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Dodge Ram Warning Lights and Trouble Codes



  • fuhquefuhque Posts: 3
    First of a seal went and I lost all my fluid, so my bearings seized in my rear end... hence rear end work????? Then they hooked up a code reader and found out that the speed sensor was gone.. so they replaced it. Now the lights and stuff still come on and the code that they got was to reset the computer... his machine doesn't reset it and he wasn't sure why?
    Sorry my dihlema doesn't amuse you and I prefer not to take to a place that charges an arm and a leg to fix that why I thought some one on here might have an explanation. Clutter up this forum... Excuse ME!
  • kb500kb500 Posts: 4
    Crap Truck looks like you got a hold of a ASE mecAneck or "Goalie" had a problem like yours. This is a forum to ask ?s and hopefully get answers, not a put you down and ridicule people place. I don't say much on this forum but when I see somebody like this "goalie" %$%^^^^%, remember everybody likes a little A%%, but nobody LIKES A , well you know the rest. If you live in glass house DO NOT, repeat DO NOT, throw rocks. I think Edmuns should get rid of MR. PERFECT so that he doesn't CLUTTER THE FORUM WITH HIS WORTHLESS INFO. I agree with you, besides I've seen plenty of bad fixs by certified, experienced, and OVERPAID mechanics. If I had a fix for you I sure would help. MAYBE GOALIE GOTS THE ANSWER. Good luck, remember if you aint HELPIN YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Keep the trash talk to yourselves, please.

    goalie, you are not the person to decide what gets posted here... I am.

    kb500, you don't need to make it worse by replying.


    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • A warning light just came on in my 07 laramine and now its idiling up and down and my command start will only run for about 10 seconds then shut down i checked the gas cap and tried to get the code to pop up when turning the egnition off on off on off on and still the warning light is on. Truck is a 07 4by4
  • Hi all, I performed the actuator test on my 2004 dodge ram 2500 5.7 and got this code. (INSTRUMENT CLUSTER FAILURE MESSAGE) AC 10 = ABS messages not received. Anyone know where to start to correct this problem?
  • Hi all,
    My engine light came on my 2004 dodge ram 2500 5.7 Hemi so I did an OBD test with my scanner and got the U0155 message which means lost communication between the PCM and CCN so I performed the actuator test (dash cluster test) and got this instrument cluster failure message code AC 10 it means ABS messages not received. Anyone know where to start to correct this problem?
    Sorry for the double post. wanted to explain the situation a little better.
  • my 97 ram had #6 plug wire burned off at the plug end of the wire, i got a P0306 code, replaced wires, ran ok for 1 day, then got P0306 AGAIN. changed plugs, all ign wires, cap, rotor. ran ok 1 day, then P0306 returned. i get an occassional P0300 as well. i swapped #6 injector out, still gettin #6 misfire. i rerouted ign wires in accordance with dodge tsb, added convolute to wires, but still getting almost steady P0306, but misfire is not 100% steady. it fluctuates from running smooth, to violently bucking so bad im afraid crankshaft is gonna snap. i get the check engine death flash as soon as i hit highway speed, and its always P0306. pulled plug and its dry/clean. like i said, swapping injector did nothing, and misfire is not steady, but kinda random. at idle, i can hear the misfire every cpl of seconds, as a drop in exhaust sound. cap, rotor, plugs, wires, injectors, plug wire routing, and still #6 misfire. HELP!!!!!
  • ab9usaab9usa Posts: 2
  • ab9usaab9usa Posts: 2

  • On top front of differential , slightly forward of center. There may also be one on the tranny tail shaft, the most rearward sensor. bobwinner
  • Engine light came on, code po405 EGR sensor A circ. low voltage. Went to NAPA they said new egr was the fix. I changed it and cleared the code, but it came right back. Does anyone know what is causing the low voltage?
  • There is a tsb on your problem ( TSB 18-027-07 ) which involves erasing and reprograming some part of the PCM with new software. Check to see if it applies to your truck.
  • I had a problem with my dodge ram van once, similar to yours and was my alternator. You might want to check it.
  • thanks for the response. I'm not familiar with TSB. Is that a recall or something?
  • Funny you should mention that because I've noticed the gauge seems kinda high sometimes, but no symptoms ever occur. Then when I was changing the EGR, I noticed the alt. was really hot even though I let it cool long enough to work on the exhaust.
  • having trouble figuring out what engine code P0113 means and how to repair it
  • TSB is short for technical service bulletin. They explain how a problem is to be fixed. Some are information only bulletins. Your local dealer will tell you if your truck falls under this TSB
    Do a google search on the TSB number and you will see the vehicles affected and the procedure the tech uses to repair that problem.
    I have this TSB listed for 2006 and 2007 rams so keep the alternator in mind while diagnosing your problem.
  • I steamcleaned my 2002 Ram 1500 4.7 this weekend. Truck ran fine before. It seem like something got wet and now it missfires really bad. This happened before but not as bad as this time. Where should i start checking. Engine light came on and will flash from time to time. Somebody please help!!!!!!!!!!!
  • john6105john6105 Posts: 3
    l have a Dodge 1500 SLT 4.7. code p0300 came up. When the truck has been sitting for sometime and l start it. The ideal is rough. when moving the truck feels like its not getting any gas, it hastiest and shacks. After the truck warms up, 10 to 15min, everything is good?????
  • johnnnyojohnnnyo Posts: 4
    Random Misfire Detected

    I would check the plugs and clean or replace them.
  • corkscrewcorkscrew Posts: 254
    edited March 2010
    Idle the engine at night, in a place where it's very dark. look for sparks arcing from plug wires to ground. If you see arcing change the plug wires. Hope this link helps:
  • john6105john6105 Posts: 3
    I have a 05, 1500, 4.7 Ram. The two lines coming out of my transmission are metal. They connect to rubber hoes, then back to metal and inter the rad. At the point where they connect from metal to rubber,they leaks bad. How do l change them, can l do it myself?
  • john6105john6105 Posts: 3
    Thank you, I changed the plugs and it worked. the truck is running good now!
  • bobwinnerbobwinner Posts: 47
    You can do it yourself. Just buy new rubber lines, and DOUBLE hose clamp them. Get rubber lines that stand up to oil/hydraulic fluid as radiator or water lines disintergrate.
  • my check engine light recently came on, and i was wondering if there is a sequence i can do to get the truck to give me the code, any info would be awesome thank you
  • bobwinnerbobwinner Posts: 47
    I am not sure about the 2005, but on the older trucks, turn the key on and off 3 times in quick succession, then leave key on and codes will flash. just count the flashes. bobwinner
  • ok i did that, and it took the odometer, to where it was just - - - - - - - and then it said
    - - d o n e- - so i took it to napa today, and all their code reader would do is say error, it doesnt seem to be getting worse, but i cant find out whats wrong with it. kinda irritating if a know what i mean. :mad:
  • corkscrewcorkscrew Posts: 254
    Most codes can be read in the manner that bobwinner said. On your truck the codes will appear as a P---- code in the odometer with "done" meaning the system is finished displaying codes. Some of these codes can only be read by the DRBIII scan tool which, unfortunately, means a trip to the dealer unless you know someone who has a high end reader.
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