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Toyota Camry Starting / Stalling Questions



  • I drive a 2005 Camry. Has approximately 138k miles on it. I drive round trip 5 days a week about 50 miles. In the past 4 months, when I'm driving on the road or highway and I reach a speed of about 40-45 mph, it seems as if the engine sounds louder and the rpms are struggling to shift it to gear so that the car accelerates.

    It will accelerate but sounds like the sound a motorcycle would make right before you shift gears. On the highway at about 70 it's not as loud. I get regular oil changes. Just got new tires/brakes in August. I haven't had any issues with this car! I love it, I really do take care of it. Thanks! :confuse:
  • I have a 96 toyota camry that wont start. when i turn the key, the starter clicks but doesnt turn. I replaced the starter and it works fine (as does the one i took out). the battery was obviously checked and is charged. when i hook up the starter to the leads and its not in the engine it doesnt turn (in other words, its not a locked engine). I replaced one of the fuses in the starting relay and it didnt make a difference. So the problem is between the battery and the starter - the starter isnt getting enough power (if i take it to an autoparts store it works when hooked up to their system but doesnt work (but makes a click) when hooked up to the car. any ideas?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,869
    Maybe bad battery cables then.

    we know your starter is okay

    we know your engine is not seized

    we know that current flows from your ignition key to your starter solenoid (because it clicks)

    So my guess is not enough juice from the battery.

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  • Owner of a billon used cars, me, can safely say you should replace the starter. A rebuilt starter is just as good and so much cheaper.I have paid as little as 25$ for a rebuilt starter.
  • Thanx for replying -- but why do you think it is the starter?

    It's "intermittent" and been two times in past 2 mos. that it hasn't started.

    Wouldn't a bad starter act up more often?
  • Update and Resolution---finally! Camry 2002 intermittent starting problems:
    For the 3rd time, car that had been sitting in the garage overnight, would not start. First time was in Dec., then again late Jan., and now late Feb. 2013. Car dealerships couldn't figure it out.
    This time, "brilliant relative" with support of "brilliant friend" suggested that we not call AAA to jump start it. Instead, wanted to actually swap my battery with his known-functioning battery. He made the reconnect. It started IMMEDIATELY!
    Moral of the story, perhaps:
    When AAA jump starts a battery, it gives it enough juice so that when you take it to O'Reilly's Auto or a dealership/mechanic, the readout is okay BUT ACTUALLY IT ISN'T ... FOR LONG! The manager told me it was likely the starter or something else that was a parasitic low draw on my battery.
    To their credit, O'Reilly's did use their battery checker device on wheels the first time this occurred and it showed it supposedly was not the battery. Maybe not to their credit -- is the fact that batteries being their specialty and having had the explanation of what happened, they didn't realize or admit that jumping it can cause it to look like a battery is still OK. My battery was 2 years and 4 mos. old. They replaced it but made me pay the amount of the remaining 8 mos on the warranty.
    Sure hope that this may help some of the rest of you, and save you some money, too. I was close to starting to replace the Relay, first; then probably have to think about replacing the Starter.
    Still totally enjoying my Camry, at slightly over 10 yrs. old! :)
  • tc96tc96 Posts: 1
    I have a 96 Camry manual transmission. It usually starts fine but on two occassions in the past month the engine rotated but wouldn't start, no starter problem or battery problem. The first time that it happened I towed it to the mechanic and it started fine to him. The computer didn't provide any error codes. I run the car for about two weeks and one sunday morning again, the engine rotated but wouldn't start. Not even an explosion or two, nothing. Sunday evening I tried again and it started fine. I took it to the mechanic again, it started fine to him every time he tried. Any idea what may be going wrong?
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