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Chevy Silverado - Continued XV



  • fortopfortop Posts: 239
    Is she like one of those imaginary friends I had when I was 6 years old? Each to his or her own.
  • ...everyone use to clean the black part of the bumper?
  • I have put up with the spark knock in my 2000 LS for about 4500 miles. My first wish is that I never bought it because the dealers can't hear the noise and the outside mechanic shops can't fix it. If I sell it...lose 4K. If I don't....lose mind! Has anyone heard of some ways to decrease the knock that are proven?
  • I think it would be easier to figure out witch pins go where using a multimeter and some trial and error and for a lot less $$$$$.
    The switches I used were from the previous body style with the dash from 1995-1999 and it went in the dash right above the push button 4wd.
    The switch I had has five pins.If you look at the back of the switch at the pins,mine had two rows of pins.I'll try to type out a diagram.
    1 2 3
    4 5
    (1)was for the power indicator light on the switch.
    (2)was the ground.
    (3)was to back light the switch(I tied into the dash lights so the back light would dim with the dash lights).
    (4)was from the battery or your power source.
    (5)was for your light you want to operate.

    And then where ever you run your wire just put it in some of the wire loom(the plastic tube with a slit) that you can buy.It looks better,And don't forget to put in an in line fuse.

    I'm guessing that your switch will be different than mine though but I sure hope this helps.

    I don't have anything on mine just yet but I will be putting on some sort of strobe light when I get a snow plow maybe next winter.

  • Injector cleaner has not been needed since sometime in the 1980s. New injectors are self cleaning, especially when combined with the new cleaner fuels. I doubt the dealers even do anything when they get the big bucks for the service.

    bco: nice pictures!
  • Andrew, you do have a point about the expense, in that I spent 4X what it cost in parts doing the research...but I am real anal and wanted to utilize the existing wiring taps for power and ground so I didn't screw up the computer(s) wiring. Besides I like the wiring to look neat under the dash. If some GM tech had to get under there to do wiring under warranty, I didn't want a fight on my hands.

    What really burns me is that aside from the snow plow prep package, I know of a few volunter fireman that would like to have the wiring there so all they have to do is drill and plug in. GM will not put this option in a 1/2 Xcab but will in a 1/2 std. cab and 3/4 Xcab...go figure?

    Anyway the pin-out for the switch, which is where I think, this all started is as follows:
    Top __
    F A __|
    E B
    D C

    A is unused

    B is ground for the internal lamp and LED below powered by connectors D and E.

    C is power out through the main switch for the relay coil.

    D is power in from the dimmer to control the "Aux Lamp" light on the switch bezel

    E is power in to light the indicator LED to let you know that whatever you have powered up is on... LOL

    F is B+ power, that should be fused, to the main switch that goes through to connector C and on to the relay.

    Hope this helps

  • Can get snow plow prep package on K2500 Xcab
    That's for Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162

    Darn right!

    - Tim
  • mledtjemledtje Posts: 1,123
    I broke down and bought a set of PIAA 980 dual driving/fog lights. They are small enough to fit in where the stock foglights fit.

    Well, they are installed and working. Took a couple of hours to fabricate brackets to mount them, a couple of hours more to wade through the wiring diagrams and decide on how to wire them (I wanted to use existing, unused wires through the firewall), a couple of hours more to actually do the wiring. In other words, the whole day.

    The foglight portion works through the factory foglight switch. I added a switch for the driving lights in the small pocket where the autotrac switches would be if I had them. I had to fabricate a small metal panel to fit in that spot and hold the switch and an LED (to tell me when the driving lights are on). The driving lights only come on when the high beams are on.

    Since I have the relay that has high and low beams come on at the same time, I now have Hi Beams, Low Beams and Driving Lights at the same time. If I can't see at night, I better get new glasses.

    See pictures of the dual PIAAs at:

    Anybody want to buy a factory foglight? I have both the right and the left available - $25 each.

    Mike L
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Nice truck. Hey whered you get that blue bow tie for the front???

  • how many of you guys park you truck outside? I started college in late august and have left my truck at home in the garage. I hate not having it, so I was thinking of taking it this week. just curious.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    due to the fact you would have to park outside?

    - Tim
  • got anything to do with the elements, but rather
    the jealous idiots that have nothing better to do
    than to walk by and scratch a perfectly good
    TRUCK. but then again i live in calif. where
    there are alot of zaney people running around.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Today at work a guy came in with a F150 supercrew for a bunch of bricks. I was like your gonna take it all they said yep so i didnt argue. 420 holland pavers appx 7lbs each. Loaded all of em on a pallet and threw it on his truck pallet barely fit. Truck held it but that bed isnt made for hauling. Pallet goes in push it forward maybe 5inches and its against the cab. Truck sagged very bad rear end down to the ground. From what i have seen if you plan on doing alot of materials hauling the F150 crewcab isnt for you. I couldnt beleive how small the bed was. Nice truck but its a people mover.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054

  • Mine is outside too. Have too many power/bench tools, and the Camaro and Sebring convertible are inside.

    We make the zany people stay out of the area.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    I got the other cars out and too much crap to fit in the front side of garage....winter it all goes in the back section and I park indoors.....I hate scraping snow and Ice man.......when's the ado gonna get one of them instant de-icer buttons?

    - Tim
  • Southwall technologies (SWTX) is working on a laminate in the winshield that will give rapid de-icing. Maybe GM would contract them and we would see it in the Silverados.
  • For purposes of efficiency,....

    this topic is being "frozen." Please continue these discussions in Topic 2310, Chevy Silverado - Continued XVI. Thanks!

    Front Porch Philosopher
    SUV, Pickups, & Aftermarket and Accessories Host
  • to Chevy Silverado - Continued XVI. Thanks!

    Bonnie Rick
    Conferences Manager, Town Hall
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    ..almost 3000 Lbs in a half ton!

    ..musta been a lease!


    Customer of mine just bought a Supercrew...nice truck but like ya said.....bed too small....sat up pretty high too...looked good though...I liked the adjusting gas/brake pedals....pretty cool

    - Tim
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