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Jaguar S-Type Climate Control Problems



  • Hi to all... My wife's '06 S-Type 4.2L VDP (60k miles & still under extended warranty) has a chronic summer cooling problem: On hot Atlanta days with the Climate Control set on 'Auto' and 70F, the air blows cold fairly soon, but the blower fan doesn't speed up past level 2 to distribute enough cold air. She has to lower the temperature down to 'LO' and manually crank up the fan speed to max. If she doesn't do this, it takes 30 minutes to chill the car, which is ridiculous on a premium car. Also, the recirculation feature doesn't turn on in 'auto' and must be done manually. [My 2001 XK8 climate control system works wonderfully when set on 'auto' and 72F, and I never need to monkey the fan speed.] The Jag dealer just replaced the compressor and dryer, which definitely made the air blow colder, but the slow fan speed seems to be the reason the car takes so long to cool down on hot summer days. Does anyone have an idea if the fan speed control is related to bad sensor(s) or faulty climate control module? Help!
  • Hi, can you tell me were to find the climate control modual on my jag.v8 sport s type 4.2. 2004. thanks. barry
  • You can see pictures of where they're located on this website:
  • Jeffs, I have 2001 s-type 3.0 and valves + temp sensor replaced but still the same. Are you sure must be climat controll panel? Can you help me? [email protected]
  • So, i took my car to the dealer because i couldn't keep a battery charge. They had to replace wiring and told me i had a radiator leak in the rubber hose? I just got the wiring fixed due to money issues (corrosion and rubber not covered under warranty). I then started getting low coolant errors. I filled it, no problem. Then I noticed in the summer that i was no longer getting air. I then started getting low coolant errors again. Filled and then within 5 days it came back on. Now i'm not getting heat. Still having to fill the coolant all the time. Also, my car fogs up, but wont defog for a while.. have to wipe and drive. Pile of crap. :) Dealer charges me $130 per issue that they check, so I'm trying to avoid it. Any suggestions or opinions on all that could be wrong? Is it all related? Someone told me i may have a blown gasket? Help appreciated.
  • I have a 2003 S-type as well and have had the check eng. light on many times. I have 188,000 highway miles on a V-6 and it still runs with plenty of power. My solution, though simple, works every time. I buy fuel injector cleaner or Octane booster or whatever they have on the shelf at the Dollar store not at the Auto parts and use one every fill up. It turns the light off and keeps it off for months at a time. I avoid Racetrac and QuickTrip gas recommended by my Mechanic. I have also had the "Restricted Performance" message on many times. I had to replace the coil on each plug average cost for each coil is $54.00 at the dealer. This may be your misfiring problem. It improved my performance even with all the mileage on my car.
  • debi42kdebi42k Posts: 3
    The Module is the whole thing that controls your AC & heat. Looks like your Radio. If you want to know how to remove, replace or test it, is the place to go.
  • debi42kdebi42k Posts: 3
    I just had the CCV (Heater Valve) replaced in my 2006 S-Type 3.0L (under 50,000 miles). It was damaged from a previous leak in the coolant expansion tank but the DCCM itself, and all fuses & sensors were fine. When I picked it up this evening the display panel on the Climate control was flashing & would not stop. The only time I have ever seen this before was when the care was parked outside for any extended period and temperatures reached in the upper 90's during the day, meaning inside the car it was over 100. This was not the case today.

    I am thinking there is a "reset" that needs to be done since they had to remove all of the refridgerant to install the new CCV & then re-charge the system, or they didn't hook something up. The AC works great now - by the way.

    Anyone had this problem??
  • I have a 2001 S type with the same issue can you help?
  • As others have suggested, has a lot of information regarding various issues. Check out the site.
  • Have you been able to find out what causes the display to flash? I have a S-type 2004 and the display just started to flash however the AC seems to be working normal.
    Any help would be appreciated..
  • jamestsjamests Posts: 1
    So I've encountered a problem which seems to be relatively common with S-Types... after heaving my heater valve replaced (heat was no longer working) the AC on my 2000 S-Type 3.0 now blows hot. Basically what happens is when I turn on the car, it blows cool(ish) for the first minute or so then goes straight to hot.

    Of all the research I've done, it was suggested that this problem was due to the new valve damaging the climate control unit. So, I went out on a limb and had that replaced but the problem persists.

    Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this? Summer in L.A. is coming and I'm desperate for my AC. Wish I'd never gotten the heat fixed! Haha.
  • tekperttekpert GhanaPosts: 1
    Av got this 2002 jag x type, the left side of the of the air con blows very minimal and doesn't chill too but right side works perfectly, any help?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,473
    Sounds to me like a sticking actuator or diverter door. If you have accesss to a scanner, they can often pick up trouble codes for the HVAC system.

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