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Volvo XC70 Engine Problems



  • bhaktigirlbhaktigirl Posts: 1
    so it sounds like what is being described is my problem exactly....I have a 2001 XC, now with 202K miles on it...and it's behaving as everyone above indicates...I just dropped 4K to have the front end rebuilt....all needed, check engine light is now off...but the performance is dropping like a stone...and it still does the slam into gear and hates, hates stop and go city traffic...

    I am afraid the only option is to rebuild the tranny...any thoughts????

  • jrlun78jrlun78 Posts: 9
    well after having my car at my mechanic .....i told them that the issue only happened when the temp of the engine was cold...which we all know only lasts for a couple of works great until it reaches its full boil...which is only minutes after cold....but like i have said before my issues are not all the time when the engine is at full boil my mechanic has said i should take it for the software update ....which i will ....after paying for the ....but i love my car ...i really do ....foreal
  • Purchased this car one year ago today. Timing belt was replaced before we picked it up. The car only had 102,000 miles on it at that time. We have made numerous repairs on the car, but still liked the ride. In Dec. 2010 the check engine light came on with a P1332 code. Did some research and had the CVVT solenoid replaced. Also, put new brakes and tires on. About $1500 for all of this. Did all the work the week of Christmas. Last Sunday, while driving on the highway the car lost all power, coasted to what seemed like the safest spot to stop. My husband looked under the hood and saw that the springs holding the timing belt let go. Now I'm told by my repair person that it's not good and we're looking at $2500 to $3000 in repairs. His advice is to get rid of it, but we don't have the money for a different car.

    One of my questions is, do you think when the solenoid was replaced could that have caused the tension spring problem? Also, opinon on fixing the vehicle, we have so much into it all ready. It's a beatiful car otherwise.
  • I've had all of the transmission issues mentioned in previous posts. I bought the car with 100k miles. It was shifting very poorly, slamming and slipping in 3rd and down shifts were like getting hit with a sledge hammer. I flushed the fluid, it would be OK for a while and then return to the same thing. I changed the fluid a few times and the same thing kept happening. Changed the B4 servo, no impact. I bit the bullet and changed the valve body, 1100$ later it shifted good for about 2 weeks, fluid was dirty again. I gave up on trying to fix the transmission. One day I decided to change all the fluids, I drained the coolant, color seemed a bit off but not too alarming. About an hr later I noticed little red dots showing up on the surface of the old coolant...A light went on in my head, so I went to nappa and got myself an auxiliary trans fluid cooler and bypassed the rad completely. Changed the trans fluid again. Went to the dealer to not just reset the adaptation, but to completely reload the software and do the adaptation procedure. While I was changing the oil I noticed that both my upper engine mount and the lower torque mount were shot. I replaced them both myself in 30min. It's been 2 months and my trans fluid is still cranberry juice red and its still shifting great. So if you've changed the trans or valve body or fluid and it runs good for a bit and then goes back to poor behaviour it's most likely leaking coolant into the oil through the rad. Either bypass the rad for 100$ or get a new rad for 300$. In these transmissions since they are almost a constantly variable slip oil chemistry is very important, you don't need 5l of coolant to leak in there. Even an ounce can change how it shifts tremendously. And you won't notice an ounce in your 8L of coolant nor in your 7.4L of trans fluid but your transmission will.
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    I don't have any springs on mine, just a tensioner. Sounds like whoever installed your timing belt didn't do it properly and the timing went off or he set the tensioner too tight and it ate your belt. Either way you need a new head assembly. You can find one at a salvage yard for 100$ and get it replaced with a new gasket for another 500$. You are also going to need a new belt and tensioner. Get someone who knows what they are doing to install I though.
  • bret9bret9 Posts: 1

    im have a starting issue just put a trans in 2004 xc70 started it up moved it then clear codes now it will crank but wont restart any ideas

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