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Rear window on 2016 Honda CRV has exploded twice in two months

DaveShuswapDaveShuswap Member Posts: 1
edited September 2020 in Honda
My rear window on my 2016 Honda CRV has exploded twice in two months. Trying to find out more information on the cause and if anyone can help that would be appreciated. In both cases I was travelling a good part of the day on a combination of gravel and paved roads before the rear window exploded. My CRV was equipped with a Thule mountain bike rack which slides into the trail hitch and I had one ebike on the back that weighs about 60 lbs. No part of the bike rack or bike makes any contact with the rear window. I think there must be some connection between the windows exploding and the bike/rack as in the past 4 years no problems with the window when driving without the bike/rack. Each rear window is from a different source...the first one from Honda and the second one from an independent glass installer, so it is unlikely a manufacturer fault with the glass. It appears that somehow the glass is incurring a build up of stress in it during the day while driving before it explodes. Temperatures in both cases were mild and around 20 degrees C.
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