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Honda Odyssey Engine Problems



  • I took the van to the dealer for the engine knocking at 40 miles/hr. I told them it might be a transmission problem. They upgraded the firmware twice it did not work. They will replace a torque converter it would have cost 1600. Good thing I was within the 100k warranty. Hopefully this clears up the problem.
  • I bought a new 2009 ,within first week noticed severe downshifting, within 3 months engine was knocking and pinging horrible. Dealer put knock sensor,,didn't work..throttle solenoid..didn't work..after having my van for 2 weeks they replaced the rear head completely .They thought that would fix the torque convertor..downshifts even harder and now excelerates and does'nt want to stop when I brake..going bk for 5 th time in 60 days...contacted attorney generals office about Lemon qualifies...hopefully I can get my money back as I have had Hondas before but after this I will not get another one.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I won't blame you ... got a new car and didn't get safe and happy driving in return.
  • I have an 2010 Ody with 700 miles and it just quit. Cam shaft seized, needs new heads. Perfect timing, right before the road trip. Dealer offered to let me use an accord!?!? Doe anyone know how this affects the warranty? Do I have any recourse with getting a suitable replacement for my trip?
  • pingypingy Posts: 12
    If I bought the 2010 and it gave out like that with 700 mi. I would be getting the loaner van. or, maybe that would rather exchange your van for a new one.....
    If you wanted a accord for road trips, wouldn't you have bought an accord?
  • Not sure where the problem is, but having some interesting challenges. It appears that the interior lights were left on, went to start and nothing, no clicks not a peep. Tried to jump it, no change. Changed battery and as soon as both battery terminals hooked, horn starts to blare. The car will turn over with the original batter (put a charge into it), but not without the horn blaring or having the panic lights & horn going.

    Anybody have any thoughts or insight?
  • I just took my 07 Odyssey EX-L for the same problem and there is a recall in effect. Contact your service advisor to fix it. In my copy it's states 07/09 Recall. Maybe that is the date.
  • Same downshifting issue on my 2009 with 5000 miles. This thing is a clunking noisy pos.... Taking it to the dealer next week.
  • cjr04cjr04 Posts: 1
    My 2004 Odyssey's engine has been racing up and down while in park or at stoplights for the last week or so. It's been unusually cold here in NC for the same amount of time (daytime highs of twenty to thirty degrees). Could the cold be causing this, or do I have another problem developing? Thanks!
  • pingypingy Posts: 12
    my 07 oddy had the rough downshift and a shudder in the trans once in a while.
    They replaced the tork conv. and that went away.

    The ping however, it has been in and out a half dozen times. replaced the knock sensor............. it still pings. whatever........
  • I had the same problem as yours. Engine rev up and down when stopped at traffic light.
    I took my 04 odyssey to my mechanist and he replaced Air Idle Control Valve. I've never had this problem again. Hope this helps you.
  • kayefkayef Posts: 3
    In June, I bought a pre-owned 05 Odyssey. Almost as soon as we brought it home, the engine would occasionally race when stopped at stop signs. I took it back a couple of times and the dealer claimed there was no problem. The last time we took it in, we left it there for two weeks. One of the reasons that we bought the car in June was so that we could take it on a cross country trip. Well.....the car stayed at the dealer while we rented a car for the trip!! The dealer claims there was nothing wrong and that they didn't fix anything. In that case, the car healed itself as it hasn't had engine racing since August. I hope your car does the same.
  • I have an '05 EXL RES/NAV with 131,000 miles. Has been an awesome vehicle. I am wondering how it will fair to 200,000 miles plus? Basically trying to decide whether to trade now. Any comments?
  • Did you ever find out what the problem was? My 07 does the same thing at about 1800rpm when the ECO kicks in. One dealer mechanic unhooked the ECO and we test drove it and couldn't get to do it again. So it's something to do with the ECO. The mechanic told me he thinks that when the ECO kicks in and your running on 3 cylinders that there is fuel leaking into the 3 cylinders not running and they are trying to fire. I have been to 3 dealers no one knows what is causing it or which direction to go. This all started when they did the update for the torque convertor that i had no problem with in the first place. Then the convertor went out. After that they replaced a rear motor mount. That didn't help. So here I'm with about 56,000 miles still with the problem.

