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Subaru Impreza Brake Questions



  • Quick Followup, just called the dealership and spoke with the mechanic again.

    He says that they had to check power to multiple if not all wires in the harness during the diagnosis of the problem the first time and thinks they would have noticed if there was a loose connector that needed securing on the harness but he sounds willing to look again...we will see next Monday or Tuesday I suppose.

    I mentioned Dan Perkins Subaru has dealt with the problem so I am hoping that he will give them a call when my car is back in there.

    I will be back to follow up next week.
  • Sol,

    I reached out to you and asked for assistance with this. The service manager at dan perkins did nothing more than try to sell me another car. I am nicely asking you if you know where the problem in the harness is. If not Sol, can anyone please tell me where the problem is in the harness. My 09 is catatonic and I just can't afford another vehicle.

    Thank you,

  • I am sorry he did not help.. normally the car is brought to them and they diagnose it.

    I did buy a new 2012 Impreza before it was in the dealers last year and so far its a perfect car. Have not found any issues with it. I gave up trying to deal with my 2008 Impreza imperfections.
  • SO FAR MY 09 IMPREZA HAS BEEN REPAIRED! Yes, my subaru dealer may have actually gotten it right. All 3 lights came on allllll the time. FINALLY! I believe that the last visit ended it. As for danny boy perkins subarau in the People's Republic of connecticut, you can all go to hell. If anyone else is still having this problem and finds this message, unlike that lil' beothc sol briks, I WILL TRY TO HELP YOU SO THAT YOU TOO CAN FINALLY HAVE YOUR 3 LIGHTS STOP COMING ON. As for all those who did not offer any assistance to me without having good reason for having done so, go to hell.
  • Calm down..

    I got rid of the 2008 Impreza.. love my 2012 Impreza. Not one issue so far after a year and half. The 2008 was plagued with poorly executed sensors and controls. Trade in your headache and get a 2012. It does not matter who you buy it from. Get the best deal.
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