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Lexus LS 460/LS 460L News, Views and Opinions



  • We paid the extra $250 for the premium floormats. They are "thicker" than the thin "carpeted floor mats". They are a little nicer & more plush than the standard mats. They're suppose to be treated with a stain blocker. Personally, I like the ones that came with our '01 LS much better than either one. To me, neither one is as nice as the old ones. But, I like these better than the standard mats. Worth the extra money? Not really sure about that. I guess it's just a matter of personal preferance.
  • newrnewr Posts: 24

    Does anyone know the specs for teh standard stereo system on the LS? IT says 10 speakers.. and 276Watt.. is there a subwoofer? haven't been able to find any info other than the ML system.

  • renrelrenrel Posts: 2
    I have the 2007 LS 460 and this is my 5th Lexus. I too have the wind noise and I am very upset that neither the dealer, Keyes Lexus, nor Lexus Corp can do anything about it. I spent $65k on a car, and they are doing nothing for me. A lexus should not sound like the window is down and this occurs at speeds as low as 40 mph.

    If you are buying this car, make sure you test drive the car you purchase and listen for the noise. It appears that not all cars have it.
  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132
    I too had a wind noise problem with a 460L which I have subsequently replaced with a 450h. My first Lexus ('04) came from Keyes and recent contacts to buy other vehicles have been very disappointing...I will never go back.

    Have you tried Vista in Woodland Hills? That is where I got the 450, and I am particularly impressed with the attitude of the service department. There is a man named "Dave" who seems to know more about all cars in their product line than you will ever want to know. Might give them a call if you are a Valley resident.
  • newrnewr Posts: 24
    I recently got a Lexus LS460.. it's a recent built 07/07..I've read a lot about this wind noise problem...but I am not sure how much "wind noise" is considered normal. Mine seems quiet.. I can certainly hear some wind noise on the highway but i wouldn't say it sounds like the window is open.

    So, I am trying to see if mine need a fix or not. I read on another site that there's a fix out and someone even put the VIN number code for those that should require a fix. Mine is above the number which supposedly mean it's already been fix?

    Can someone please explain the "wind noise" problem.. I've never owned a LExus before.. so I don't knwo if this is normal or not. Am I to expect not to hear any wind or road noise at all even at 60+ mph? I know I can hear cars driving by and stuff even in normal that expected or does it mean the window need to be fix.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132
    Is your vehicle the 460L or the SWB? The 460L has laminated glass all around which should lessen the effects of external noise, whether wind caused or otherwise; i.e. the SWB should be expected noiser than the L, all other things being equal.
  • daryll44daryll44 Posts: 307
    You are prob probably OK. I have one built in April, 2007 with no noise. From what I am reading on the CLUBLEXUS bulletin boards, those who have it DEFINITELY know it. It's almost a whistling noise. And a number of the long wheel base owners have it too...the laminated glass doesn't help that much.

    So don't worry about it and drive on!
  • newrnewr Posts: 24
    So when you say you have no noise.. do you mean no whistling noise or no wind noise at all?

    I don't experience the whistling noise.. but I do notice wind noises which would probably be within normal for most cars.. just not sure about a LS. I read the service bulletin... and mine won't need any added padding as it's after the VIN change.. but the laminated glass does apply.

    Still not sure if it's a good idea to have it taken all apart though!
  • mardaymarday Posts: 4
    The alarm on my 2008 LS460 has twice gone off in the middle of the night in a closed garage by itself. By the time I put my pants on to go there it stops. It lasts for perhaps two minutes. This is unacceptable. Has anyone else had this happen and what can be done? The dealer says they haven't heard of this. I had a cadillac that did this years ago and it was still doing it when I got rid of it.
    Thanks for any input.
  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132
    Sounds very similar to a problem with my 460 before I dumped it in favor or a GS450h.

    One of the more random annoying electronic glitches I had was the windshield wipers operating @ high noon on a cloudless day. Several other problems I experienced have been documented earlier on this thread; I also recall others describing going to their automobile in the morning finding the windows down and the sunroof open...fortunately it was in the garage.