    Any Help Out There???
  • hyuhyu Posts: 5
    Mine doesn't have the ECO. I found the problem on the same day when I purchased a car, but most people have the problem after the software update. You need to replace a transmission torque converter. Some people still have the problem after the replacement of the transmission torque converter. I am one of them. I think the chip set which controls the timing of a shift to the 5th level is not set correctly or the ratio/combination between an engine and a transmission is something wrong. In this case, we may need to replace a chip set or an entire transmission system I think, but I don't know whether or not Honda has developed the process to do these. I visited three different dealers seven times. Mine is an on-going problem. I reported to the BBB AutoLine. I attended a BBB hearing session and I am now waiting for the decision from the BBB AutoLine.
  • ilwu23ilwu23 Posts: 5
    I'm going to take mine back every 1000 miles to build my case. That way they should fix it when they finally decide to tell us what the problem is. I did this with my 2002 van on a transmission problem. I kept documenting it everytime I went in for anything. At 80,000 it went out and they fixed it with no cost to me. But in all honesty this may be my last honda. Also my mileage has dropped down to about 22 mpg on the highway. When I first got this van I got as high as 29mpg on the highway about 27 mpg most of the time. I don't know how much money that has cost me in the last 30,000 miles. Just guessing I would say $800-$900 dollars. I think I'll take it back this week then try and call an area rep. like that will help.
  • deeleedeelee Posts: 35
    Check on the forum Honda vibrating at low speeds under engine problems and you will find a whole lot of this!
  • Hi, Mine is 2008 Honda Odyssey EX. I started having the same problem as yours about RPM jump during downshift at about same speed and same magnitude of RPM. They recently replaced the power stearing pump, resorvoirs and torque converter but RPM problem is still there with erratic downshift. :confuse:
    Also, i see the vibration at between 40-60MPH in top gear with RPM of about 1500, it's like groaning noise.

    I am curious to know, what you did to fix this problems..??? Did you ever got that fixed. Can you please reply. Any help would appreciated.
  • ilwu23ilwu23 Posts: 5
    Still have the problem. What kind of mileage do you get? If your mileage drops they say that's because the convertor isn't working right. I think the convertor the replaced is no good. But that shouldn't cause the engine to knock and vibrate. I'm just going to keep taking it in so it's well documented. Like i did with the 2002 that had tranny problem and gave out at 80,000. They fixed that at no cost.

    If you find a solution please let me know.
  • haha1haha1 Posts: 1
    My 2002 Odyssey(84000 miles) engine failed without any warning. We have had oil changed 3-4 weeks ago in Wolfchase Honda TN, shortly after this, the engine dead. The van was towed to this dealer again(This is a wrong decision) and the dealer switched their conclusion more than 4 times, they told us you can only spend 1200$ to get it fixed, then 4000$ rebuild an old engine, then don't need this, only 1300$, we agree with the 1300$, then they called us again, your van still need 4000$ rebuild an old engine. At last, we decided to sell our van to another dealer, they left the engine opened and did not put the parts back! This is not professional way at all !
    My van has not had any accident and any repair history, so we are not happy with the engine dead without any warning. We asked the American Honda to send the District Manager to take a look and at least we can get the second opinion, it is very dangerous that the van was dead suddenly on the road without any warning. The case manager refused this and he said he only stand behind the Warranty and the dealer's decision (but not the customer). I am so disappointed to hear this. I said I did not ask for any refund, just the responsible way for the entire Honda’s customer, he refused this from the beginning to the end!!!
    Please let me know if you guys have some good suggestion!
  • mpberinmpberin Posts: 5
    It surely got better after I took it to the dealer. According to them they upgraded firmware and replaced the torque converter. It was really smooth right out of the dealer but after about 4 months it seems like it might be creeping back in. I hope it stops degrading at this level because it is acceptable at this point.

