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Volvo V50 Engine Questions



  • huhuhuhu Posts: 10
    thanks a lot guys!

    To Alexancx,
    How long does it take for your gf to get 30 MPG? I have 500 miles now on my v50, and I only get 20 on mixed (driving on I95 around baltimore maybe should not be considered as highway only)driving.
  • I have a 2005 v50 with T5 and 60kmiles, what plugs would be a best replacement ? And , does the fuel line recall make the sensor go bad (causing it to throw a PO 193 code ? ) :confuse:
  • jprsjprs Posts: 1
    I have a V50 3.5 years old and 50000 miles on the clock. It has just been diagnosed with a oil leak on the turbo. my local garage suspects the bearing is leaking and allowing the oil to pass through the turbo.

    I noticed that the car had developed a small oil leak on one of the air hoses coming from the turbo, although no oil loss noticed.

    My arguments/pleading has just begun with Volvo, hope this helps your fight.

  • I have a 2005 V50 with 67,000 miles on it. Love the car, after owning a 91 240 wagon for years. When I start the car I here this loud buzzing noise from the engine. When turning the engine off it continues for about 1 minute then clicks off. I lifted the hood and it is coming from this Silver cylinder in the very front of engine on drivers side. Next to plastic refill container. Not sure what this unit is. Any ideas?
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