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Purchasing A4 at the end of the lease

kevin34kevin34 Member Posts: 42
edited April 2014 in Audi

I am trying to determine whether or not it makes financial sense to purchase my Audi at the end of my lease. It's an '04 that I leased in '03 for 39 months/10k miles a year. I only have 20.3k miles on it and the buyout price is $18.5k(not including tax). It has leather and sunroof which I think is the premium package but doesn't have the sports package. The market seems to indicate this is a good price but I am still unsure.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


  • dl7265dl7265 Member Posts: 1,381
    Long as your 1.8T isnt effected by the oil sludge problems. I don't see why not.

  • kevin34kevin34 Member Posts: 42
    Thanks for your response. How would I know if I have oil sludge problems? Should I bring it into Audi to make sure before I make my decision?
  • byronwalterbyronwalter Member Posts: 220
    If you are changing the oil every 5k or six months or so with synthetic oil don't worry about the sludge issue. OTOH, if you have gone with the standard Audi oil change interval, you might just have an issue...
  • fkuciapafkuciapa Member Posts: 12
    Hi Kevn - Don't do it unless your have extensive supplemntal warranty. Audi's are not reliable, particularly those with turbo engines. German's just can't seem to grasp the eletronics like Japanese do...

    Unless of course you have tons of cash and time to spare reading magazines at the dealer while your car is being worked on...
  • matthansmatthans Member Posts: 6
    My lease is up in two months on my 2005 A4 1.8T in two months and trying to figure out all the angles to factor in when deciding to buy or not. The residual value is $18.5K. I'm 15K mi over my mileage @ .25cents/mile I think? Which equals $3750.00 due at turn in.
    There has been a coolant leak problem a couple times during the last year. It'll cost $500 to fix it & needs rear breaks they say. Do you have to fix these things before you turn it in?
    They are offering 0.9% interest if we refinance through audi credit again and buy an extended warrant, which cost $2500.00. Can you negotiate on the residual value of the car (18.5k)?
    What other factors should I consider in my decision. I'd like to go the cheapest route.
  • spi5spi5 Member Posts: 48

    The car business is slow now. You should be able to negotiate the buy off price down a bit.

    My case may not apply to A4. - I negotiated my lease end RX-8 $1,500 lower than residual value and waived $500 process fee.

    I end of buy off the RX-8 and sell to the other party. Make about $1,000 from it.

    You may try to call you lease maturity department.
  • eddie650eddie650 Member Posts: 26
    My 2005 A4 also just had a coolant leak at 36,000 miles - covered under the warranty. I'm looking into an extended warranty plan for 4 years or 100,00 miles, but they tell me it will cost about $4,600.

  • ramoncramonc Member Posts: 10
    Hi. My general message is not to own an Audi out of guarantee regardless of the apparent external condition. Problems with coils, motors, oil leaks, bad brakes, etc. are too expensive to deal with. Audi sells cars are purveyors of quality products. Far from it. Audi does not look back to make improvement. I just received a notice from Infinity. They want to look at my '03 QX4's anti pollution system to see how it is doing. They keep they car for up to 10 days and any needed repairs will be free. A free of charge vehicle will be provided. My car will be returned full of gas, about 100 more miles on the odometer and there will be a $300 payment for my troubles.That is a quality car company. On top of that, after 75,000 miles all I have had to replace are the rear shocks. All other items have been scheduled maintenance item. STAY AWAY FROM AUDIs. They will bleed your checking account dry. My 2001 TT has had its share of problems and soon will be sold. Good luck.
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