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Toyota Tacoma Prerunner (owner experiences)



  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    I like the choice. I don't want a $300 piece of equipment forced down my throat as a "standard", so it's "free" (yeah, right, like I haven't heard that one before). Not everybody needs ABS due to living conditions, and driving experience. That's why I like Toyota (even though I have to pay more for it): you can get exactly what you want. Want a beater truck without AC? You can get it, and there's no need to throw away $900. Freedom of choice, the way I look at it.
  • flybertflybert Posts: 6
    I totally agree with you. I enjoy freedom of choice more than any other thing when buying a vehicle. I guess I was trying to address the issue of why Toyota makes it such a pain in the butt to get a PreRunner (or any Tacoma) with ABS. I've been told now that just by wanting the ABS option on the truck I've ordered it would add an extra 2months or possibly longer to the delivery timeline. Not THAT big of a deal when I hope to own the truck for a long time. I just have some very positive experiences with the effectiveness of ABS in emergency control and accident avoidance situations (we run our emergency vehicle control course with ABS equipped Crown Vic's for police training). Here in the Northwest when a car darts in front of you the road is more likely to be wet than dry and without ABS that can be a dicey maneuver.
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  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897 that case you'll just have to wait. Unfortunately it's a factory-installed package, dealers don't put it on themselves (although I'm sure if you had all the could do it :)
  • dwickydwicky Posts: 3
    I'm the proud owner of a new 02 Doublecab Tacoma Prerunner TRD. My first new vehicle since a
    new Honda 90 I bought back in 1969. Love the truck, hate the dealer I got it from. Does anyone know how to safely remove those warning stickers from the visors. Got the TRD stickers off no problem but can't seem to budge the visor stickers. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    that must have docked you about 50 horsepower. LOL
  • dwickydwicky Posts: 3
    You're right saddaddy,the truck does seem a little sluggish since I removed the stickers,but I'm a geezer so it don't matter much. What is LOL???????
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    man. Goosin' the gas only hurts gas mileage. Im 19 and I drive like a geezer half the time. So consider yourself young at heart!
  • obiwankenobi1obiwankenobi1 Posts: 290
    I means "Live Out Life", and isn't that just a wonderful thing?

  • mralanmralan Posts: 174
    I'm considering a 4 cylinder regular cab automatic Prerunner. Any input would be appreciated. How much did you pay? What kind of gas mileage? Are you generally happy with this vehicle?

  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    with auto transmission. A lot of people suggest getting manual tranny..but since it's a prerunner, it's not produced. Testdrive it and see how the power feels. Testdrive a 4x4 RegCab I4, maybe it'll be better for you. With I4 you can expect 22-24mpg, I get 17mpg in the city, 18.5-19mpg on highway @85-80mph with my 4x4 TRD Xtracab V6 manual.
  • kirbytkirbyt Posts: 39
    Looking to purchase a hood (bug) deflector for a 2002 Tacoma Dbl cab. Has anyone any suggestions as to brand? Anyone with experience with increased wind noise with the units or impact to the outside side mirrors? Local shop selling Lund units warned of noise issue but not any paint damage.

  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    I am not a Toyota owner, nor am I trying to start any trouble. I have seen this thread in the pickup boards and wondered what the "prerunner" means. The other day, I am behind a Taco and notice the "prerunner" under the "Tacoma" badge. What is a "prerunner?"

    BTW, I used to have an '82 SR5, got rid of it several years ago. But, by far I had the most fun in that truck than any others I have ever owned. That truck didn't have a single piece of sheet metal that was not rusted, but it was a blast to drive. It took abuse and never once let me down. I need a much larger vehicle than anything Toyo makes now, but sometimes I wish I still had that old truck sitting around.
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    A prerunner is basically 2wd set up on a 4x4 chasis and suspension, of course minus the front driveshaft and transfer case.

    Some people want ground clearance but don't need 4x4 so they made the Pre-runner. Ford makes one to and it is called the Edge I believe and Nissan makes the Desert Runner.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    I've seen those. Makes sense. I don't need a 4x4, but I like the ground clearance of one.

    Thank you very much.
  • estevesesteves Posts: 12
    I know it's not available on the V6 Pre-Runner Double Cab, but does anyone know if the S-Runner 5-Speed manual tranny will bolt right in (I'm assuming it does). Has anyone does this?

    Also, if a supercharger is added to the double cab, is the front hood swapped out with a hood that has a hood scoop (like the 4Runner) or is that just an aesthetic thing?
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    but what You have to remember is that you still have to add another pedal. Thought a few people have toyed with the idea, I have never actually heard of anyone swapping in a man. tranny in a tacoma.

    The 4runner hood scoop is non functional, but very good looking. It is very very difficult to put one of these hoods on a Tacoma, and requires more money spent on fabrication than the actual cost of the hood.
  • estevesesteves Posts: 12
    Thank you for the information on the hood scoop. I wasn't sure if it was functional or not. I wonder if the 4Runner and Tacoma hoods are an even swap. I could try to get lucky and find a salvage hood somewhere if I really wanted one (but my need isn't that great).

    Thanks for reminding me about adding the clutch pedal. I guess it's starting to sound more involved than I originally thought.