    Lexus is vulnerable to repeated complaints...they finally rebated $700 for that miserable park-o-matic feature I had, that neither I nor the dealer could demonstrate as a dependable, useful feature.
  • The 430 with the European handling was a fantastic car - stiff enough to handle like a dream, but soft enough to offer a wonderfully plush ride. I loved my friend's car, which I drove at every opportunity. Awesome. Just awesome.

    I found the standard 460 however to be a sorry disappointment. I thought the car rode like an Avalon (with way too much body roll and a way too squishy ride), and was boring as hell to drive down the highway. Edmunds review agreed. Although I haven't yet driven an LS460L with the touring package, I have a feeling that you have to configure the car in that fashion in order to get something worthwhile. I would not buy a straight 460. Why Lexus won't offer the touring package on the SWM 460 is beyond me.
  • This exact same thing happened at Lexus of Watertown in Massachusetts. I finally canceled the order after getting a changing story every time I called after the promised due date. It took me weeks to get a refund on my deposit. I get the impression that they don't like to take orders, and prefer to sell what's already been shipped.

    Don't take it personally.
  • I'd say give it a shot, but corporate doesn't give a darn despite the advertising hype. My letter to the President of Lexus USA, and Toyota Worldwide generated a form letter, and a phone call from the dealer telling me that they were "really really really sorry".

    They really aren't that bad if you ignore all of the advertising hype, and discount everything the dealer / sales guy tells you. They're an average car company. Period.
  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132
    I would concur with your comments re the 430 w/Euro suspension; I had one and foolishly traded it for a 460 w/touring package. Although the 460TP features were quite satisfying, other parts of the machine soured me on that model. As I read the current Lexus brochere the 460 SWB can be ordered w/air suspension (implying it is part of a TP,) but the print is at the bottom of the page and VERY tiny, and dealers do not know the cost or lead time for the order.
  • I have an 07 LS-460. Lexus has already replaced the front windows with double pane windows and additional foam insulation in pillars as per TSB. The wind noise issue is still not resolved. Complained to LEXUS HQ and dealership. I have a feeling that LEXUS HQ knows that they have a design flaw and cannot be corrected. After 8 weeks they gave me their standard answer that there is nothing further they can help me with. I have sent them a certified letter evoking the lemon law. I am a Mechanical Engineer and trying to find cause of turbulence around the window pillars. The wind noise is due to turbulence from cross wind. The edge of window pillars where connected to the roof is about 1" higher than the roof. As an experiment I used masking tape, and taped the seam from front windshield to the rear windshield on both sides. I am driving the car for about three days and so far the wind noise is only present on extremely windy days. I am curious to see if others can try this solution and may be Lexus HQ can come up with a TSB. Even Lexus factory engineer agreed that the windshield is not as flushed on LS-460 as LS-430.
  • sierra, is there a difference between the 460 and the 460L in the way the window pillars meet the roof? It would seem that studying the differences between the SWB and the LWB should give some useful clues.

    Good luck with your analysis -- Renny
  • I test drove the LWB before purchase. Unfortunately it was raining and during rain neither SWB or LWB has wind noise issues. As far as the design, both cars have similar construction. I drove the car with masking tape in very strong wind on highway and the turbulent wind noise was significantly subdued. The car still allows too much air close to body but that cannot be changed, and it does not bother most people as long as it stays steady.
  • tricky73, you should give the 460 another chance. The 08 model seems to be pretty much problem-free. You may remember that I also felt keeping my '04 LS430 was the smart thing to do, but when I kept reading all these great reports I finally decided to jump, and I haven't regretted it.

    I did insist on getting the air suspension (but not the 19" wheels -- i.e., not the Touring Package), as well as the Dynamic Cruise Control, so I wound up with the LWB and an 86K price tag. The superiority of the 460 over the 430 is not in major features (the UL version had almost all of them), but in the little details that make for extra luxury, like the way the doors close, the Nav screen, and even, believe it or not, the ride quality.

    Best regards -- Renny
  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132
    Thanks for remembering my 460L experiences.

    Were you able to dodge the park-o-matic feature with your special order? That device really soured me on the car, although the air suspension was a joy. Lexus literature still implies the SWB can be ordered with pneumatic springs although dealerships seem reluctant to enter into a dialog re price, delivery, etc.

