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2008-2009 Chevrolet Malibu



  • lhlavenkalhlavenka Posts: 6
    I have a 2008 with 57000 miles on the original tires. Don't remember what they are just whatever came from the factory. I do watch the TP. We live in the hills of Arkansas so the tires get a workout on the twisty turnies of the Ozarks. Still good tread.
  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 299
    My new Malibu LT1 I just bought Monday has Firestone 710's on it -They seem to be fine - quiet and ride ok. I have had them before on other new cars. They have a 560 rating so they should wear well. I have had mixed results with Michelins. My Michelins on my Cadillac DeVille were fine and I replaced them with the same tires. The ones on my Odyssey were terrible -lots of blowouts, air loss etc and crappy mileage. I usually stick with original equipment tires and replace them with the same tires but I put Bridgestones on the Odyssey and my problems went away. Just because it say Michelin doesn't mean that it is good.
  • paul1018paul1018 Posts: 1
    I am having trouble with my 2009 malibu's transmission. At end of March 2011 I had to have a NEW transmission installed because the old one was BAD at 35,850 miles!! Well NOW it is doing the same thing. I was wondering if any one else is having the same issues.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    4 or 6 speed.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi Paul1018:

    I purchased a new 2010 Chevrolet 2.4 / 6 speed Malibu in June 2010. This vehicle operated "ok," but since it turned 12,500 miles the engine "surges" going up hill from a dead stop, and "surges" going up a hill on the highway at a steady 55MPH.

    I have replaced the Goodyear tires with Michelin tires because the original equipment tires did not hold air between oil and filter changes. (I have the oil & filter changed every 2,500 miles at the dealer.)

    While I thought that I had purchased a "high quality vehicle," (equal to a Honda Accord), I now feel that I have made a "BIG MISTAKE" with this purchase!------ There is no mechanical quality in a Chevrolet Malibu! ----- It is a poor copy of a Honda Accord, and the proof is all over the "net"! Based on these postings, and I do not believe that GM cares about correcting the problem!

    The only way that I can break 30mpg, is by driving the vehicle at 50mph. ----- Once I travel at a posted highway speed of 65mph, the "miles per gallon drops down to 27mpg at best! ---- (I have a 2007 Toyota Camry XLE V6 that can easily get 30mpg at 60mph.)

    The "surging problem" is all over the "net!" --- Some vehicles have been fixed by replacing the Mass Air Flow Sensor, some by replacing a fuel injector, some by replacing an ignition coil, some by re-programing the 6 speed automatic transmission, some by replacing the transmission, --- but MOST of the vehicles with this "surging issue," have been declared by General Motors and their Dealers to be "operating as designed,"---- and they say that there is nothing that can be done for the surging problem! ------ (My vehicle DID NOT have this problem until it reached 12,500 miles, so as such, something has changed with this vehicle!) ------ I will NOT accept that "explanation" from GM or the selling dealer! ------ I want my vehicle to operate in the same fashion that it operated when I took delivery. ----- Since 12,500 miles the engine seems to be laboring on the highway. ---- When starting from a traffic light, the engine seems to be laboring in first gear, (like "letting out a manual clutch" too quickly in first gear from a dead stop!) ----- The engine feels like it is not getting enough fuel and / or spark advance as it pulls away from a traffic light. ---- The 2.4 IS NOT a happy engine in the Malibu body!

    This vehicle will be brought into the selling dealer this week, so that they can do a "work-up" on this issue. I will give them two (2) chances to correct this issue. If they cannot make this vehicle perform AS DELIVERED, I will consider hiring an attorney to invoke the New Jersey Lemon Law.

    This "surging" issue becomes more noticeable when the ambient temperature is high! (I DID NOT HAVE THIS ISSUE DURING THE WINTER MONTHS!)

    Best regards. ----- Dwayne :lemon: :confuse: :mad: :shades:
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Good Morning All:


    My vehicle is now in the hands of the selling dealer. ---- They plan on running some tests on the vehicle and it's computer control system. ---- I have NO faith in this process. ----- It is all over the "net" that both the dealers and General Motors are denying that a problem exists with these vehicles, leaving the owner to live with the problem. ------ I hope that the dealer is able to find the cause of the problem, and return the vehicle to its proper operation, --- but based on what is being posted on the "net," I am not counting on a "positive result" to this service experience! ----- I have already contacted my attorney, and he is searching for a "Lemon Law Attorney" so that I can plan my next course of action. ------- When I pick up the vehicle, (after the repair), I will be sure to get a copy of the "repair order!" ----- I wish I had read about this problem prior to making this purchase! -------- A friend of mine just turn in his 2009 four cylinder Chevrolet Malibu five (5) months early on his lease because of this issue. He told me that he could no longer drive this vehicle safely on the highway with this performance problem! ----- He leased a new Buick! --- (I will not take the financial hit that my friend took!) ---- I plan on holding both General Motors and the selling dealer to the terms of both the "New Vehicle" and the "Extended Warranty!" ----- As a consumer, I have the right to ride in a safe vehicle! ----- (If this vehicle DID NOT have this ISSUE when it was delivered, it should not have this issue at 12,500 miles!) Best regards. ---- Dwayne :sick: :mad: :lemon: ;)
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi All:


