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Ford Freestyle Tires



  • o1taurussel, Very cool! Both a Freestyle and a 500. I bought my Freestyle at the same time I got an F150 2wd, so I'm driving Fords a lot, too.

    I really think people up north like you (and I'm in Colorado) should put on Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow (click here for info on that tire). Its a high-speed (TR rated to 118 mph) snow tire, very tough, that can be used year-around, as its got thick tread and will last. I love'em on my Freestyle, wet, dry, or snow. They do have the snowflake-on-the-mountain rating, which means they get traction.
    Be sure to fit the 225/65-17 size, as I think they fit better than the 215 mm width ones the Freestyle/500 came with. (For 18" wheels, stick with the stock size tires.) I wouldn't run them year around if you live where it gets very hot, but this is one tough high-speed rated tire, so you could.
  • It gets "hot" here in Wisconsin during the summer. I have snow tires for my 500 so if the weather is bad, we just use that car. My wife would frown upon me getting another set of snow tires :surprise:
  • It is better to use all-season or summer tires in hot weather. However, since Pirelli got a 118 mph max speed rating (TR) on their Scorpion Ice&Snow tires, that really shows they can handle about anything we could possibly throw at it, similar to an all-season tire. The thing that limits a tire's speed in those tests is heat buildup. The tread compound isn't as soft as on Bridgestone Blizzaks. Other snow tires only get about a 99 mph speed rating (QR), except for a few high-performance ones.
  • I am purchasing a used 2007 freestyle and live in the chicago area.What tires would you recommend. The current tires look pretty beat and they seem to be the original tires with 20,000 miles on them
  • Forget the 215/65-17 size and get 225/65-17, Goodyear Fortera TripleTreds or Pirelli Scorpion Ice&Snow. Those are the only high-speed rated tires I know of that both also earn the Snowflake-on-the-Mountain traction test rating. That combination of attributes is rare, and it means you're getting tough tires that also have great traction. ( Maybe someone else can recommend something in the 18" wheel size if that is what you have. )
  • I am looking for 225/60/r18 some one recommend the good year comfort tread.
  • Check and put in your size.
    I'd get the BF Goodrich Traction TA -- click here.
    Its got a double-A traction rating, bad-[non-permissible content removed]. H-speed rated. Not bad.
  • My dad has Cooper CS4 on his 05 500 Limited w/ 18 inch size.........55k on them and about "half" worn (much better than those stock tires). He claims they are good in everything but ice.

    Just my 5 cents......
  • Good tires for a Freestyle.I like everyone has experienced what pure crap the Contis that came with the Freestyle are. I went on for week reading the blogs with who bought what they felt was a good tire ro replace the old Conti which had 30k on them and where shot. I was considering Michelin, Good years as I narrowed them down. But did read cons on everyone of them. Well I called to order the Good years from this tires place which is probably 100 years old in my area and have always trusted the old lady who runs the place. She recommended that all her customers she sold these Mastercraft Touring RS tires to have raved about them. I said I never heard of them before. She said Copper Tires makes them and to go on line and check them out. Which I did and other who have them really liked them a lot. Copper is a American made tire company that is smaller but have a good reputation. They are not cheap at 150 per tire installed balanced etc. But then again so were all the other good brand tires. I wanted tires that were not noisy, held the road well, great in snow and finally lasted. These tires are rated at 80,000 miles. So since the old lady never steered me wrong the years I have been dealing with at her old rundown tire shop. I swallowed the cost of a whole new set. :cry: Well I live in northeaster Pa. Poconos and we just got dumped on with snow this winter. These tires grab and stop me perfectly. I even got up a good head of steam and locked up the breaks to stop, they grabbed and we stopped quickly. Handling ahh they make the Freestyle feel so upright and balanced around tight curves. Quiet really quiet. Its such a pleasure to feel like I am gliding along. last well who knows other then what I read but its an aggressive deep thread pattern that should hold up with proper rotation. Thats something the Contis cant say rotation or not they wore and wore fast. But they wore perfectly even on all four tires. So the Freestyle alignments good. I was averaging locally 20 to 24 Mpg Hwy 24 - 28 with the Freestyle. I dont know if the tires will effect that any but time will tell. If so I safety and comfort they provide may be worth a Mpg. Hope this helps anyone out in the What is the best tire to replace on a Freestyle.
  • bruneau1bruneau1 Posts: 468
    I just had Michelin LX4 225/65/17 put on my Freestyle. Very pleased. Smooth, much quieter and more poised. The Contis were getting pretty noisy and rough.
  • bruneau1 said "I just had Michelin LX4 225/65/17 put on my Freestyle. Very pleased. Smooth, much quieter and more poised."

