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2008-2009 Chevrolet Malibu



  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,908
    Yesterday I dropped by a local Chevy dealer and the place was drab an uninviting, nothing close to those snazzy and upscale Nissan, Honda, and Toyota showrooms.

    Is it no wonder there were no customers? Only two salesmen twiddling their thumbs and a mile long parking lot with trucks and SUVs but only 3 Malibus (one LS and two LTs).

    The saleman informed me that sales are extremely slow with high gas prices and and slow(ing) economy. He said the Malibu was selling well but have already exhausted their build quota for the 2008s. He said that they expect the 2009 to begin arriving in August.

    If the situation is as bad at other Chevy dealers, then GM will have yet another bad year.
  • kplacerkplacer Posts: 97
    Obviously each dealer experience is unique to the locality. Around here the Honda dealer is impossible to deal with, selling only to those members of the cult who are willing to accept whatever is offered. The Toyota and Nissan dealers are similar but to a lesser extent. I have noted a much more welcoming experience at the Chevy stores. The pickups and SUVs are stacking up like cordwood everywhere. I cannot imagine Toyota is selling many Sequoias and doubt if Nissan is selling many Titans.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,908
    Despite the soft economy new mid-size car sales were up for May and for the year-to-date. The table below from the Wall Street Journal is from the Top 20 vehicles current month's sales.

    Make/May 08 Sales/% Change from May 07/YTD 2008 Sales/% Change from 2007 YTD
    Toyota Camry/…51,291/…2.3%/…198,309/…2.3%
    Honda Accord/…43,728/…37%/…166,158/…8.3%
    Chevy Impala/…23,803/…(33.3%)/…122,281/…(15.4%)
    Ford Fusion/…18,088/…26.7%/…73,197/…10.5%
    Chevy Malibu/…15,634/…51.3%/…73,760/…40%

    From the above it is clear that the Camry and Accord sales more than 3 times that of the Malibu. With such low volume sales it does not appear that GM’s $100 million advertising campaign for Malibu is working effectively.

    The figures above include Hybrid sales for the Accord and Camry. By the way, neither the Sonata nor the Altima made it in the top 20.
  • dconnordconnor Posts: 20
    I recently had a 2008 Malibu as a rental for 3 weeks while my car was in the body shop due to a recent vehicular mishap. These are my observations, for what they are worth. Good-looking car inside and out. Drives and rides well. Head room okay without moonroof ( I am 6' 3") with front set leg room marginal for my long legs. The back set leg room is quite limited, as it seems to be with most cars now making it difficult for tall families to be fuel conserving even if they want to. My biggest surprise was the mileage. I am usually pretty good at getting reasonable mileage. On my 2005 4 cyl. Altima, which I gave to my 6' 5" son to take to college, I averaged around 27 mpg combined highway and city and could get between 29 aand 30 on an all highway trip. However, over three weeks in the Malibu with several tanks of gas
    and mostly highway driving I could get no better than 24 mpg. Also the 4 cyl. Malibu seemed anemic when accelerating compared to the 4 cyl Accords, Camrys, and Altimas I have driven, all of which got considerably better mileage. I thought about getting a Malibu, but that is unacceptable mileage for a 4 cyl in my opinion.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Just curious...why make the exact same posting in multiple forums?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I had the same experience with the lack of room in the Malibu. I'm 6'5", and have much more room in my 2006 Accord Sedan, which has a moonroof.

    The back seat of the Malibu feels like a compact car, through and through.
  • tsgraysontsgrayson Posts: 9
    I have a choice of a black granite metallic 2LT with sun roof for 22.3K or a black granite LTZ with rear power, sun roof, and the new 4 cyl with 6 sp transmission for 25.5K....

    Those that own them, what would you take?
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    I'd pick the one that isn't black :)
  • tsgraysontsgrayson Posts: 9
    I like the black though!
  • au79enau79en Posts: 2
    I just bought the LTZ last month. I hadn't bought a GM product in ages, and the last one I'd bought was horrible (2002 Alero). I really liked the looks of the Malibu, and saw that it was getting a considerable amount of good press, so decided to gamble on it (albeit the 3480.00 accrued on my GM card did help make the decision easier). I have to say I'm very impressed with it. It has been flawless - not a rattle, squeak, or defect of any kind. It's fun to drive, comfortable, fast, and has lots of features. I'd previously owned a couple of Mazda6's (traded one). The Malibu has not made me regret trading the 6, even though it too was a very good car.
  • tsgraysontsgrayson Posts: 9
    I got the LTZ with the 4 cyl today...thanks edmunds
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter from a national newspaper is looking to speak to consumers who just purchased a new Chevy Malibu within the past six months and whether it had anything to do with gas prices. If you’re interested in speaking to the reporter, please contact Chintan Talati at with your daytime contact information no later than June 23, 2008.

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  • bandit08bandit08 Posts: 14
    I have never posted on a site like this but when I was reading some of these post I just had to sign up and reply. I bought my 2008 Malibu LT in late Feb of this year and now have about 7200 miles on it. I tried all the top sedans out, including the 2008 Honda Accord. I did all my research and had always been a fan of the foreign cars. My past cars include the Subaru Forrester & Outback, Toyota Corolla and 3 Hondas. I was sure the 2008 Accord was going to be my next car until I got behind the wheel of my Malibu. This car rides like a dream, air tight, no road or engine noise, great sound system, very roomy inside and looks very classy. I get on the average of 22-24 city and have gotten 32 on the hwy. Combined I usually average about 26 mpg. It is a 4cyl and has great pick up and passing speed. I had it over 100mph on the turnpike and it was still just cruising like I was floating on a cloud.
    While I have always been a Honda fan, I did not like the new Accord. It is really over-rated but it gets good reviews because it is a Honda. If anyone is looking for a great ride, classy looks and good mileage, check out the new Malibu. Plus it comes with OnStar for a year, which has a phone, XM satelite for 3 months, an IPOD jack, nice comfy seats.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,908
    bandit08 , welcome to the message board and congratulations on the purchase of your new 2008 Malibu LTZ. You are probably grinning from ear to ear with delight from driving this surprisingly exceptional sedan from GM.

