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Kia Sorento Vibration Problems



  • toonietoonie Posts: 8
    The vibrations that I have been having are especially when I come to a stop while still in gear. In park isn't as bad. The new thing is they believe it to be the alternator and the case. So it is going back to the shop for the 5 time. Thank goodness it is under warranty.
  • kay40kay40 Posts: 2
    My Sorento year 2007 have exactly the steering problems as described by 2BlueEyes. Unable to solve problems with Lube changes/tyre alignments. May I ask for more technical details and how/what to add this `Stepper motor' which solve the problem.
    Much appreciate your assistance on this.
    thank you. :cry: Kay40
  • kay40kay40 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your advice.
    The `Stepper motor' mentioned by 2Blueeyes, is it a different correction method? or technically its the same as your suggestion.
  • paulf7paulf7 Posts: 2
    I also am experiencing vibrations on my new V-6 Sorento. I can notice it a variety of speeds and if you place your hand on the passenger headrest or place a bag on the passenger seat you can feel/see it shaking rapidly. At some speeds you can actually hear it. My dealer has looked at the SUV 3 times now and has changed the complete set of tires. No noticable shimmy or pulling on the steering but if you place it neutral you still get vibration which tells me it is not transmission.
    I really like my dealer but am getting frustrated with the run around and really feel Kia has a tire problem. A new set of 18" Michelins will really be expensive.
  • toonietoonie Posts: 8
    I took mine in 5 times and then they said that through the KIA manufacture they found out the replacing the alternator and the casing it would fix it and it did.
  • I'm having the SAME issue but I have an SX. It's been to 2 different dealerships for a total of 4 times. I've driven 2 that have not vibrated but now they are saying it's normal vibrations for all Sorento's. How are you putting pressure because I want my money back as well. When I test drove the sales guy told me he would take care of me and fix it. So I took them at their word. I'm the big dummy who bought it anyway. Thanks so much!!!!
  • I finally got the vibration fixed by them replacing the alternator and and casing. That was on the 5th try. I noticed a little one every once in a while but that doesn't bug me as much as the fact I am only getting 19 MPG when I was promise more. I would have never bought the car if I thought is was going to be less than my 6 CYL Hyundai. which was always 22 mpg.
    Does any one know how we going about getting our money back or getting another car. I told them I was not happy and they immediately tried to sell me another car. And get this I was only going to lose $5000 and the tax and license fees. I was told to wait until I have at least 5000 mile on it and then the mileage would get better. So now I am up to 9000 and they said they have to depreciate it because of mileage. That was after they said it would get better after 10,000. oh please.
    How do you sue them?
  • Ended up being the tires...... took a while but my dealer finally took care of it. There is a warranty on the tires but it is limited. They may be prone to flat spots..... from the car sitting on the lots
  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 52,573
    Any idea what the build date is on your Sorento? Usually that info is on a sticker on the driver's door frame.

    Moderator - Buying questions? Please include city or zip code and trim you are shopping, FWD or AWD, etc.

  • sam239sam239 Posts: 1
    I am also having the same issue as sorento2122 and sblais. I have a 2013 V6 LX model. (I bought this after having a rental for 3 wks and was in the market for a new car so bought one after reading nothing but good reviews about this vehicle.)
    After balancing, alignment, replacing my winter tires twice and also the rims with the 2nd replacement and still the same problem.
    So they put my all season Kumho's on and it is a lot better. Vibration in steering wheel almost gone and no longer pulls to the right however I still have vibrations when at high speeds on the highway over 100KM (65mph).
    Something just isn't right and thought maybe it's just me but other people notice it too if I point it out.
    Need to again for the 6th time take it back to the dealer. Dealer has said to me at one point that if it's not the tires then it's the drive shaft...
    See what happens next.
    Sblais and gtalbot416 have you gotten anywhere since your last posts? Is there a solution to this annoying problem? Glad to discover it's not just me with this issue.
  • I purchased my 2011 Sorento in August of 2011. In January of 2012 it needed a new motor at 8100 miles. In March of 2012 I replaced the inside light console, later that same year the wheel sensors and a bracket that helps to control the brakes was loose. Now August of 2013 I need a new axcel. This is terrible, horrible that i'm having these problems at 35,000 miles. Please think about my issues when you consider buying your next car or truck
  • jbussey2jbussey2 Posts: 1

    I purchased a 2013 Kia Sorento and I have had nothing but problems. I just had my 4th alignment because my car constantly pulls to the left and the car vibrates when I approach 60mph. Kia blames bad road conditions but this has been since I drove off of the lot. I only have 16000 miles on it and I hate this car. Kia is useless and won't have anything to do with it. Frustrating to say the least. I will NEVER buy a Kia again. Anyone else have these problems?

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