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Mazda5 Cold Weather Issues



  • Although I am ECSTATIC about the new 08 (and on) 5's no longer having the perturbing suspension crunching in the cold weather, I've always noticed a very slight sqeak coming from my rear-right suspension when going over big bumps - such as speedbumps, big undulations, etc. I didn't make a deal out of it and didn't care. But, now that it's super cold here in NYC, I've noticed that the squeak has gone from barely noticeable, to very noticeable.

    It seems as though it's a cold weather issue. It's, now, an outright SQUEAK, especially when there's someone heavy sitting in the back, middle row seats and, again, when I go over large bumps in the cold weather. Anyone have the same expenence?

    When I had my '06, they had replaced the rear right side strut or shock (don't remember which one) without my asking since they said they found it leaking, which was why it was making a similar sound. Now my 08 is exhibiting a similar sound, only louder. Do you think it's leaking as well? Should I go in to have it checked out? Would love some advice, since I tend to be anal about things when other people don't think it's a big deal. :blush:
  • unfortunately you will have to get one from the dealership as you need 2 working keys to create another one your self. And yes hey are rather expensive i think close to $300 when you add key and fob and programming.
  • it is definitely because of water where that plastic cowling under the windshield is. I try to ensure I remove all the ice from the little vents where the water drains near the passenger end of the cowling under the wiper. This lowers the amount of moisture that get down there and then freezes and then can either make that creaking noise that sounds like the window glass is cracking or sometimes a bit of ice breaks off and kind of sounds like some piece of metal (just the sound the ice makes against the plastic). If it really bugs you insanely i am sure if you take the cowling off and put some tape or something against the fire wall where it meets it will change the resonate frequency an lessen the noise, not done it myself. I take it to a self wash and spray it on the wax setting into the area while I was the car.

    Not sure if this assists you but gives you a few things to try.
  • Thx. I figured it would be expensive, but not the price of another car [:-(

    Oh, Well - Boo Hoo, Too Bad, So Sad, Sux to be Me ! ! !
  • We bought our 2008 Mazda5 last week. It was a rental with 19,000 miles. We were perfectly happy with the performance until we put a passenger in the third row. When we had this 5th passenger, we heard squeaks, bumps and scrapes whenever we went over bumps in the road. It's not cold here--it's 80 degrees. Has anyone else experienced this with the 2008? I see that there is a TSB for the 2007 and 2006 models for this problem. Has anyone had success getting this repaired under warranty with the 2008? Thanks.

    Here's the link to the TSB for the earlier models:
  • tfiguretfigure Posts: 1
    I got my 2009 Mazda last October. Rear noise is just annoying regardless if its winter or summer. I went to Mazda Dealer (Metrotown) twice. First, they did check and made some adjustments, but the problem is still there. Afterwards, they replaced the entire rear suspension strut assembly, but the rear noise is still there. I asked the sales manager about the problem and told him that this is a prevalent problem for this model. He told me its not and it is only my vehicle that is affected by this. For the 3rd time, I went to the dealer and asked to fix the problem. His final word is that Mazda is still researching on how to fix the problem. I just could not understand, if I am the only one who is experiencing this. Based on my observation, this is not a cold weather issue.

    With this, I will NEVER ever buy from Mazda. :mad:
  • yssayssa Posts: 2

    Did you ever get this resolved? I know it's been a while since this was posted ... but I seem to be having the same problem and want any and all ammunition to bring to the dealership.

  • yssayssa Posts: 2
    Well I can find all sorts of info on the 2006 and its freezing latches and sliding doors not closing, but am having some difficulty finding 2007 info - either that or I've just been searching too long and can't see anymore!

    I have a 2007 Mazda5 and it has been to the shop twice now. The first time the latches were not working so they "recycled" the locks and maybe threw on some grease and things worked fine. Brought it back a week later and now the door is closing again.

    My only hope is that it has been sitting at the shop now all weekend long and I get to go pick it up - first thing I will do is try and open and close the door and hope that before I leave I can't get that door to close so again I can say "see it still does not work". And then I can slam them with all the papers I have printed up on the 2006 sliding doors not latching closed!!!

    The only other issue I can see them coming back at me with is that my car is 2 years old and latches fail after 2 years? HAHA I don't think so!

    Oh I had this door shutting closed problem once before but it fixed itself - or maybe it happened when the weather started getting warmer so I didn't see it happen again. I can't even remember when it happened - last year maybe.

    I have two little kiddos and I am not about to keep driving this car if they can't fix the doors. If they can't fix this problem then it is bye bye Mazda - I will never buy another one again. I'll keep folks updated with what happens.
  • The recall (4306k) is for certain 2006 models only, not the 2007 ("Mazda Motor Corporation has decided that a defect, which relates to motor vehicle safety, exists in certain 2006 Mazda5 vehicles produced from April 12, 2005 through February 1, 2006")

    Regardless, if they are really having similar issues, the parts are C2Y5-73-300B, and they can be replaced under warranty (if you still have one). Lithium grease works too, worst case scenario. I applied it on my 06 as soon as I got the recall letter and never had that issue during Winter. That until they were replaced during the service appointment, 2-3 months later...
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I'll have to remember when I do a test drive to have the guy at the dealer sit in the 3rd row and listen for squeaks.
  • txf23txf23 Posts: 5
    my Mazda5 2006 just came out of warranty (4 year!) and the driver side power window failed to work several times. When is cold (morning) it works fine once the temperature gets around 45 and above fail to work. The symptoms are reproducible. I am happy at lest the windows are up when they failed so far to work. All the other windows work fine. Anybody else noticed or there is a solution around? I am guessing either the switch has some dirt or the power module start to fail. solutions or suggestions are welcome.
  • I am having trouble figuring out how to make the heat work and noticed that it is only working when we are on the freeway. Can you offer suggestions as to how to set the dials so that we get heat?

    I've read the owner's manual and tried the various settings it suggested but the heat does not stay on consistently and cool air blows instead. Just wondering what settings you may have used to get the car to heat up?
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