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Mitsubishi Outlander Prices Paid



  • phdhuskyphdhusky Posts: 85
    Hey guys just wondering if you could help me out on pricing for a 2008 SE 4WD Outlander. I have seen numbers on these forums as low as 22000, not really sure if that is feasible. I would only qualify for the recent grad rebate. Any help would be great.
  • phdhuskyphdhusky Posts: 85
    Anyone got advice for pricing on a 2008 SE Outlander 4WD? I know invoice is ~23,200 and I have gotten pricing for the same amount. I've seen ppl go below invoice?
  • Where are you located? Out here in SoCal were getting as much as $1500 below invoice on 08 XLS. I would check several dealers in your area (Internet mgrs) and get quotes. You should be able to get at least $1000 below on the SE.
  • phdhuskyphdhusky Posts: 85
    XLS is prob different than the SE not sure if there are any deals the dealer has for the XLS are your models 4WD? I would love if I could go down to 22,500 for the oulander se
  • It shouldn't matter which model, XLS, SE, LS. None of them are selling well so if you contact different Internet managers at various Mitsu dealers they will compete with each other for your business. Don't be in a hurry. There is no reason you can't get at least $1000 below invoice on the vehicle of your choice. Good luck!!!
  • cr1973cr1973 Posts: 7
    If I were to offer say $1000 under invoice, would I still be able to get the $1000 cash back incentives... which then puts it at $2000 under invoice???
  • cbk2000cbk2000 Posts: 8
    I'm in Utah and I'm about to make an offer of 23K on a base 4WD XLS. I've got price quotes from two dealers about 100-200 below invoice (24.2K and 24.3K). I'm counting on the dealer who is stuck with 47 Outies on the lot to make it happen somewhere in between, then take the $1000 rebate and put it in the 22s. I'll post the results. :)
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    I bought 2008 Outlander XLS V6 with 4 packages (sun + xenon+ Navigation + protection) at $31,000 all included (on the road). The price was $500 below. The dealer took advantage of the $1000 rebate that I did not know about it. Do you think this was a fair price to pay?
  • bradmc26bradmc26 Posts: 1
    Can anyone suggest some good, reputable Mitsuibishi dealers in these states?
  • Yes. With the rebate you go out and negotiate the best deal you can get, lets say $1500 below invoice. Then the rebate is given and your total savings would be $2500. I would offer at least $1500 below invoice on any Outlander you are looking at because they are still sitting on the lots and they will still make money with dealer holdbacks. I got my 07' back in Feb. for $4000 below invoice including the $2000 rebate. Good luck.
  • cbk2000cbk2000 Posts: 8
    Well, my plan didn't go so well. I don't know if SoCal is just a great buyer's market with so many dealers competing, but my dealer in Utah is holding fast at a price of $24,160 on a base XLS, about $180 below their invoice on the car. They did come up $550 on my trade, but after all their BS fees, they're still $1100 over my desired OTD number I want to finance. They did call me back a couple hours after I left, but luckily I wasn't by my phone, so I'll let them sweat a little before I call back. I think they're just trying to convince me to come up with the difference in my down payment. I can't, though, so I guess they're not selling a car. I don't know how much leverage I'll have with other dealers who have a lot less cars on their lots, trying to convince them to drop $1200 off invoice and/or waive destination charge and other fees. We'll see. :mad:
  • Make them sweat a little. The price they are giving you is way too high. They would make a ton of money if you paid that price. Are there any competing dealers within a reasonable driving distance(say 50 miles?). I went about 60 miles to get the best deal and it was well worth it. If they are the only dealer around, I'm sure if you tell them you are going to wait or go out of town for a deal they will come around. Obviously the Outies are still not selling well or they wouldn't have started giving $1000 rebates on the 08's already. Just don't be in a hurry and you will get a great deal. In the end, you will be happy that you waited.
  • cbk2000cbk2000 Posts: 8
    They called today and came down about $215, with the implication that's all they can do. There are two other dealers not too far away, but they have much lower stocks, and presumably aren't as desperate to sell. I'm happy to try with them, but do I go in with my desired OTD number and say take it or leave it, or use the number from the first dealer and get them to beat it? I don't have that number in writing, and there's no telling what they'll offer me for my trade.

    I guess I can just wait a couple months. I don't imagine they'll stop the $1000 rebate on June 30. Maybe they'll up it to 4 grand like the Endeavor.
  • I leased my Outlander in May, right after they offered the $1000 cash back. My dealer said they weren't offering the rebate on the lease. Something doesn't seem right about that. I know it says that the rebate isn't available with special APR offers, but what about leases? I didn't take any special lease deal that I'm aware of. The only one they're offering is $229/mo on the ES. I got the XLS.

    Anyone have a clue?
  • rdawgrdawg Posts: 15
    This is the first price quote I got from an email request for an 08 4WD XLS. It looks like they took the $1,000 rebate off the invoice price.

