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Poor Fuel Economy - New Jeep Cherokee

Jowall4487Jowall4487 Member Posts: 3
edited November 2020 in Jeep
Hi! We recently downsized from a 2018 Grand Cherokee and leased a 2021 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4x4. Our new lease seems to be guzzling gas opposed to the larger grand Cherokee that we had. Is any one else experiencing this, or have any advice on how we can improve the fuel economy? Thank you!

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    Edge87Edge87 Member Posts: 43
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    How many miles have you logged to think you have been getting bad fuel mileage. In your calculations, are you getting the advertised fuel mileage for your new car, or at least close to what is projected? What some may seem to overlook is that if you have the climate control in defrost mode or have the AC on all the time then that can contribute to poor fuel mileage. Also, long engine idle times, stop and go driving or just driving the car hard can cause your issue as well. Also note your car is still new so it will take a few hundred miles for the emissions monitors to set
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