    I don't suppose anyone has heard rumors of Toyota making a manual transmission double cab?
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    No, there are no immediate future plans for a 5spd. Double cab. Also, if you want the 4runner hood you are going to have to take the 4runner fenders and grill and bumper with it. The entire front clip of a 4runner is different than the Tacoma. You can fiberglass hoods with the scoop for Tacos, but I believe they are around $400 and that doesn't include cost to prep and paint and installed to look like it is suppossed too.
  • estevesesteves Posts: 12
    I don't suppose there is an intercooler installed with the supercharger? If not, can an aftermarket intercooler be installed.

    Sorry for all the questions. I'm still learning about the details of Toyota engines.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    I don't think there is any type of intercooler available for Tacomas. It would certainly be an extremely useful accessory - so I gotta believe that someone is working on one. Just haven't heard about anything specific. I remember a post like this over at the TTORA site about 6 months ago, and the answer was that no one made one. A believe a member was trying to fab one up on his own but wasn't making much progress. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
  • estevesesteves Posts: 12
    I understand the supercharger boosts horsepower to 260 hp. Does anyone know the torque increase. I don't suppose there is a dyno chart posted somewhere on the internet.

    Interestingly enough, an uninformed sales person at the local Toyota dealership said 265 and another said 270 increase for the supercharger.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    is 267 ft-lbs. That is a 23% increase according to what I have read. I can't find the dyno chart that used to be at The torque curve is not only higher but smoother as well.
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    Maximum hp gain at 5200 RPM is + 75 hp.

    Maximum torque gain at 5200 RPM is + 77 lb.ft.

    Peak hp increase is 64 hp (187 hp – 251 lb.ft.)

    Peak torque increase is 50 lb.ft. (225 lb.ft. – 275 lb.ft.)

    Supercharged V6 produces as much torque at 1800 RPM (225 lb.ft.) as the normally-aspirated V6 does at its peak.
  • estevesesteves Posts: 12
    I'd like to thank everyone for their prompt answers.

    I hope to be sitting in a Double Cab PreRunner Tacoma in the next three months.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    such prompt answers from me is because work is soooo slow right now. Hehe, but you are welcome. If you really want to learn everything there is to know about your truck, go to the message board at There are so many people there that know everything, and I mean everything, there is to know about tacoma prerunners and 4xs. Have a good one.
  • cubster1cubster1 Posts: 11
    hey gang...wanted some feedback on the suspension setups on the Tacos (x-cab or double). I read in Four Wheeler that the Bilsteins were the way to go for the smooth ride but Toyota went to Tokicos. My brother just bought a new double cab 4x4 w/ everything and it rides like a brick. Seems the one I tested at the dealer about 1 week ago rode with more forgiving suspension and both trucks wear the Tokico shocks. Maybe air pressure? Maybe different package w/ TRD (brothers) vs. non-TRD (what I test drove). Any feedback is appreciated.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Toyota really messed up with putting Tohico shocks on Dcab, thats why they lost the last 4wheeler (I think it was that) competition. Air pressure certainly has a lot to do with it, but you ought to be able to tell whether or not the tires are inflated properly.
    Lets put it this way: if you buy a Dcab, you got no choice but to go with Tohicos. My Xtracab, TRD, came with Bilsteins, and I can't tell that they are too stiff/mushy. Yes, I sometimes bottom out if I'm offroading a little too fast, but overall Bilsteins are good. I think the best way to go is this: testdrive your truck for an hour or so, or better yet, ask if you can take the truck to drive it for a couple of days or so (I had mine for a week before I signed the papers) to get a feel for it: there's a couple of issues that you need to be aware of: first, the stiffness of the suspension. If your passengers can't ride in it, what good is a Dcab anyway? Second is seats. Seems that everyone but me and few other people complains about how sucky the seats are. Well....I can't tell. I've been on 1100 mile trips (16 hours non-stop except for gas), and the seats are fine, but you may think otherwise. You can't tell how good the truck is in 15 minutes you testdrive it.
    If you buy the truck, and decide that suspension still sucks, then Bilstein shocks aren't that expensive, and you can replace shocks with a help of a friend (or alone, with a right set of tools).
    And yes, TRD package provides stiffer springs. Your brother should really go away from Tohicos and put some decent shocks on. I guess Toyota decided to go with Tohicos because of increased weight of the DCab as compared to Xtracab. I'm sure he can find a set of shocks that work.
  • imacpc1imacpc1 Posts: 2
    Have a 2002 Pre-Runner Double Cab V-6 that has developed a "clunk" from the rear after rapid braking such as in stop & go traffic. The truck has a stock suspension and I have been advised the problem might be axle or spring wrap. Im told this is where the rear leaf springs are too soft and compress into an "S" upon acceleration instead maintaining a "bowed" position. This then puts a twisting or wrapping force to the axle that causes a "clunk" when released (or unwrapped)by letting off the brake after deaccelerating. Ive noted that the clunking does not occur if I let off the brake just before the truck fully stops. Has anyone experienced anything similar and if so, is it caused by axle wrap or something else. Would welcome your comments or suggestions.
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