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Mazda5 Brake Questions



  • vaniajovaniajo Posts: 2

    Sorry about the bold - I think my baby must have helped a bit while I was typing...

  • njsimcanjsimca Posts: 6
    I think the brakes are a bit lightweight for a car this heavy, especially if they are the same as on the lighter Mazda3. 
    I have 130,000 miles on my 2006. I'm getting new rear pads and rotors for my 3rd time today, they seem to wear out at the same time.
    The fronts I have done about 6 times, I lost count! I'm also on my 3rd set of wheels. The flimsy Mazda wheels were all hopelessly bent out of shape by about 36000 miles, the stylish replacements from Tire Rack lasted about 90000 miles more.
    I live in a VERY hilly part of New Jersey and TRY to be very easy on the brakes, and the potholes (and pothole "repairs") are the worst you can imagine, and, unfortunately, I am good, but not 100% successful at avoiding them.
    I am, frankly, amazed at how durable the car is. I have rust on the hood from stone chips and on both sides of the body ahead of each rear wheel well. Oh, and "Park" doesn't always engage, electronically, so it have to start the car in neutral. Maybe that's a simple adjustment, but I have removed the cover panel under the shift knob and cleaned it up.
    Also day to day scuffs and scrapes on the black interior plastic are hard to disguise, it just looks worn and beat.
    I will probably replace it with another Mazda5, because there is nothing else like it, and the new ones are much better equipped for not a lot more money than I spent 9 years ago, $24k now vs $20k back then.
    Mazda has never really pushed these, though, and I've heard that 2015 will be the last year. Sad. My average over the years has been right on 25mpg. Not stellar, but acceptable.
  • njsimcanjsimca Posts: 6
    If you shift into "2", the car won't roll backwards, but it is much harder to get going up a hill in "2".

     cecily said:
    I live in hilly San Francisco, and find my automatic 2007 Mazda 5 and have great difficulty w/ my car rolling backwards when in gear. When I'm stopped at a traffic light on a hill, if I remove my foot from the foot brake to begin acceleration, the car will roll back indefinitely until I am able to apply the gas enough to get the car moving forward. My previous car was a manual transmission, so I'm new to an automatic, but this strikes me as incredibly odd and unsafe. I'm forced to use both feet when accelerating from a stand still on a hill, keeping one foot on the brake, while accelerating w/ the right foot until there's enough speed to send the car forward. Is this common on the model, or just a fluke w/ my car? Has anyone has luck getting this remedied?
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