    I do know other people from earlier posts that had the same work done but did not help. Hope your dealer looks at closer it definitely looks like a transmission issue which is covered by the power train warranty.
  • mpberinmpberin Posts: 5
    They gave me the sun and moon aligned story .... which was gas was in the manifold starting the car caused combustion and enough gas that did not dissipate after the engine stop caused it. Ok now for what Honda did. they did not cover repair under the warranty because the manifold was not part of the engine it is just the cover. Bunch of cra.. anyway I had to use insurance to cover the expenses. But so far about 5 months it seems to be ok. keeping my fingers crossed.
  • lyokilyoki Posts: 1
    i have an 02 odyssey that is revving between 1000 and 2000 rpm at idle. i replaced the iac valve and no difference. also tried to nail down possible vacuum leak but no luck. really don't care to take it in, but running out of ideas real quick. any past experience would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  • ilwu23ilwu23 Posts: 5
    I have not had anything like that.
  • dang_tridang_tri Posts: 6
    just a little info on earlier odysseys with engine revving up and down.. sometimes when u are low on coolant, it will do this,, but the main reason this happens is because on the pass. side back of engine, there is a power steering pressure sensor in the p/s line. this sensor wire will either break or get corroded and lose connection. what this sensor does is it revs the engine up if you are turning to help with the power steering when turning. turning creates pressure in the p/s system and this sensor picks this pressure up and tells the computer to raise the rpm a little. i've seen this on may odysseys....i've seen the wire to the sensor break completely off....
  • We live in Florida and have owned this 2006 Ody since new. Yesterday morning I drove the car three miles and started smelling smoke, kids said they saw smoke too. We got out of our car and within ten minutes the entire front end was on fire. We are still trying to figure out what happened. I saw the smoke coming from the passenger area (where the hood and windshield meet). Initially it was white smoke, then quickly turned black and within minutes flames had engulfed the hood. Fire company is investigating the cause. The last engine work that was done was the 45K maintenance (over 2 months ago) and we had some minor door work done the driver side a few months back as well. I imagine the car is a total loss at this point, we are waiting to hear back from insurance on this. If you have had any other experiences, please share.
  • pingypingy Posts: 12
    that is terrible! I am glad that your family got out and no noe was hurt.
    We have an 07 and I have not been thrilled with it. (ever)

    that will buff right out.
  • tpjp2004tpjp2004 Posts: 1
    Have you found anything new out from BBB? I am about to begin my process of contacting the BBB myself and would love to have some details prior to help my case. I wish I had researched the vehicle better before purchasing.

  • tigernptigernp Posts: 2
    I just had the same thing happen with a phantom rock hitting the ac condensor at a repair cost of $1100 car is still under the warranty as it is a 2007 but the dealer says it is not covered how did you get them to cover it?
  • patrickypatricky Posts: 1
    After the Honda dealer completed the recent transmission recall, control module updating, the van started a new problem. At idle the RPM revs to 2k, the engine malfunction light comes on, there is a clunk and the VSA and VSA Activation lights come on. [non-permissible content removed] idles at 1.5k, but pressing the accelarator basically does nothing at all. Sometimes if you shut it off for 5 minutes and restart it will run normally. Other times I've had to turn it off and one 10-15 times letting it sit for 2+hours in between. Basically no warning that it is going to happen and no idea why it is all of sudden running fine again. Been to the dealer twice. 1st time they cleaned the throttle body and relearned the idle. This did no good. It's in the dealer for the 2nd time now, they are talking about replacing the throttle body. This sounds like a computer issue, not a throttle body issue. Anyone else having a similar problem? Any fixes or suggestions? Dealer did the first work at no charge, which is great, but not sure why as they said it is unrelated to the transmission recall work. I have 80k on the van, so no warranty. They didn't say anything about "good will" so assuming at least the first time they somehow got their money from Honda as I know they don't do anything for free.
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