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GMC Yukon Small Problems and Aggravations



  • Ok guys, so my Yukon decides every once in a while to go "wacky" on me. The rear windshield wiper chooses when it likes to work. Sometimes it will turn on if I put on the rear defroster first, even if there is no frost. A couple of times when I have shut off the Kon and the rear wiper is turned on, working or not, it will cause my lights, control panel, and radio to rapidly flash on and off and you can hear a ticking noise. This I have dealt with lol, because there are far worse things that could be wrong. Well, now today, I shut the Kon off, handed my son the keys, and after opening his door the lights and radio were still going! No key in ignition, even put my husband's set in and turned Kon on and off and the problem continued. I then noticed that the knob for the rear wiper was on, so I turned it off, and everything else shut off...turn wiper back on, everything comes back on except wiper lol....Does anyone have any ideas? Not really in a position to take to dealer, so any ideas would be awesome so we could take care of ourselves...
  • sherishasherisha Posts: 1
    Hi, I have the same truck, same year. I am having the exact problem, down to the fact that my rear windshield wiper stopped working and is probably still switched in the on position. My mechanic cannot figure out the problem and how to fix it, he still has it and it has been there a week or so. Did you ever figure out what was causing your issue? Any information would be appreciated!
  • Hi , my problem started when I had my Yukon battery replaced, the dealer replaced it and that's when it all started. I later took it back and said wth and told them to fix it, they said it was my problem, so I called the owner of the dealership (Darcy GMC in Joliet Illinois )
    And explained and they ended up fixing it, not sure what they did but it finally got fixed, not until I complained . But it's.been fine ever since, sorry to hear about yours, hope you get yours resolved soon, it's aggravating isn't it.
  • bonreabonrea Posts: 48
    2005 Yukon XL SLT, 5.3lt 88,700 miles. The auto headlight feature seems very insensitive. When I start out in the morning and the sun comes up the head lights stay on even when the sun has been shining directly on the sensor for 15 – 20 minutes. If I start out in the middle of the day it doesn’t turn the lights on which it should not do. Later in the evening it turns the lights on properly.
    Any ideas?
  • I have a 2006 Yukon XL SLT that I purchased used in 2007. I have been having electrical problems with it for the past 3 years and have probably spent more than $3000 now trying to figure it out. Completely at my wit's end. To summarize:
    1. When I turn the car on a loud clicking sound comes from the CD player that lasts for 30 seconds. Nothing stuck in it. Have learned to live with this after 3 years. Irritating, but at least the car is turning on, which leads to the next issue...
    2. Without any notice car just simply won't turn on. No clicking, nothing. Silent. I have to open hood, jiggle battery cable, and usually it will fix. But not always. I have had a new alternator, new battery cables, new starter and new batteries installed. The latest attempt was installing a gmc battery bc "the posts on the non-gmc battery were not exactly the same size as the clamps on the cable and it wasn't getting good connection". Well, yesterday I pulled into the driveway, ran in the house, came out and again, car won't unlock with key fob and when I turn ignition, nothing. I opened hood, pushed around on cable and it started. Has now done it twice today.
    3. When it does run, I will be driving and suddenly everything electrical on car turns off. Radio, cruise control, lights, ac, you name it. Few seconds later, it all comes back on. Periodically the lights flicker on dash and headlights. Serious safety issue at night.

    I seriously don't know what else to do. I have 3 small children and can't afford to be stranded with them anymore. If anyone has had any luck fixing these types of issues please tell me what to do.
  • joemickshieldsjoemickshields Battle Ground WashingtonPosts: 1
    Has anyone heard a fan type noise coming from the drivers door. Turn off the radio and the AC. Noise is still there. Only turning off the ignition gets rid of it. This started today. JMS
  • i have a problem with my 2000 gmc yukon xl ordered new key fob from dealer they can not get my truck to go into program mode even after trying 2 computers i tried the manual way with holding the unlock button down then cycling the key on off on off that doesnt work dealer told me they cant do anything for me
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