    Hope your new rig continues to furnish the same satisfaction for you as my 450h has so far for me..
  • Hi Richard,

    I didn't special order my car. They have exactly three standard versions of the 460L here in Southern California: Two at around 80K and the "everything" at 86K. Only the "everything" had the two features that I wanted, and that does include the park-o-matic. So far I've only tried it once in a big parking lot with lots of room. I found it is a little tricky (if I may use that Nixonian adjective) to set it up, but once I figured that out it worked perfectly; i.e. it backed into the exact space that I had selected. The challenge is to move the parking frame on the nav screen to the exact position in the rear camera view where you want to end up. Of course that is assuming that there is nothing wrong with the car.

    Good luck with the 450h.

  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132

    Didn't know you are a SOCAL person...where did you get it?

    I'm not interested in price; rather would like to hear your take on dealers in this area re service, etc. I would rate Vista #1 (bought 2 there), Cerritos #2 (1 purchase), South Bay (My 460 was from them), and Keyes Van Nuys a DISTANT last place, unless one can start with the salesman who sold me my first 430. Comments?

    Re mishap occurred when the system did not recognize a high curb and alert me to the presence of an obstacle which would clearly impact the fender skirt. Screen resolution is not adequate for my tired eyeballs to pick out details like curb height; dammit that is what sensors, servos, and warning chimes are for! I assume they understand the dynamics of trigonometry. However, in fairness to Lexus, they refunded my $700 when even they could not make it obey. Based on numerous comments with chat rooms, a New York Times automotive editor called me and we talked for a while about my experiences, and he included a snippet in his article regarding this feature.
  • I got my LS460L at Lexus Mission Viejo, now Park Place Lexus Mission Viejo. I understand they got bought out by Park Place Lexus from Texas. I had been taking my LS430's (2001 and 2004) to them for service, because I found them more competent that Tustin (where I bought the 2001), and about 30% less expensive than Newport. The 2004 I bought through Autoland, and it came from Riverside, but I never dealt with them.

    What soured me on Tustin was that when I said to the service writer, "I read on the Internet that when you rotate the tires you should include the spare tire in order to get more wear out of your tires. Did you do that?" he said, "Oh yes, absolutely. We always do that." A month later I called back and said, "I just heard that you should not include the spare when rotating tires." That guy said, "That's right. With radial tires you have to keep them on the same side of the car. We know that."

    But in fairness it is probably true that you can have good and bad experiences everywhere.
  • I'm in a coin toss over the Smoky Granite/Grey and Verdigris/Cashmere color combination. Can anyone who has either and give feedback on how they stand up re: showing dirt on inside or outside?
    Any regrets after a few weeks or months?
  • I just bought a 2008 LS 460 with regular (not air) suspension. It seems to register every small bump in the road. Is there any way of adjusting it to float more? Thanks for your responses.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Perhaps your tires are overinflated?
  • I also had that idea and discovered that the dealer had inflated them to 38psi cold. I reduced them to 33psi cold, which unfortunately resulted in no noticeable difference in the ride.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I'm not familiar with what the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle - is 33psi in line with what's in your manual?

    Perhaps someone else here has a thought for you.
  • hage57hage57 Posts: 24
    I also own an '07 LS 460L with very significant wind noise. In fact if the wind is strong enough, 30mph+, I have wind noise at 10 to 20 mph. The dealer preformed the work in the TSB, as to wind noise and I believe the problem is now worse. As Sierra7 stated it is an issue of cross wind, and the dealer can hear this, however he says it is not wind noise, but rather wind rush, a distinction without a difference! Between my wife and I, this is our ninth Lexus, and the only one that I have any real issue with. Perhaps I should have not bought the first model year, but frankly, I didn't think that this would be the case with Lexus. Because of this my next car decision will not automatically be Lexus and I will look at other products.
  • Yes, 33 is what is written on the door. Does anyone know how the air suspension option works? Does it allow for a "floatier" suspension than the normal one? All that Lexus says, as far as I can determine, is that it changes the level of the car. I am used to a 2003 Avalon which simply floats over nicks and cracks and holes in the road. Incidentally, this is a different problem from going over speed bumps (or speed humps as they are called here) which the shocks tolerate beautifully.
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