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Accord - Manual or Automatic?



  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    What EZ said + what was you experience w/the automatics over time?
  • yuryyury Posts: 146
    I drove 4 cyl manuals for about 8 years...up until recently that would've been my only choice.
    but recently i switched to the auto...not so much out of laziness but rather out of curiosity. so now I have some experience to actually start forming an opinion.

    I would say that it's all about interaction of a human and a mechanism.



    Ok, when we're talking about fun when driving a stick we usually mean that we enjoy making all gearing desicions. Ok, i can see the appeal of that. However, this "interface" requires us to do much more, ie we actually have to control the clutch with our foot. It is a chore, nothing more and a mechanism would simply to it better job that a human foot.

    Plus a vast majority of these gearing desisions carry no meaning whatsoever. Say when you routinely upshift in traffic, do you make intelligent choices or simply upshift habitually at a certaing rpm?

    As a bottom line - with all my respect to the stick shift, it is simply outdated and not very efficient design. But it does allow for direct gear control.


    Well, obviously the drawback here is the lack of direct gear choice. However many people tend to forget that nearly all autos allow you to lower the range by selecting 1, 2, 3, etc instead of D. So, you still can rev up your engine at will. All it comes down to is convenience of that process and that's where controls like paddle shifts come in. But, in my experience, it's even simpler that that, a well done conventional shift lever does the trick. On my 07 SE, the shift from D to D3 is very easy, just pull the lever down, going down past that requires the buttom press (which is still easier that the whole stich shift routine) but going back up doesn't. The way the shifter feels is very natural. I drove it on mountain twisties and honestly i never wished it was a stick shift. I had all control I needed less all the chores and inherent slowness of a process involving a a human foot.

    Another drawback of the conventional auto is it's inferiour efficiency. But real life that may very well be that a more ergonomic interface is simply better. For example, often I missed opportunities simply because I didnt feel like going through the chore.

    So the bottom line - in the well thought out auto you get a better user interface, but for a slight perfornace penalty.

    And another thing...How many of the stick shift Accord fans here tried the same car but with auto? Try it, it may turn out be defferent from what you would expect. Spirited driving is what my V6 SE is pretty good at :)

    .. or better yea drive the 3.5 Altima with CVT. If that car is not sporty or spirited, i will eat my hat :)
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    How many of the stick shift Accord fans here tried the same car but with auto?

    I did exactly that with my 06 Accord. I couldn't believe the difference in response and quickness. The auto was terrible, IMHO.

    Cheaper, quicker, better mileage, fun, engine braking, ability to coast in traffic, etc... I've said it all before. This is my second manual Accord and I have no desire for an automatic. But that's just me. :shades:
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    ...Cheaper, quicker, better mileage, fun, engine braking, ability to coast in traffic, etc

    ....and now (at least for the 2008 Honda Accord Coupe 6M) a new dimension: a snappy, new, reconfigured shifter (per TOV)

    ..all the best, ez..
  • yuryyury Posts: 146
    did you just test drive it or drove it for a while? i find although autos are supposed to be easier to operate there's a learning curve for every model due to a difference in the body language that the tranny understands.
    at first i was a bit confused, but with time I learned the tranny and it's not terrible at all :) of course in a demanding situations i drop it to lower gears...and it does make sense to me - automation with a way to override it.

    but of course, I understand the appeal of the stick...after all I was under it's influence for a long while :)
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    What tallman said.

    The stick just feels worlds more responsive. Better mpg and lower cost is icing on the cake.
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