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Lincoln MKX Lease Questions



  • hilltop3hilltop3 Posts: 33
    Hadi0116, I'm so sorry you never received my email to you. It had all kinds of info, but I'm glad everything worked out. Enjoy.
  • bbrand7bbrand7 Posts: 2
    edited May 2013
    negotiating lease on 2013 MKX pkg 102A, MSRP 50595.00, quoted incentive of 1000 only, is incentive 50117 applicable (1st mo. payment up to $600 free)? shows on pkg 100A. south florida residency and dealer. What is incentive 33059 posted by hadi0116? Looking at low mileage, 10500 for either 36 or 39 mos. Any tips?
  • bbrand7bbrand7 Posts: 2
    Hi hadi0116, thanks for your info. I am looking also to lease 2013 MKX, 102A pkg, MSRP 50925, SW Florida. They're giving me incentive 50115 for 1K. What is program 33059 that you got for 2K? Also, is 1st mo. payment free applicable to pkg 102A? Only shows on 100A in quotes. Am looking at 36 or 39 mo lease with either 10,500 or 12K miles per year. Appreciate your help, you negotiated a great deal! Am going in to dealership for numbers tomorrow, thanks again for any help you can provide. Have a great day and enjoy your new ride!
  • harv17harv17 Posts: 10
    Hi Car_man, can you post the June residual value and lease buy rate on a 2013 MKX AWD for 36 months with 15,000 per yr? Also, is there any lease cash you are aware of? Thank you!
  • aaayronaaayron Posts: 1
    It's a bad idea to lease anything from Lincoln. Did you know that at the end of your lincoln lease, if you want to trade in your lincoln to anyone else but Lincoln, they will not release the car to anyone but you (the lessee) or a Lincoln dealer. I found this out the hard way today when i went to trade my leased Lincoln in for a cadilac. The cadilac dealership was giving me a good price that would have covered the payoff and the last 3 payments on my lease, but they would not allow cadillac to buy the car. being over my mileage, I could have avoided the mileage fees, excess wear and the last 3 payments. Now i have to use half my down payment i set asside for the new cadillac just to get out of my lease. And an added bonus for Lincoln that they don't tell you about is if you want to exercise that purchase option at lease end, you will have sales tax and dealer fees, since Ford credit can only sell the car through a Lincoln dealer. SURPRISE. NEVER LEASE FROM LINCOLN.
  • aj650aj650 Posts: 4
    Anyone know the MF and Residual for a 2013 with 10,500 miles per year on a 24 and 36 month lease?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    I'm sorry, but we don't have numbers for Lincoln..



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