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Mitsubishi Outlander Prices Paid



  • gowegowe Posts: 1
    I get a quote of $31,583 O.T.D.for a fully loaded on a 2009 Outlander XLS 4WD. How you guys think about. I am at bay area of CA.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    A factor for a fair price is the number of miles in the odometer. If a dealer asks you $29,000 for a 2009 Outlander full loaded (before taxes +) + protective package ($400) but more than 100 miles in the odometer so it is not a good price. A better price is $28,500. If you take away $1000 rebate so you will pay $27,500 + (taxes +).

    If the vehicle has between 0-20 miles in the odometer then, $29,000 + (taxes +) is OK. Another consideration is the color of the car. Some colors are not saleable. Colors like the Manitoba green metallic, or Desert sand beige you could bargain another $500 from the asked price.
  • the dealer offer pice for 09 outlander es with Convenience Package is 21000 + ttl
    is it a bad price for this car
    because i see a lot peple get it 19000~19500 in this forum .
  • mervasmervas Posts: 8
    Is it a good time to buy an 2009 xls 4WD now or should I wait until Sept for the new incentives? I was quoted couple of hundreds under MSRP in NY Long Island, but I think is too much considering resale value...Ofered 300 over invoice price, the dealer didn't even want to hear about it....
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    The newspaper USATODAY had an article (or a forum) where it said that majority of dealers are crooks.

    The first rule I have is not to go to the dealership to bargain about your car. The best method that it works for me is to do the first contact by email after you have explored its web page new car inventory. Before asking the following politely establish first very clearly what vehicle are you looking for, example a 2009 Outlander XLS AWD gray, or silver or black, etc

    (1)- What are the factory-fitted options in the published price?
    (2)- What are the miles in the odometer?
    (3)- What is the best price the dealer is prepared to offer?
    (4)- What colors do they have in stock?

    If you are fortunate the dealer will answer your email. The salesman will try to lure you to come into his/her dealership to “talk” or give them a call. Many are so ridicules that even ask you to come to their dealership to tell you what color are the car in the showroom. Don’t fall for this. Look at for another dealer.

    Generally, the Internet manager is sitting down in front of his/her laptop navigating the same Web page of the dealership a few floors from the showroom. The Internet manager is not usually involved with the cars in the showroom. Dealership Web pages sometimes are not update continuously so information there could mislead the Internet manager. Many times the car you are looking for is not in the building. The Internet
    Manager can see where your car may be if there is any. Some Internet Managers don’t like to write long email to answer (1)-(4) so they email you the invoice report, where you have 2-importants information. (a)- The invoice price and the VIN# of the vehicle. Also can help to find out the invoice price of the car.

    Offer then $100 above the Invoice price. Not more. With the Invoice price dealers are having a fair profit. The VIN# can give you an idea of how long the car has been in the showroom. For example xxx9Z012922 is telling you that the car was bought by the dealer around June/July 2009. VIN # xxx9Z008341 is telling you that the car was bought around January/February 2009.

    The best week to buy a car is the last week of the month. The best month to buy a car is November/December where the new model is just coming to the showroom.

    When buying a car you need to be in control not the salesman.
  • 71alfa71alfa Posts: 19
    I live on Long Island and didn't get quoted a good price for my '09 XLS AWD. I contacted Maywood Mitsubishi, NJ via Internet and got a fair, no BS quote. It might be in your interest to go the extra miles to NJ for your Outie.
  • mervasmervas Posts: 8
    Thanks for your suggestion I have just emailed them for a quote. May I ask what was your OTD price?
  • mervasmervas Posts: 8
    Thank you!. If I won't get a good deal I'll wait until Nov/Dec, after all it's all about getting the car at the the best price.
  • Hello from central TX!
    Two days ago bought ES AWD (+ convenience pkg). Traded in wife's 05' Lancer ES. After the trade-in and all rebates, out-of-the-door price was 18800, taxes included.

    CR-V felt more solid, but was a few grands more...
  • Well, not 18800, 18670 to be exact. And, if I calculated everything right, it means that the pure price of vehicle itself was $22630 - which is $100 more then Edmunds TMV ($22526) - not that much of a difference. Then why am I feeling myself more and more stupid now, while reading this forum ?...
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Just curious...where and what dealer?
  • 71alfa71alfa Posts: 19
    Mine was a lease so I can't give you an OTD price. But, the lease price I got was $30 less a month than any price I got on LI. You're right about getting the best prices if you wait until Nov/Dec. (or the end of any month when they want to clear inventory)
  • Pavilion Mitsubishi, Austin
  • 1hhead1hhead Posts: 18
    Would appreciate any sales results on the 2010 models, preferably deals that didn't involve trade-ins...

    I'm shopping between the upper "SE" 4cyl and the XLS 6cyl trims. Would like the tan leather interior, but the 4cyl was just plain fun to drive (saving $ is fun too!)

