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Suzuki SX4 MPG Real World Numbers



  • Discussions with your attitude are non productive.

    I simply stated what is in the Suzuki publication. Since I'm not interested in the hatch, I didn't pursue information further because it's not a concern of mine.

    Some people prefer hatches. Some people prefer sedans. What's to not understand?
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Discussions with your attitude are non productive. Apply those words to yourself.

    And I simply stated what is in the owner's manual and on the website. If you had actually read my message, you would know that I already said it is all about personal preference. Lighten up.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    And I simply stated what is in the owner's manual and on the website.

    You also said "Deny Reality." which, at best, is posturing. Let's please keep the discussion respectful and on topic. Thanks. :)

    tidester, host
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  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Yes, you certainly have a point. Sorry about that. Being an owner and aficionado of the brand (and somewhat knowledgeable of numbers and capacities!), it was frustrating to have simple facts disputed in previous posts. However, we should not take anything personally here. It is all good. Cheers.
  • Absolutely correct. I find exactly the same thing.
  • cnvhcnvh Posts: 2
    For anyone interested, I picked up my new SX4 last week... I'm normally a pretty conservative driver, but I've been babying the new Zuke for break-in. For my first fill-up yesterday, I got 31 MPG. (Onboard computer and calculator results matched, so the car's reading was accurate.)
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243

    While I appreciate this is a MPG thread, I'm not only interested in your fuel economy numbers but since I'm looking seriously at a new 2008 leftover SX4 sedan myself, I am very curious to learn if the $12,995 price I've been given is a good one for the Automatic 2wd sedan.

  • cnvhcnvh Posts: 2
    Well, I got a 2009 SX4 Crossover AWD MT (not a 2008 sedan), and I thought they gave me a pretty exceptional price-- $2500 rebate, full KBB value on my trade (private sale value, not trade-in value), plus some extras which I wanted thrown in for free... they brought the price from roughly $19,900 down to $13,900. According to the salesman, they had some end-of-month quotas they had to make... considering it was the end of the month and the 2010's are trickling in, he might have been telling the truth. Either way, I think I did OK.

    So with the deal they made me, I got a fully-loaded SX4 for less than I would have paid for a moderately-equipped Yaris (5-door MT, hard to find), which was my second choice.
  • You will be getting MPG in the high 20's average instead of around 40 with the Yaris.
    The SX4 feels much more solid and planted than the Yaris. Enjoy your AWD capability!
  • My first fill up Saturday for my 09 Sport Touring with MT yielded 32 mpg. The computer indicated 34. My miles left display indicated I could get about 380 miles to a tank.
  • pdxjumpdxjum Posts: 1
    I have just over 50,000 miles on my 2007 SX4 with manual transmission. I have tracked every drop of gas since new and have an overall average of 28.9 MPG to date. If I drive carefully and keep the speed around 60 I have averaged as high as 34 MPG on the freeway and I have gotten as low as 24 MPG on a tank that was all city driving. I always use the cruise control on the open road. My mileage did increase slightly after the first few thousand miles which could be accounted for to allow for a break in period. I would estimate that I am in 2 wheel drive mode about 80 percent of the time. I find that a range of about 280- miles is adaquate, I would be stopping every 3 hours anyway. I have never understood the concept of hauling around the extra weight of a larger fuel tank to be able to drive 500 miles without stopping. People count every pound in a vehicle then want to haul around almost 7 pound per gallon of gas.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    On the other hand, I wish my 2008 had a bigger tank. With my VW Golf, I can go to the city where I work and return home a couple days later, and only use about a half a tank. In cold weather, the SX4 mileage falls, and I then have to fill up each way of a two hour and 20 minute trip. Two more gallons would do nicely. BTW, my overall average is also 28.9!
  • victourvictour Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    I have the SX4 AWD from 2007 Automatic . I bought it for the AWD sorry didn't think or worry about gas mileage.. Ok my Tank holds 10.1 gal.. I drove it 213 miles and had to pee so I stopped and filled up took $13.00 of Regular. my mileage worked out on the highway to 28 mpg. 68 mph and cruise control on.. passed a car on two lane road from 40 to 80 only took 6 sec. flat out. I read so much that makes me wonder why did these people buy one.. just to complain.. ?? The engine noise at 2800 Rpm is not bad as you are traveling 80mph.. the guy whining he didn't like the key fob because it would not unlock the Hatch needs to read the manual at least one time. (push button twice) I love the 16"wheels had a nice ride at 30 Psi. but i inflated them to the requested 32 psi. still a lot smoother than the 2004 Rodeo...The AC is Cold, I am tempted to take corners fast.. I do ride a Suxuki Busa.. as my first choice..but I notice I will jump in the car first a lot of the time... SWEET ! :)
  • I just bought the 2001 SX4 Crossover AWD and my first tank averaged a dismal 18.7 mpg, driven 75% city, 25% hwy at an average speed of -about- 50 mph.

    I was told fuel efficiency will improve after the car is run-in but I should not expect to see the 23/29 advertised on the window sticker. Any feedback on this, please? How mpg is supposed to improve with the car aging? Is it possible that there is something wrong with my brand-new SX4 and it is so fuel hungry?

    Regarding the i-AWD, here's my understanding of it:

    The selection switch, found to the right of the hand-brake, has 3 positions.

    In the AUTO position (middle) all four wheels are engaged to the middle differential but at a 95% Front - 5% Rear, ratio. Essentially, FWD. However, if slippage is detected in the front wheels, the ratio is changed diverting more power to the rear wheels, up to a 40 F / 60 R). This is the preferrred selection for driving under light snowfall, moderate to heavy rain, on sand, gravel etc.

    In the FWD position ( selector pushed front) the rear wheels are not and will never engage to the middle differential, making the SX4 a standard front wheel drive car. This is the preferrred selection for driving under normal conditions and Suzuki also says that best mpg can be achieved at this setting. (no wonder)

    In the LOCK position (selector pushed back) both front and rear axles are permanently locked (i.e. not dynamically changing) into a 50/50 ratio, unless car speed exceeds -approx.- 36 mph, at which point the i-AWD system falls back to the AUTO position. This is the preferrred selection for driving in under extreme conditions and what one should use to get the car un-stuck from heavy snow, mud, sand and to drive in extremely slippery conditions.

    Please comment with your feeedback, I believe the above description is quite accurate since it has been transferred from this year's SX4 brochure.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Why is your tank only 10.1 gallons? The 2008 I have has an 11.9 gallon tank (still too small when the average mileage is 28, but still do-able). Thanks for pointing out the hatch lock/key fob thing.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Your mileage improves because as parts get broken in and seated, they get smoother and more efficient. You should easily get the window sticker mileage, since those mileage figures since 2008 are very conservative. A lot of people don't get EPA mileage because they normally drive at 75+ on the freeway, and then somehow expect highway mileage to be the same as it would be at 55 or 65. I have gotten an overall mpg of 28.7 (nearly 30,000 miles) on my 2008.
  • I know the mileage seems low.. which is true for the size Car.. You got to remember this is 4x4 and I check my mileage at 75 on the interstate on 2 fill ups and it went along with the Compute for a Average 27 mpg.. with the Air off.. windows up and 35,000 miles on the Clock.. Very Happy this is a 140 Hp 4 cylinder so I don't expect the same as the 120 Hp of other brands.. I like the extra power if Needed and yes it is a Auto as well.. Using cruise control helps as well..
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