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Tundra vs the Big 3 Continued IV



  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    Saying GM's are made in Mexico is not the same as saying all GM's are made in Mexico. Instead of lawering over grammer, you should be writing the CEO of GM, demanding the return of GM jobs to American soil. If the complicity of GM fans allow the continued loss of jobs, you'll eventually have to move to Mexico in order to call the Silverado a domestic.....;)
  • For the present, you must move to Asia to call Tundra a domestic!
  • bcobco Posts: 756
    while i appreciate (and don't disagree with) your comments, my point was not that any one truck or another is domestic or not. it was to let bama know that oby in fact HAD said that there are gm vehicles manufactured in mexico. more importantly it was to determine exactly what bama felt i was "making up". i don't believe you can find a single instance of me "making something up", lying or intentionally deceiving anyone on this board. i post things that i either know as fact, or have read about elsewhere. and, 99% of the time, i let everyone else know where i read it so that they may judge the validity of it themselves. i am truly offended by the fact that he would state that i "make things up as i go". that's a lie and i challenge anyone to prove otherwise.

  • Them folks who got them forien tundras be talkin like they be US of A ones. They think that twistin that truth will make it fact. But them facts is them facts, that tundra one be forien, and them big3 ones be US of A. Use your eyes to learn the truth on this one. Good luck on this one now!
  • three dollar bill....
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    I have no reason to doubt your word, justletone on the other hand.......
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    Good thing I don't call it a domestic! ;) The truth remains, there's not much separating your domestic and my import, in terms of jobs created in the U.S. The U.S. I-force V-8 plant will start production soon. The Tundra will be more American than your mexican built domestic.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    Saw a new Toyota Double Cab on base today!!!! Nice looking truck and the back seat looks like it's shaped comfortably like the Silverado. The back seat area looked identical in legroom to the Tundra, but they gained extra room by making the seatback thinner and countered. The angle of the seat bottom is better too. Looks like the seat that should have been in the Tundra got used for the new Double Cab. Shame on you Toyota!
  • Them new S10 ones be "full size" now, at least "full size" when compared too them tundras now. Them new S10 ones got more haul in em than that limited one too. Guessin them tundras will be goin the way of them t100 ones, and year after next that factory will be comin out with yet another one of them "all new full size" ones. When is that factory goin figure out just what "full size" means? Good luck on this one now!
  • ratboy3ratboy3 Posts: 324
    The grill work is so-so.. but that's my opinion only..
  • swobigswobig Posts: 634
    I agree with ratboy3 - I don't particularly care for the grill on the new Tacoma, but like the 4 door idea. S-10 will have one soon, but it'll be much better when the redesign comes due...
  • If ya be needin that truth on it, give Donny a call on it. Donny be havin that knowin on it for sure now. Good luck on this one now!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Hey man wake up dude. Our silverados (what we are comparing to the tundra not tahoes or burbs) are made in the US or canada.

    MICHIGAN INDIANA and (canada dont remember the city) last time i checked went located anywhere close to mexico

    Maybe some geography lessons are in store for you

  • How they goin learn that geography if they cant even be learned that them ones aint "full size" now? If they cant use them eyes on that size of em, they sure aint goin be learned no geography for sure. Good luck on this one now!
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    Assembled, Ryan! Look at the individual components. For example, major Suspension parts (springs, control arms, etc.) are made in Mexico. BTW, since when is Canada considered domestic? Quit apologizing for GM and there policy of shipping jobs out of the U.S. I don't care if you want to support their company, just realize that Chevy isn't concerned with keeping jobs here unless it means more profit for GM's CEO&shareholders. Unfortunately, they can build their products more cheaply by shipping labor intensive jobs abroad. The GM workers in the states are doing the same thing as the Tundra workers...assembling! The only difference is they get paid a lot more, which is why GM is so anxious to get them off the payroll.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    There is a big difference between your "truth" and THE truth, as evidenced by the pirated pictures of your supposedly still working 52 chevy. For all I care your "tell" can go to.....
    It's sickening to witness such blatant, remorseless falsifications!!!

    Sorry everyone, I'm not gettin' much sleep at night, so I'm a little cranky. ;)
  • kevinokevino Posts: 19
    post 971 I questioned justletone about the pics in response

    post 993 stated the point about the gas tank response

    justletone keeps rambling on about "fad chasin" & "yuppies" & seein um workin" & "best selling truck for 22 years"

    OOPS the 22 years ...hmmm... no that was someone else now wasn't it, well...wasn't it???????
    maybe NOT.

    He sure can cut and paste over and over and then just change a couple of words....presto.

    I have a thought, you wonder how he came up with his user name. It was probably the repeated question to his parents, he heard over and over as a child.