    We too were skeptical at first to even consider buying a Chevy but once my wife saw it she was immediately blown over by the exterior styling. The test drive confirmed her initial impression and we have been satisfied since even with the replacement of a defective AC compressor.

    Enjoy your ride. BTW, how did you pay for your LTZ?
  • bandit08bandit08 Posts: 14
    Yep its a great car.

    Why would you ask me such a question??
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,908
    Yep its a great car.

    Why would you ask me such a question??

    Oops! sorry, didn't mean to be so intrusive. I meant how much did you pay? Was the amount substantially below invoice or are dealers still getting full MSRP these days?
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Most are selling around invoice to a few hundred over, which is typical.
  • Yep, I got my LS at invoice . Though GM was offering $1000 for owners of GM cars 1999 and up, My Sunfire was 1996 I lost out on that ...Oh well
  • bandit08bandit08 Posts: 14
    I got the LT1 for about 21,500. It has the remote starter system, which I love. I would have liked to have gotten a better deal but they were not coming off much. I got several quotes and they all fell in really close in range with each other.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    MSRP and invoice are much tighter than they ever used to be, so margins are smaller in the first place, and then with no rebates (as of now), there's also not that to take off. So, discounts are small...but the MSRP's are low enough in the first place, that's why.

    You got a great car for a GREAT price! Our early 2LT stickered at $23,770 with sunroof, molding, and mats (pre price increases), and we paid right at $23k. I'm now car shopping personally again, and am very tempted by a similar "basic" 1LT with little or nothing just over the $21k mark...a standout car not just in looks but in quality and content for the dough.
  • bryanbryan Northern VAPosts: 217
    I'm in the same thought process as you; I'm considering trading my '03 4.0 Aurora for my 2nd '08 Malibu. I special ordered a 2LT (4 cyl) with every option except sunroof, and the car, with not quite 1,000 miles, has been superb. 33 mpg highway now, so I'm hopeful to get close to 35 once I get a few more miles on the odo. It is one of the nicest cars I've driven, and I've had many.

    This time I'm leaning toward a LTZ with the 4 cyl. However, I could just order another 2LT configured just like my first, this time in the red jewel paint color. I'm going to try and drive a 4 cyl LTZ this weekend, as I'm curious about how the six speed tranny will "feel". My dealer has two on the lot according to their website, one black, one white, both with the cashmere interior which I prefer. Maybe the white one will catch my attention, but I think I'd rather have the red jewel color.
  • billw4billw4 Posts: 1
    So I am curious. I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima that gets 19.7 MPG. I would like to get a 2008 Malibu 1 LT but I am getting conflicting stories on the MPG. I drive 4 miles total to work everyday ( I know I could walk). We then drive around town and on the highways on the weekends for a total of about 1000 miles a month/12000 miles a year. Is 30 mpg average realistic? I know alot depends on how I drive, just curious. Does anyone else have an answer?

    thanks bill
  • bandit08bandit08 Posts: 14
    On the 2008 Malibu LT1, I usually average about 22 strictly in town and alot of traffic. Mixed hwy and city is about 27 and I just got 34 all hwy at 75 mph average speed on my trip to IN for the holiday. I tend to have a lead foot and like a car with a little pick up and the 4cyl is plenty enough power for me. Hope this helped.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Correct. I'd say anywhere from 20-25 is typical in mixed daily driving, with 30+ then on steady 55, etc. highway or just 2 lane cruising at speed. The 4-cyl has to work a little more around town when you throw red lights, stop signs, and such in--like any car and any engine--so lower to mid 20's are what we average as well.

    My mother's 2LT 4-cyl 4-speed is driven about 3 miles to work and back twice a day with several stops, and after 5k miles, she's averaging (I think) in the 23'ish range. The more open road and just cruising it's high 20's if not 30, and then 30 or over dead highway.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    these numbers are the one thing that has held me back from the new Malibu or another new car in general......I have a V-6 04 Malibu Maxx LT that gets these numbers or better.........
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,908
    Purchased our 2008 LS in February. We have driven 4,950 miles so far and we are averaging 23 mpg in mixed driving but more heavily weighted toward stop and go city driving.
  • lhlavenkalhlavenka Posts: 6
    Yes it did. I traded a F150 which I dearly loved for the Malibu. Mixed driving on the 150 13 or 14 mpg. Same driving w/ the Malibu 22/23 mpg. I had intended to go for an Equinox but that was 6 mpg less. So went with the Malibu.
  • Purchased my LS at the end of May . With now 1100 miles on it , I'm also getting avg 23 mpg.mixed ... with the A/C on . .. and I have a heavy foot going approx 75 mph on the highway. I use it mostly to commute back and for to work , 32 miles round trip , 5 days a week To the ones that posted the MPG numbers , was the A/C on ?
    One thing that got me puzzled though , when I look at the MPG INST display , the numbers fluctuates ALOT ie 21 to 30 .. 40 , back down to 21 then up to 79 ... to 90 .. checked at highway speeds What is that all about ?:confuse:
  • bandit08bandit08 Posts: 14
    I have wondered about the display on MPG myself. I got 34mpg on all hwy driving on a recent trip to IN, but the MPG display stated it to be more like 26. It never seems to be right, so I was thinking it must have to average itself somehow. Seems like a question for Chevrolet.
  • I may calculate the MPG the old fashion way .. write down number of miles driven and divide by gals used
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