    Not a good choice.

    First of all, the max PSI on that tire is 35 PSI, way too close to the Freestyle's placard 34 PSI. That should be 41 or 44 PSI like the Ford engineers specified.

    Secondly, the LX4 has a lower speed rating, which means sidewall stiffness and heat resistance strength is below Ford engineer's specs as well. Its an SR tire, and a TR or HR is the recommended.

    Many installers will catch those mistakes, although I guess not all are paying attention.
  • bruneau1bruneau1 Posts: 468
    What nonsense about speed ratings. I really doubt that anyone driving a Freestyle will try to exceed the speed rating of an S tire. Secondly, tires with H ratings have stiffer sidewells and generally stiffer rides which I wanted to avoid. What is the speed rating of the Conti 215/65/17 on the majority of Freestyles and Taurus X? Do you really think that tire is superior to the LX4???? And your comments about air pressure make no sense. Where do Ford engineers specify 41 or 44??? At that pressure, the vehicle would have a horrible and noisy ride, erratic handling, and would be dangerously subject to impact damage. I even find the 34 suggested for the rear tires too stiff and thumpy. we rarely carry much weight in the back, so 32-32 produces a more civilized ride and a little less noise from the rear. By the way, S tires have a speed rating of 112 and T 118. Can a a Freestyle even go that fast?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I really doubt that anyone driving a Freestyle will try to exceed the speed rating of an S tire.

    Never underestimate the willingness of people to test safety margins. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • brueneau1, Speed ratings on tires reveal a certain sidewall stiffness and belt strength, so they are important for those parameters. How fast you go is not that relevant. Note the stock OEM Conti tires which Ford engineers chose as the baseline, are TR speed rated and have 44 psi max pressures. The Michelin LX4s you mentioned do not share comparable specs, as the speed rating is too weak, and the 35 psi max pressure is far too close to the Ford engineers pressure recommendations. The safety margin between the placard 34 psi and the max psi rating is the salient spec here, and is strongly suggested to be higher.

    Rule Number 1: Never put weaker speed rating tires than OEM on your vehicle.

    Rule Number 2: Never put a lower max pressure tire on your vehicle than OEM.

    Since some people will put that LX4 on the vehicle, you should be fine as long as you keep no more than 35 psi (and don't go below 32 psi all around, narrow range), don't load the vehicle up with people and/or cargo past around 75% of max payload weight capacity, and when carrying more than just a driver and one passenger, keep your speed below about 70 on a hot day, and 80 on a cold day. Following those guidelines should provide the approximate original amount of safety margin. To me, it would simply be easier to put correct tires on and go right to the limits of the machine as tested and designed for by Ford engineers. Recommended.
  • bruneau1bruneau1 Posts: 468
    the only reason Ford put the T rated Conti on the Freestyle is that it was the cheapest they could find. the s rated LX4 has been around for some time and has been used on heavy vehicles like Marquis and Town Cars. I believe it is still standard equipment on a Lexus SUV. And no, there haven't been any reports of unusual failure or blowups, etc. I find your implication that putting this tire on a Freestyle might be dangerous to be ridiculous. A Freestyle can't even go 112 miles per hour and any idiot who would try deserves what he gets. Michelin people say the maximum pressure figures on lots of tires encourages some people to go there with bad results. The LX4 is a much better tire than the original cheap, noisy, low mileage Conti. So many new cars are coming out with low profile tires with high speed ratings and the result is nothing more than inferior ride and more noise.
  • brueneau1, Maybe I wasn't clear. My bad. Please read my previous post again. Here is a list of points:

    1. Ultimate speed is not really the issue here. Ford specified a TR tire because of sidewall stiffness and stress/durability issues. It ties into the handling. When we deviate from Ford engineer's specs, then handling degrades.

    2. The fact that Ford recommends 34 psi, and your LX4 has a max pressure rating of 35 psi is just way too close. Many gauges aren't even that accurate, so you might think you're putting in 34 psi one day and you're actually at or above the max psi pressure rating on the tire sidewall. Not wise. Ford OEM tires have a max psi rating of 44 psi, the normal safety margin.

