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Ford Mustang Engine Problems



  • paulynatorpaulynator Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    Girlfriend's 98 Mustang has cooling system gremlin. Only on the way home from work after freeway driving she stops at a couple of traffic lights, the temp creeps up to 3/4, her a/c starts blowing warm, and she says the car "surges" once. This has happened multiple times.

    I've flushed the cooling system. Radiator fan is running. Replaced thermostat. Could the belt be slipping without squealing and the charging system light coming on? (Her 'stang has a battery meter; hopefully an idiot light, too.) Thanks for any ideas as to what's causing this.
  • papasam1papasam1 Posts: 84
    you amybe having the first signs of a head gasket problem, you air conditioner has sensers that will shut it off but I dont know if that would cause your problem of over heating. With the engine cold open the radiator and watch to see if there are alot of boubles that you should not see normally,if there is alot it could be exhaust blowing into your radiatorwhich means a blow head head gasket.
  • I have a 2000 Ford mustang, 3.8... Ever since i bought it a year ago, it has this proplem of vibrating. Im not sure if its from a miss fire or timing isnt right. I put new motor mount nd change one of the exhaust manifold that was licking and it help a little, but it still vibrating. Also it eats up an excissive amount of fuel. The engin light is on, but when scan it only show one fulty code, witch is the secondary air flow not wright....
    please can you help me solve the proplem let me know..... thx
  • run a check on your coil packs amd mass air flow sensor
  • Had my 2005 V6 Mustang heads redone with inserts. Now cylinder 4 in missing on cold start. Anyone have any ideas on why that would be happening? Its been in the shop for months and they cannot figure it out.
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