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Nissan Sentra SE-R & SE-R Spec V



  • Thats a long paragraph that states absolutely nothing! Nissan made in Mexico. Torsion Beam rear axle. LSD is an option. For the money the SI is a MUCH better value than the SER. The K20 engine is an engineering marvel. I own a 2006 SI and I can assure you that it is plenty quick. I don't street race because I don't want to kill myself or anyone else. I can guarantee that SER's will be sitting on the lots because no one will buy them. So if you wait a few months you will probably get a good deal. ;)
  • So you couldn't read it. Opinions vary. SE-R > Si
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's get back on topic here. Even thought the Si was mentioned in an article about the SE-R, it's not part of the subject here so let's let it go. Thanks.
  • redbrienredbrien Posts: 8
    I was just on nissan's website, and saw that I could build a SE-R. I love the fact you can get a cvt in a sports car. I am a big honda guy. I love the SI other then the fact that it takes Premium gas and you can't get a auto. I commute and my wife won't learn how to drive a stick so I am stuck between a rock and hard place. With the new Sentra SE-R I get the best of both worlds. I love the fact that you can paddle shift just like a F1 or just relax in traffic. I saw that edmunds invoice price is $18,658 for a SE-R. Thats awesome. Hopefully there will be a handful at the dealers so we can just walk in and walk out with this pocket rocket. Any test drive one yet?
  • When I take my SpecV in for inspection and all I will get a test drive in the new SpecV.
  • bhirzallbhirzall Posts: 1
    Anyone here in the midwest interested in a 2002 Spec V with 40k miles on it and no working engine. New Z rates tires, fair condition. CHEAP, great rebuilding project!!
  • I'm loving my 07 SE-R. I'm excited for upcoming performance mods. Anyone to direct me to anything already available? Any idea if the 06 2.5 K&N filter is the same filter on the 07?
  • Is it the same filter, it should be since its the same engine as before only with internal tweaks.
  • Stillen has modifications available.
  • I contacted Stillen and was told they are picking up a spec v from a local dealer and they will be working on more stuff asap.
  • nbyenbye Posts: 1
    OK, Sentra owners, I need your input!

    I am looking at buying the Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V to replace my current car, a 2004 Toyota Celica GT-S. The main reasons I'm getting rid of the Celica are the poor visibility and the lowness to the ground (I discovered that the sports car style doesn't always work for short people). I have a lot of trouble maneuvering it through tight spaces, because I just can't see out of the thing. My question is, how do you guys like the visibility on your Sentras? Are they easy to maneuver through tight spaces? I've taken a couple SE-R Spec Vs on test drives, but I wanted to get the opinions of people who live with these cars, day in and day out. Do you think the Sentra will solve my problems?

    Thanks much!
  • The Spec V has plenty of visibility. The steering has a wide turn though so tight places can be tricky only if the parking lot is full.
  • I own a 2007 spec v and really enjoy it. I work for a car dealer, and we have a 2007 spec v factory loaded for sale. Willing to negotiate a price. 5000K miles. If interested in car, my contact inoformation is in my profile.
  • I test drove a Sentra. The visibility was very good except for the fact that I almost got into an accident backing up at an angle b/c the back window is narrow and steeply sloped but this seems to be a design chracteristic of all small cars now.
  • I would like to know general comments pro and con about this vehicle, and in particular, what type of fuel it runs on. I have received conflicting reports alternating between it running fine on regular unleaded and it requiring premium unleaded. Thanks...

    Rick A.
    Pleasanton CA
  • I just got my SE-R in blue and am enjoying it. I'm wondering if someone who has driven both this and the Spec-V can compare the ride qualities. The only thing I don't care for in the SE-R is a bit of fore-aft and up-down bucking and bouncing over freeway joints, etc. that make it feel unsettled on certain roads. Wondering if lowering would help that, or if it induces more harshness, which I wouldn't want. I am more interested in preserving a fairly supple but "planted" feel in ride comfort, than increasing handling at the limits. Also wondering if the extra front and rear Spec-V bracing is worth adding and easy to do. Thanks in advance for comments on these or any other recommended mods.
  • laneglaneg Posts: 4
    I was a bit disappointed with the Spec V when I first got it, because I thought that the engine was a bit rough. However, this car has gotten a lot better with some miles. I have about 10,000 miles now, and it is noticeably better now that things have settled in.

    I put a Magnaflow highflow resonator and catback exhaust, and a K&N cold air intake on the car. This gave a bit more power, but I was still disappointed with the rough engine. I found that JETCHIPS had a performance upgrade for the Spec V ECM so of course I tried it.

    It was kind of a pain to have to remove the ECM and mail it to Jet, but it was worth the wait! The Jet Chip turned this into a new car. The engine revs much more quickly and very noticeably smoother now. More power throughout the entire powerband, and a slight increase in mpg if you don't always have your foot in it.
    This is the biggest difference in performance that I have ever experienced in any of the cars that I have modified. Granted, none were turbo or supercharged, but all had intakes and exhaust. I would highly recommend this upgrade, and of course it works better with an intake and exhaust. The chip was only $399 and it was worth every penny!
  • Can anyone help me locate the sunroof glass for my 2003 Nissan Sentra Spec-V? I'm not looking to purchase a new one but one from an individual parting one out or a salvage yard. Any leads are appreciated. email me at Thanks!
  • I just had my '08 SE-R lowered with the Eibach ProKit, which improved the looks and handling dramatically. Well worth the $500 P&L total paid. The ride is firm but not harsh - no penalty on good roads. Just have to go slower over speed bumps.
  • i got a 2005 nissan sentra se-r spec v i am wondering what i should do first for mods for my car? someone help me please
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