    And one more point: The OEM Conti tires are very strong, stiff, and get good traction. The only problem they have is Conti didn't put enough rubber on the tread, making them wear out very fast. And I think the tread compound they used also causes fast wear.
  • What I find amazing is that I have almost 51,000 miles on my Conti's and still can most likely go another 5,000 miles and still be safe. Wonder why Conti's on other Freestyles wear out faster? I've been pleased with my four Conti's. Not the smoothest ride I have ever had but they have worn well.
  • volfangary, Some folks get good wear results with the OEM Conti's. There was a class action lawsuit on that same tire with the ContiSeal "goo" inside the tire to prevent flats, and there should have been a recall on the non-ContiSeal versions of that same tire (ContiTouringContact CT95). There was evidence presented that the factory inconsistently formulated the rubber compounds in the CT95, in both the ContiSeal versions and the regular non-ContiSeal ones on Freestyles. You, apparently, got a set made on a good day. I and many other people were not as lucky as you. (Only the ContiSeal version of the CT95 made the class action lawsuit as a stupid lawyer compromise in deal-making suit negotiations.) The lawsuit contended that the CT95 didn't last very long at all. That said, the rest of CT95 construction is very good. Good traction, strong tire overall.
  • coldcranker, Thanks for the good information. When I go to look for new tires, what tire would you recommend for someone who lives in Tennessee and rarely goes anywhere it snows.
  • Based on the recommendations/reviews at Tiremax, I'm considernig the Michel Primacy MXV4 tires for both my Freestyle LTD and Five Hundred AWD LTD.
  • For 17" wheels, and no worries about snow/ice, I'd get the Latitude 225/65-17 size -- click here, which is a better size than the 215/65-17 size that came on 17" wheels. Its closer in size to the 18" wheel/tires that come on Limited models.

    For 18" wheels on Limited models, Barnstormer's choice is a good one.

    Actually, if you don't have to worry about ice/snow, you could go with whatever the cheapest tire is you can find that still has a 44 psi max sidewall pressure and TR speed rating.
  • Hi folks, Firestone has 35% off their tires......Bridgestone Turanza Serenity? Anybody have any luck with those? $100/piece.......I could get Firestone FR710 for under $350 installed!...My "stock" Conti's are down to about 6/32 - 7/32 so I am just thinking.......
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    It seems like tires are always on sale these days.

    Discount Tire has a short deal for $70 off 4 Michelins. (link)

    Continental is doing a $75 rebate deal.

    BJs is doing $60 off Michelins if you have one in your area.

    The 35% Firestone deal looks pretty hot, if you find a model you like.

    The Tire Rack has customer reviews (and some tires on sale too, but their current offerings seem to be pricey high performance tires).
  • Fr710's arent really listed on TireRack......The Serenity reviews are kind of "Varied", individuals here seem to be knowledgeable........I have to get my CVT flushed on Saturday ($300.00), so the tires might wait for if the Firestones are OK, they are worth it! Wife has the final say :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Well, if you have to, you can wait about 40 days until the next round of tire sales. :)
  • :) yes...I have a coolant leak as well - hopefully that doesn't cost me an arm leg and my wife! No idea......
  • at 30m miles I was being advised to replace. Now at 35m it is a must. Any solid recommendations out there for replacements?
  • bruneau1bruneau1 Posts: 468
    Hi, i see you are still obsessed with the T rating and 44lbs max pressure. The only thing Ford specifies is either 215/65/17 or 225/60/18. There are no specs for speed rating or max pressure. Since the max speed of the Freestyle is a governed 110, any tire with at least an S rating is fine. I, and several others, are now using a 225/65/17 with excellent results. The 215/65/17 is a little too small for the size and weight of the vehicle. The Serenities are very quiet, but much heavier leading to more unsprung weight.
  • Wouldn't the 225 size be bigger in diameter and cause your speedometer to be inaccurate? 28" diameter vs 28.5" diameter?
  • bruneau1 said: "Hi, i see you are still obsessed with the T rating and 44lbs max pressure. The only thing Ford specifies is either 215/65/17 or 225/60/18. There are no specs for speed rating or max pressure."

    Wrong. We automotive engineers know that a tire with a recommended placard operating pressure of 34 psi on the Freestyle is not compatible with a 35 psi max sidewall replacement tire. Thats only a 1 psi margin. Its obvious. Thats why Ford engineers put 44 psi max sidewall pressure tires OEM on the vehicle. That was no accident its 44 psi.

    "Since the max speed of the Freestyle is a governed 110, any tire with at least an S rating is fine."

    As I've said before, the critical parameter is lateral stiffness, something a TR tire (OEM style) has more than an SR tire. Max speed is not the important factor, although a TR tire would be more tolerant of low pressure / high temp conditions before blowing out, a greater safety margin. Safety margin and ruggedness is important to some people; possibly not you, bruneau. Greater lateral stiffness allows better "L" obstacle avoidance maneuvers compatible with the suspension dynamics and CG position on the Freestyle, a problem seen in some SUVs in the past and corrected in more modern cars like the Freestyle, if you stick to the Ford specs of a TR tire. (See Toyota 4Runner as a bad L-maneuver vehicle, for one example.)
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