    MSRP: 25,785.00
    Invoice Price: 24,346.00
    Price: 23,346.00
  • cr1973cr1973 Posts: 7
    Anyone know if there'll be more rebates coming after the current $1000 one expires this month? I wonder if I should wait until next month or thereafter before buying?
  • I highly doubt that Mitsubishi will increase the $1000 rebate it is offering this month, they just started the rebates on 2008 model, the 2009 Outlander should become available in October/November and thats when you'll see larger rebates on 2008 models, same thing that happened to 2007s when the 2008 came out. Currently in my area you can get a brand new fully loaded 2007 XLS 4WD for around $23500 (original MSRP is over $31K). If you are looking to buy a car within this or next month then I wouldn't hold my breath for more incentives but if you are willing to wait 2-3 months then you'll see greater discounts.
  • cr1973cr1973 Posts: 7
    Thanks. Do you know if the 09 outlander will look much different than the 2008s?
  • Thanks. Do you know if the 09 outlander will look much different than the 2008s?

    From what I know, current 2008 Outlander SE has a lot of styling cues that will become standard on all 2009 Outlanders (chrome on the exterior and a new speedometer display). I think Mitsu will add a rear view camera to its navigation display. Also, Japanese Outlander V6 received a minor grille redesign so it is not far fetched to think that 2009 US spec Outie also will receive a new grille. Of course all of this is just educated speculation but Mitsubishi did some improvements from the 2007 to 2008 Outlander such as redesigned interior door panels, heated mirrors on 4WD models, or a more efficient air conditioning system so you'll probably see some other minor improvements on 2009 but I don't think any of it will be classified as major.
  • cbk2000cbk2000 Posts: 8
    Bought from Ken Garff Southtowne in Sandy, UT. Base XLS, no packages or acessories. Final price was $23,860. Wanted to get them down to 23.5, but they wouldn't budge more. Tried to get them to throw in a cargo mat at the last minute, but they wouldn't do that, either. The payments fit into our budget, and I didn't want to drive to the farther dealerships to see if they would go lower.
  • rdawgrdawg Posts: 15
    Does anyone know if the $1,000 rebate applies to leasing or only if you buy an Outlander?
  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Posts: 92
    I purchased a new Outlander SE 4WD on June 4th from Mike Miller Mitsubishi here in Illinois.

    No trade-in and I paid $23,633 OTD. I did get them to throw in the Bluetooth system (I think it was about a $350.00 option).

    Tried to get them to spring for the four mudguards but no dice. I paid $114.00 for them and the dealership installed them for free.
  • evoandyevoandy Posts: 1
    A lot of times the manufacturer subsidizes the interest and/or money factor in lieu of rebates. Dealers can only keep a rebate if you sign it over to them.
  • kev_dxkev_dx Posts: 2
    Bought an '08 Outlander SE in Massachusetts on June 30th for $23,754 OTD (not including my trade or down payment). They gave me a much better deal on my trade than another dealer I talked to. This brought the final price down further.
  • nybrokernybroker Posts: 19
    I took a leftover 2007 LS with sun and sound pkg. and bluetooth for 20,700 plus tax and tags no other fees. Car was brand new 10 miles on it delivered.

    The reason i took an 07 was because they dont offer the LS model with sun and sound pkg in 2008. The sunroof was a must for me and the Rockford Fosgate system is amazing.

    What do you guys think of this deal.
  • Today, I also negotiated an ' 08 SE in Massachusetts for $23,765 with sunroof. I also got a better deal on my trade than any other dealer, I was so impressed with the no nonsense salespeople I was working with. Even the receptionist was awesome. I highly recommend Michard in Danvers. I don't mind the 56 mile drive to close the deal on Monday. I made out with a better vehicle, better trade, better interest rate and overall saved more than 2K. This took three phone calls of less than 15 minutes each.

    I would be happy to tell you how I got totally ripped off on my 05 I bought last year :cry: . But I don't want to jinx this sale, I want this car out of my garage and this bad deal in the past as soon as possible. I loved the car, but the dealership was shady. Thank goodness for the Internet.....and Edmunds.
  • dbell1dbell1 Posts: 40
    PA Dealer - Dark Graphite, cloth interior, 2wd, Fog Lights. MSRP $20900. Dealer price $18,900. Good deal? My wonderful Subaru Outback was totalled on Monday in a 4 car pileup. :cry: Looking for something higher and BF loves his Outlander. I like it too. 4 cyl worries me, not sure what the acceleration will be like when I have to get out of the way of the next accident.

    Advice? Thanks!
  • If I see the prices you pay in the US I get depressed.
    In Holland we are taxed twice on every car you buy, to give you all an idea. I had te pay $ 55,500 for my Outlander 2.4 AWD SE. I did receive a discount of $ 4,500

    So please don't complain about prices
  • dbell1dbell1 Posts: 40
    If that post was directed at me, I'm not complaining. :confuse: Any feedback from people stateside?
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