  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,381
    I picked up a GT in December. Price was within $300 of Edmunds' TMV. Mine is loaded with basically everything but the rear entertainment system. Chicago suburbs.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • 71alfa71alfa Posts: 19
    Can't help with price points on the 2010 but am curious why you preferred the 4 SE over the six cylinder XLS. I have an '09 XLS AWD and found the 4 a bit sluggish. Either way you go you should enjoy it.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    The Mitsubishi dealer sold me the 2010 Outlander GT at invoice price fully loaded. No entertainment system. The dealer also deducted from the invoice price the $1000 loyalty bonus.
  • I just returned from Maywood Mitsubishi and they quoted $435 for the base model 4WD 4 cyl Outlander and $489 for an SE 4WD, 4 Cyl with about $4k in options built in. It drives well, but for not that price. Anyone have a sense of where we can land a deal on a 4 cyl, 4WD Outlander?
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    Did you mean $435 or $489 above invoice?
  • skc7286skc7286 Posts: 7
    I bought a new 2010 outlander gt this past week. Msrp of 30,015 and invoice of 28,339. I paid 27,839 less 1,000 rebate instead of zero percent financing and an additional 1,000 off for loyalty. I got 6,000 for my trade (2005 chevrolet Malibu ls with 62k miles) which is well more than kbb said I should have gotten for my car in fair condition. Out the door was 25,839 plus tax title reg.

    I'm a little north of Boston if this helps.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    Good deal.

    May I ask the name of the dealership? I am hoping to buy a 2012 GT near Boston. I wonder if you would like to provide the Zip code of the dealer or telephone or something that will allow me to contact the dealer.
  • Hi all. Shopping for a small suv. Have already test driven new crv and forester. Intend to test drive a 2007 xls AWD with cloth seats, no nav with 37400 miles. "Internet price" is $15543. It has been on the dealer's lot since mid-July. What should I look out for? Reliability is VERY important! I think I can bargain the price some more-not sure how much (if I we like it). Btw, I'm in Atlanta. Thanks.
  • 71alfa71alfa Posts: 19
    Hi kenman93,
    I have an '09 XLS (lease) with 33000 miles. I've had no issues with it since new. Just routine maintenance is all I've had to do. I think your price is a bit on the high side since the buyback on my Outlander in Oct '12, after 48 months is about $11,000. Mileage should be about 40000 by then. I know we're not comparing apples to apples but you should be able to get a better price.
    Reliability is good. Road noise is only beef.. ready for some Michellin MXV4's to quiet it down.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,381
    As 71alpha says, the price seems a bit high. You might search listings to see or inquire in the used car forum thread.

    Reliability-wise I don't see any issues. Before buying my '10 Outlander GT I had a '99 Galant LS V6. It had exactly one mechanical repair in 10.5 years & 152K miles. Beyond that, I blew out a speaker (me likes me music loud sometimes) & replaced a trim piece that a car wash damaged. Everything else was normal wear.

    I believe the '07 would still have some factory warranty left so you'd have some coverage should something happen.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • Purchased at Gillman Mitsubishi North of Houston. Negotiate the price over email/phone before going to dealership. Overall good transaction and no bait-n-switch.

    2011 Outlander Sport 2WD SE (CVT auto transmission)
    No additional options.
    MSRP $22505
    Invoice $21589
    TrueCar target is $20189
    Mitsubishi has $750 cash to dealer
    Negotiated $20990 OTD which includes 6.25% sales tax, so vehicle is basically $19420+TTL+doc.

    There are around 80 Outlander Sport (ES and SE) in Houston area. So I believe you can get better deals if you wait till year end. I just had to purchase on 11-11-11 :)
  • 71alfa71alfa Posts: 19
    You did very well. Enjoy it! :)
  • Hi everyone! We just bought a 2011 Outlander ES 2WD. I think the MSRP is in the $22Krange, but our sales slip says dealer price of $21013. We got $2500 rebate ($2000 manufacturer rebate plus $500 "owner loyalty" because we owned a Saturn). After taxes, tags, and trade-in, our out the door price was about $18,300. Purchase was at Moore Mitsubishi, Chantilly, VA.

    We used the AAA buying service and got bids from three different dealers. Moore initially had the highest bid, but we had test driven the car at the dealership a few months ago, and they were by far the closest to our house. They matched the other bids and got our business. They did not pull any stunts with hidden fees and, in fact, lowered their processing fee by $100 without our even asking. The dealership experience was pleasant, low pressure. We did not use their financing. So far, we are pretty happy with the car and I think we got about 25 MPG on our first tank.
  • 71alfa71alfa Posts: 19
    Congratulations and Good Luck on your new purchase. Seems like you got a good price. I've had an Endeavor (4 yrs) and now an Outie (6 AWD) for 3 years and they have both been virtually trouble free. Enjoy.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,381
    I'll ditto the congrats. I'm also a 2-time Mitsu owner - I had a '99 Galant LS V6 for over 10 years & 152K miles and currently have a 2 year old '10 Outlander GT with just over 20K miles. Beyond routine maintenance the Galant had exactly one minor mechanical repair during it's time and so far the Outlander has needed nothing beyond oil changes & tire rotations. No repairs, no recalls. It just works.

    Enjoy the ride!
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • fbkordfbkord Posts: 17
    Bought one of the last 2011 Outlander GTs with Song and Sun package + DVD player/PS2 + floor mats + cargo net and cover.
    Asking price was $32885.00
    Paid $26260 plus tax and documentation.
    I'm in north of Chicago.
    I think I did well.
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