    Ya'll folks aint be figurin on playin hanky panky and bornin a nutter one of dem dare
    kids are yeh now.

    His parents would answer boldly, nah JUSTTHEONE!

    Don't know what Tim "seen" me posting on GVWR.
    I did however, post on some other topics the same night. I did not limit myself to justthisone.

    I am not ROTFLMAO. If I were how could I be typing and reading his stuff??????????????
  • Seek that truth from Donny if reachin for that truth. If lookin too just flap them gums, then dont be seekin it. Now go on back #771, this will give ya the knowin on findin that truth ya be seekin. Gettin tired of tryin too learn ya now, so read that #771, and be askin Donny for ya self on it. Seek that truth or flap them gums, but that fact still goin be that fact now. Good luck on this one now!
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    Your incoherent rambling is pathetic!!!!
  • Yup, figured as much. Ya just be flappin them gums now, aint got no interest in that truth for sure. Good luck on this one now!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Im not talking about components. Anything you buy nowadyas has a million components from all over. I have mexico canada us all stamped somewhere on my truck. I am talking about WHERE THE TRUCK WAS ASSEMBLED. Thats where the origional mexico thing started from where they were built. And no canada isnt part of the US i know that but they arent making the low wages like mexican workers. You get where im coming from

    Rwell i am curious on your window sticker what percent of the components were US made??? 10%? On a 4 runner my mom was looking at buying it said 90% japanese and 10% american. ALl i know is that more than 10% of my truck is american alot more than 10%.

  • Those powder puff Shakerundras spend so much time at Midas fixing cheap drums and warped discs, they need privacy curtains to avoid embarrassment!
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Who the heck is Donny? You aren't fibbing again -are you? Pathetic!
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    If you check the site that Libby pirated her pictures from you will see that she posted a picture of a '47 and a '52. Libby - lying again - blowing more of that bottom leaf smoke.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Sorry I haven't gotten back to your post sooner. I was busy exposing Libby as a liar.

    You wanted examples of things that you made up while you go?

    BCO - "for starters, i'd rather my truck take an
    extra 15 feet to stop than have to take it back to
    have the rotors ground down every week."

    Hmm. This statement doesn't seem to be very factual. I guess you'll just give me some lame excuse that you weren't being serious. I guess you were just making it up as you go.

    How about this: "the whole
    point of declaring the silverado "perfect" because
    I'VE had no problems was to eliminate your
    contention that since YOU'VE not experienced it
    with your tundra, that it can't be possible
    (reference warped rotors). that was the only
    response you had to that challenge. "

    Alright - here is your chance: Show me where I contended that warped rotors can't be possible on the Tundra. Can't find it? I didn't think so. I guess you were just making it up as you go.

    BCO "that was the only response you had" I suggest you read post #864 again. I also used a magazine article as a source. I guess you were just making it up as you go. TIA

    The only reason I mentioned my truck at all was to show how ludicrous your contention about turning rotors every week was and to counter a lie that Quad posted saying that I was getting my brakes worked on.
  • fordtuffordtuf Posts: 101
    Driving in today (ATL about 30 mile drive to work) these are the working trucks I saw:

    Ford trucks (F150-F550) 18
    Ford vans 7
    Chevy trucks 2
    Dodge trucks 2
    Toyota 0

    One of the Chevy's was an equivalent to a F550.

    I just thought I'd tell what I saw. I figure I might do this again.

    Why don't you answer the questions about your pictures? You have more rhetoric than Jessie Jackson(? spelling). If you wanted to put a TRUTHFUL end to this, go take another picture of the truck with something from this time period in the picture, with yourself too.

    You contributions are somewhat funny, but you have been called to the mat on this. All you do is ramble on, you have lost any credibility (used lightly) that you may have had.

    Time has come to put up or shut up. We will see what kind of a person you are soon. If I were a betting man I would give 10:1 odds on $100 bet that your going to waffle around this issue.

  • For them seekin that truth on them pictures go on back too #771 of Tundra vs the Big 3 Continued IV (Topic #2269), there ya will find that truth on it. Donny got the knowin ya be needin too figure this one out quick enough, nothin more I can do too learn ya on it now. If ya still cant figure it out, flap ya gums til it be soundin true for ya, some folks can learn ya this quick enough now. Good luck on this one now!
  • Still aint heard of them forien ones doin any work now. Heard one tell of one of them ones "haulin" a john boat, but that aint workin em. Whay say, is any folk workin them ones? Some say they break quicker if ya work em now. So much for them ones havin any haul in em. What say too this one now? Good luck on this one now!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    This Donny fella...he got a sister named Marie?
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    I think justtheone is indicating that these are his pics that were poted on and I'll bet donny was the author of the story or the one credited with the pictures.
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