure to tell them this is 07. 06 Santa FE is completely different. The hitch has a manual which tells you how to do it. All you have to do is screw 4 bolts in the holes which are already drilled in your car. The holes are located in the frame on the outer side of the mufflers. Get under the car and you will find them with no troubles. I paid for my hitch 221$ and that was the total cost.
  • bkirk1bkirk1 Member Posts: 21
    I have a 2007 gls that has a similar noise but the dealer here in N.H. says he cant find anything wrong. My noise sounds like a bearing noise or a trans noise. at first I thought it was bad tires but as the car got older it sounds more like its mechanical.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    the GLS is fwd? 6cyl? I have the limited awd - and i noticed a similar sound and thought it was tires - when i brought it to the dealer - they say nothing wrong - bearing noise gets louder and louder with speed - mine just feels and sounds like a steady grind
  • dezman1dezman1 Member Posts: 16
    Thanks for the comments. Now at least I know I am not alone out there. I know we are just a small representation of the Santa Fe owners out there who don't know about this forum. Just wondering if there are a large number of customers who is in the same boat.

    I wrote a long lenghty letter to Hyundai Motors USA about my concerns and dissapointment of this brand new vehicle. I was very polite but to the point about being dissapointed about the problem and hope they can resove this issue without a hitch. I don't blame the guys in the service dept or the dealership as it's not their fault. At least the service fellow agreed with me that the gear-like sound is not normal. That is why I suppose he was able to get the okay from Hyundai USA to replace the entire transmission.

    I will post a followup as soon as the trans is replaced sometime next week.

    Take care,

  • bkirk1bkirk1 Member Posts: 21
    Mine is a 2.7 v6 front wheel drive 4 spd automatic. I'm trying to get the dealer to look at it again this time with
    the service manager.
  • angel20angel20 Member Posts: 22
    Are you still having engine light issues or is there a new problem with your transmission? Or is that the problem?
    If you remember..I am the one that had the reflash on my vehicle....
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    Hello Angel20
    Sorry for butting in, but how is your SF now after the ECU was reflashed...I was curious, since I like to know as much as I can if I have to go to the dealer with an issue. Knowledge is a good thing!

    My dealer is great but like the rest, is NOT informed by Hyundai Corp.

    Once they know of a problem/fix, they are excellent!
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    Had a bit of a scare yesterday traveling on the highway. I had the cruise control set in my SE, and when I hit the brake to disengage it, it didn't shut off, I had to use the on/off button on the steering wheel to shut it off. I then noticed that the "ESC Off" light was on. When I got to an area of little traffic, I tried the cruise again, and same thing happened. When I got off the highway, I thought maybe if I shut the car off and restart it, it would clear out the problem. Well, I couldn't shift the car into R or Park, and I couldn't get the key out. I called Hyundai 24-hr roadside assistance, and after a few minutes on the phone, they sent a tow truck out. When he arrived, he told me he couldn't tow an AWD, that he needed a flatbed, and they should have told him that when he was called. Anyway, he said that there is a shift lock release button next to the shifter (I do recall reading about it, but forgot), and all he did was use a small screw driver to release the shift knob and put it into park. Upon restart, everything appeared to work fine, but he said that there is a switch in the brake pedal that has to be depressed in order to shift the car, and it may be going bad. But if I took it in now, with everything working correctly, he said it may be hard to diagnose, but I plan on taking it in anyway just to be safe. My guess is that same switch controls the cruise control. Not sure how the ESC was affected. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    yeah angel20 - how'd the reflash go? i had the bank 2 oxygen sensor replaced (tsb) - they say the bank 2 sensor gives bank 1 false readings- i have yet to see if light or driveability problem returns....
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    drwoodr - i have a 07 Santa Fe 3.3L Limited and a similar thing happened to me at around 2500 miles! The "ESC OFF" warning light came on and wouldn't go off, even if I turned the switch on and off. If I re-started the engine it would not come on at first, then it would come on after the start diagnostics had run thru' the cycle.

    Took it in and it turned out to be a faulty Brake Light Switch which got replaced. Luckily it was still working intermittently, but it activated the warning light, as it is part of the ESC and EBD safety system circuits. It just meant that my brake lights weren't coming on all the time I used them.

