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Dodge Caliber Electrial/Lighting Issues



  • Did you get an answer to this, pontecorvo? As I have the same issue now?!
    Can be reached at
  • I have the same problem with the headlamp too. I replaced it and examined the first bulb. The bulb appeared OK, and the new bulb had the same issue (no low, just high beam). I wouldn't think they are on different relay's or fuses, so the problem might be in the connector or wiring.
    I was hoping someone else has dealt with it, and has a solution.
  • I was wondering if you ever got any answers about your problems? My daughter bought a used 2007 Caliber & is having the same issues. Our mechanic can see nothing wrong when it was brought to him, of course everything was working at the time. She also looses the speakers to her radio. The other day she started the car & the wipers came on and off & the radio was flashing.
  • rhb35rhb35 Posts: 2
    It ended up being the wire harness. I had to go back several times untill it finaly was seen by the maitance department. Have them check that out.
  • fixitboyfixitboy Posts: 2
    No I did not get a firm answer, but some theories.
    If it truly is a wiring issue, an idea was to override dependency on the relay by cutting the hot wire to the light. Then you would splice the hot wire from the left headlamp and connect the splice to the right side headlamp. To ensure safety, you could place an in-line fuse in the newly installed run.
    If it is a computer problem, the issue is more complex. The repair would be a step by step attempt to correct the issue by 1) Disconnecting the battery terminals and either keep them separately disconnected overnight, or 2 ) disconnect and clamp them together for 10 minutes minimum. Both acts could theoretically reset the computer and corresponding DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) Code that was set originally (both did not work for me). I knew this because I checked it with an hand held diagnostic tool you can buy for about $49.
    The next step would be to ask the dealer to reset the computer. The dealer has a computer that can perform the task, but they may want to tell you what their theory is, and not do the repair.
    The last step is to replace the computer. I would think that is $700 to $1000 before all is said.
    I work for a company that makes the Chrysler Wireless ignition systems. We know how to reset DTC's and have the ability to do so if needed. Any DTC can be reset after making a repair or if it appears to be a false code as well. Our system talks to the car computer, and the computer runs certain Diagnostics through our unit to verify functionality. Tests such as TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor) and Rain Sensor on the newest vehicles are which run through the unit to check. Sometimes they will give a false reading, and we know this and reset them.
    My problem is that while I was experimenting the DTC for the Tranny came on, and it was not a false reading. The CVT Transmission blew in my Caliber, and now it sitting on the lawn waiting for a new/used one from Ebay. A belt blew and these things are virtually unserviceable. The bottom line is they are not great cars. The proof is the introduction of the Dodge Dart coming out soon to replace the Caliber. The Caliber was a lot of good ideas with a bunch of cheap parts, so it was doomed to fail. This is the Chrysler mindset, and I don't see it changing unless Fiat forces them in certain circumstances.
    Hope this helped.
  • Thank you. We'll have them check it out.
  • 08srt408srt4 Posts: 1
    Myself and my brother both have 2008 Caliber SRT4s and are having the same problems. There is a serious problem with the wiring harness on these cars and Chrysler won't admit it. I've had my computer replaced once, and in January 2012 I was told that my harness is corroded and needs to be replaced. I was told by the delaer that there isn't a wiring harness made as of yet so they did a temporary fix. I called Chrysler Canada and was told to bad so sad it's your problem. My brother was also told the same thing.

    Is there any known recalls for this?
  • mslady007mslady007 Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    My battery light is on. I just changed the battery and had the alternator checked. So was wondering what could be the problem. My car seems to run ok. Any suggestions?? It is a 2007 Dodge Caliber with l09,000 miles on it.
  • My brother bought a used caliber that worked fine for a couple months, then the fog lights went out. Whenever we hit the fog light indicator on the dash it light up but the actual lights wouldn't come on. We were on a tight budget so we tried doing some stuff ourselves. I noticed the car was shaking a little bit from the 'amazing' Firestone tires haha so we rotated those and bought our own installation kit for the headlights and they work fine.
  • vaati76vaati76 Posts: 1

    Okay, so I have a 2007 Dodge Caliber, and I was just using my car earlier today and it was working fine but when I turned on my car tonight, my headlights went on, and I could not turn them off, (and I don't have automatic headlights), I cannot turn on my high beams, I can not control the brightness of the lights inside the car, and I have no turn signals (but my 4-way flashers work). Does anyone have any ideas what it could be? My car starts fine and everything else seems to work.

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,741

    Almost sounds like it has to be some kind of grounding issue. That, or some kind of controller gone haywire

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  • Hi I have a 2010 Caliber SXT and here recently I have noticed that while I am driving and even when parked with the park lights on, the hazard lights flash a couple of times and go off. It really has me stumped at this point and it kinda shocked me that this new of a car would have problems like this with the electrical system. Has anyone on here had any problems with the hazard lights intermittently coming on at random times during vehicle operation or is it just me?
  • Hello  I have an 08 caliber, and the tail lights  don't work. Checked fuses, and none are labeled tail lights. I replaced all bulbs, and still not working. Anyone else have this problem?
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,284
    Exactly which lamps are out? Only the rear, or all of the parking lights? The tail lamps are controlled by the TIPM (totally integrated power module), that's the under hood fuse block assembly. The headlight/parking light switch uses a LIN bus (local interconnected network) to relay driver commands to the instrument cluster, which sends the requests to the TIPM. You really need a full function scan tool to do any diagnostics with this system. While TIPM failures are common, that's not the only possible failure and its a bad idea to try and guess.
  • The tail lights are the only ones out. Brake lights, head lights, backup  lights, and turn signals all work. My wife dropped the car off  this morning hopefully nothing too serious.
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