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Jeep Commander: Dealer Service

jeeptonkatoyjeeptonkatoy Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Jeep
Well I have had my 2006 Jeep commander for 5 months and have had it in for work on a whistling noise that is coming from 4 different area's and they are not able to fix it. It has been in 4 times and they have had it for over 2 monthes or more. They have decided they cannot fix it. I bought my Jeep from a five star dealership and they suck. I have tried to work with them and ask them to work with me. Their fix for me is to give them $3600.00 more and bump my payment up 10 dollars in order to switch me into another commander. My answer was "you eat the $3600 and I'll take the additional 10 dollars a month." No deal, they said it wasn't their problem, that they didn't build the vehicle. Wow, now thats some great five star customer service! I am very disappointed with them now that I'm on my third Jeep through them. I have had this problem since I bought the vehicle and have had it in twice with in the 30 day return period but they said they could fix my problem. Well they lied and they won't help me at this time. I am very disappointed and I am going through the lemon law process at this time since the 1 800 jeep number you are suppose to call have also done nothing for me. The sad part about this whole thing is I would have just returned it at the 30 day term if I would have known this was going to be an on-going deal. Lucky me, I'm stuck doing all this stuff with my spare time. What has happened to good costumer service? They all just want the sell and don't care about us. At least this is what I have found. I'm very dissappointed with Jeep and their lack of willingness to help me with this problem. I will never buy another Jeep product. I would feel different if they would have done the right thing but I guess it is to late for that. Only time will tell. Thanks for listening hope you all don't have this experience like me.


  • wow, I find this to be ironic, I test drove a commander (because I am considering it) and I too noticed in the test drive that the whistling noise, that seemed to have come from the airconditioner area. The salesman didnt know what it was either. SCARY!
    My personal advice to you...
    first of all you are on the right track, post blogs on very high hit sites such as, and give the name of the five star dealership as well as anyone you talk to along the way, update this web blog everyday, or when something changes.
    Contact the BBB online, of course this is the old fashioned way, but sometimes the threat of loosing that "five star" can outweigh a small 3800 price tag to a dealership.
    Last straw, if you have a small hometown local paper that might have an area dedicated to your thoughts, post them there and mention the dealership name.
    Your rights are protected in many ways, such as the right to free speach, and legally if you are writing truth and have documentation, you are not actually slandering anyone. Facts are Facts, and that is upheld in courts eachday.
    I certainly hope you find a remedy to your unfortunate situation. Please contact me if you should need any help with what I mentione.

    "to rock the boat there must be waves in the water"
    true words of wisdom.
  • :sick: :lemon: :sick: :lemon:
    I bought my 2006 from Larry Roesch Jeep in Elmhurst IL in February 2006 in October of that year I had it out during a thunderstorm, I went through about a foot of water on the road and it died,just as a Mitzubishi, and a Toyota drove merrily past me. Apparently, the Japanese have a better understanding of puddles than the American manufacturers. I blew my engine and had to have it replaced. Turns out that the insurance company that Larry Roesch's finance department refused to repair the vehicle properly. Chrysler refused to cover it under warranty, they told me it was my fault because I didn't drive it as intended. Pardon me?? It is a "Trail Rated" vehicle. Jeep defines Trail Rated as excellence in: maneuverability, ground clearance, articulation andWATER FORDING! Anyone interested in this vehicle, please check where the air intake is, it is located low on the vehicle, just below the front bumper. I had to pay over $8000 for a new engine. Since then I have had to return the vehicle three times because its burning oil and they cannot figure out why apparently.

    With the exception of Tim, my service advisor, I am utterly disgusted by everyone involved. Larry Roesch Jeep, Chrysler and my EX-insurance company.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    By any chance, did you take any pictures of your Commander right after the incident? It could document the depth of the water you drove through since it would likely have left a residue on the body of the Jeep.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • No, I didn't get any pics right after, guess I should have but at the time I didn't realize how bad the damage was. I don't think pics would have helped my cause much. You couldn't tell anything was wrong with it just by looking at it. There was no interior damage or anything, the water wasn't deep enough to get inside the car.
  • I found a dealer with 4 2007 Commander leftovers. I was about to buy an 07 Limited with HEMI for 28K. It had a 44K sticker. I thought this deal was WAY too good to be true, after reading all the problems everyone has with these, I’m glad I stayed away! The car had a musty interior smell, clicking from the left rear of the engine, and the whistle everyone seems to have. The dealer kept touting the unlimited lifetime warranty, how useful is a warranty when the dealer won’t honor it and says everything is your fault. Thanks for all the great info. I worked for Chrysler 15 years ago, and I see the quality is still there. I’m all for American cars, but the quality still is bad. I’m buying another Toyota.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    Member of Congress who recommended the Jeep Chrysler Bail Out recommended the following: ask your local congressman for constituent complaint form and provide details of your complaints using that form to them; this is appropriate because Jeep Chrysler received bail out from US Government, i.e., your local congressmen and congresswomen care about how Jeep Chrysler, a.k.a., a company that they allowed their constituents to bail out, is treating those constituents.
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