    The brake light switch also controls the operation of the cruise control for safety reasons, and also the switch to prevent you putting the car in reverse without your foot on the brake. That's probably why it got stuck in gear. It must be a faulty switch design - so much for the safest car on the road when a faulty switch can affect so many things !

    I sense a recall coming on!
  • skierbri10skierbri10 Member Posts: 32
    Interesting, guess I will keep an eye out on mine...
  • drwoodrdrwoodr Member Posts: 88
    I never thought about the brake lights not working, now that's scary. I called my dealer this morning, and was told if it wasn't acting up when I brought it in, they couldn't replace the brake switch under warranty. He also said that they don't act up intermittently, they just fail.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    As long as it shows up as a fault code on the computer memory readout they must perform,that should be enough to go-ahead and replace the switch. That's what my service manager did on mine. It can be a bad switch, faulty connection, bad wiring - who knows. Insist they replace it as a SAFETY issue and tell them it's happened before from this forum. If you wait for it to fail, then they are making you take a big safety risk.
  • shawntshawnt Member Posts: 7
    Any news on a fix for the radio hiss?
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    Attention all Limited owners - please check your rear leather seats at the bottom where the front edge of the horizontal seat cover fits to the bottom of the seat - mine is loose on both 60/40 seats - one had a strap come off, the larger one I can't get to it to check, but it is definitely not fitted correctly - not fitted to the lip that is supposed to hold it on tight, flapping in the breeze.
    Yet another disappointment for me in quality of build. Other stuff so far since 4/30/07:

    -rear cupholder replaced - didn't fit
    -temp sensor faulty-replaced
    -tires were at 44 lbs off the lot
    -paint on door nicked off the lot
    -starter making a noise on cold start up
    -Esc light came on - brake lights weren't working- brake switch replaced
    -right tail pipe not connected to holding strap
    -bolt came off of suspension arm- almost had a wreck -replaced
    -all wheels out of alignment off the lot-re=aligned and rotated

    Chapman Hyundai here in Phoenix refused to replace the vehicle.I will not be buying another Hyundai again.
  • kdahlquistkdahlquist Member Posts: 130
    Wow. You sure had bad luck. Yours must have been built at 4:45 p.m. on a payday Friday.

    My 07 Limited AWD w/ Touring has been completely the opposite story. It has been perfect. Seriously, I haven't been able to find anything wrong with it. It now has 6,700 miles on it with no hiccups or glitches of any kind. It has been better, in fact, than any new car I have ever owned, and that's included both Hondas and Toyotas.

    By contrast, my wife took delivery of a brand new 2007 Saturn Outlook XR AWD last Friday. It's in the shop today -- just four days later and with less than 100 miles on it. The power steering failed on it yesterday, and almost caused me to lose control on a freeway off-ramp. The dealership gave us a new Ion coupe as a loaner because the parts they need aren't in the warehouse and they don't know when they'll be able to get them.

    FWIW, we paid $35,500 for the Saturn, and just $28,000 for my Santa Fe. At this point, my wife is regretting not having bought the Hyundai Veracruz instead of the Outlook.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    just got back from service dept. - pretty service lady tried to convince me the leather edge of the rear seat had simply come off ... I told her it wouldn't stay attached - she wrestled with it and said she had it re-attached just fine - looked at it and it had come away from the edge of the seat again - she replaced it again - same thing happened - she tried once more and it happened again - she called over male service rep. - he tried - same thing again and again - he called service tech who took car into shop - car came back 20 mins. later - I was assured it was fixed-looked at it, and sure enough, it wasn't.

    Called service rep again - bring it in tomorrow and leave it with us all day he said - I checked another Santa Fe sitting on lot and GUESS WHAT - they had changed the way the leather was attached underneath on the small rear seat and GUESS WHAT - the larger rear seat also had the leather unattached on the bottom edge, same way as mine. It had not been modified.

  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    Good for you - When and where was your S.Fe built as on the plate by drivers door? If it was in Korea then service Tech has already said there are less problems with them. It's the Alabama ones that are more problematic. Mine was built 1/24/07 in Alabama, a Wednesday, not 4-45pm on Friday!
    I know it's the luck of the draw, which is fine if you don't get the short straw !Hope yours stays intact.
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