    I picked up my 2010 Chevrolet 4 cylinder LTZ Malibu from the dealer, and the vehicle NOW runs as good as a Honda Accord! ----- There is a "software up-date" from GM for the issue that I described in the above postings. ---- If your Malibu is surging bring your car back to the dealer, and get the new software. ---- Special thanks goes to the dealer, and their outstanding service people for spending time with this vehicle to make it right. ------ After driving it on the highway, I cannot believe that it is the same car! ------- Based on the "on-board mileage computer" I am now getting 30+ mpg at 60mph. Prior to this new software, I was lucky to get 27 mpg at 60 mph! ------ TAKE YOUR CAR BACK TO THE DEALER FOR THE UP-DATE! ----- Now, I will keep my Malibu! ------ Best regards to all! ----- (I cancelled my appointment with the Lemon Law Attorney!) ------ Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I am glad to hear that everything was taken care of and resolved for you! I hope you have a great weekend! If you have any other questions comments or concerns please feel free to email me directly!
    GM Customer Service
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Good Morning Christina:

    Kindly be advised that I sent you a "private E-mail" about this operational issue. ------------ Please respond at your earliest convenience.

    Best regards.

    Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 299
    Just out of curiosity I wonder what the difference is between red jewel tintcoat and regular non extra cost metallic paint. It appears that the Cadillac offers the same Red Jewel Tintcoat -at least it looks identical and is called the same thing. Does anyone know what makes it more expensive?
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Good Morning All:

    It has been five (5) days since my "selling / servicing dealer" installed the up-dated software package to eliminate the "surging problem" at highway speeds and city street operation while going up a hill. ------- I am happy to announce that my vehicle is operating in an OUTSTANDING fashion! The engine is VERY powerful, responsive, and the miles per gallon are as advertised. ----- (My Malibu now has 13,600+ miles. ---- Yes, I drive a lot!)

    A friend of mine, who owned a 2009 version of my vehicle, bought himself out if his lease five months earlier, because he no longer could drive the vehicle safely on the road because of the "surging problem." ----(His problem showed up at 10,000 miles, while mine showed up at 12,500 miles.) ---- When I informed him that there was an updated software package designed specifically for this issue, he was shocked! --- Even though he always had the selling dealer perform all the required preventive maintenance on the vehicle, no one ever told him about the new software package. -----WHY?

    Here are some important questions that need to be addressed both from the manufacturer's point of view, and from the consumer's point of view:

    1.) Does the manufacturer have an obligation to notify every owner of a specific vehicle if an up-dated / technical service bulletin is being offered to cure a negative operational characteristics?

    2.) Does the consumer have the right to expect the manufacturer to operate in a professional manner by disclosing information related to negative operational characteristics?

    A search on the net will disclose that this "surging issue" has existed with these vehicles since 2009, so as such, General Motors had been aware that this problem existed, and the proof of this awareness is the fact that GM designed and offered an "up-dated software package" to correct the problem. ---- (Why would they up-date the software package if a problem did not exist?)

    Why does the consumer, after paying their hard earned money for the vehicle, have to search, and research the "net" for a solution to the operational problem, ---- when a solution does exist, and the manufacturer has not shared that information with the owners?

    My other vehicle is a 2007 V6 XLE Toyota Camry. (If you remember, this is the vehicle that was accused of having the unintended acceleration problem.) At the present time, I have 65,000+ miles on this vehicle, and I have NEVER once experienced "unintended acceleration" and / or any other malfunction. ----- Both the selling / servicing dealer and the Toyota Corporation have kept me informed through written communication as to all "up-dates" associated with this vehicle. --- Toyota and the dealer have acted in a professional / responsible / concerned manner.

    My LTZ Malibu dealer is OUTSTANDING in terms of service! ---- They go out of their way to find the problem, and to make things right! For that, I am thankful!

    Now that my Malibu is operating properly, I can easily achieve 30 mpg on the highway, and on secondary roads I achieve 27 mpg. My complaint is that GM knew about this problem / performance issue, --- based on the 2009 production run of this vehicle line, yet they did nothing about offering this update to their customer base. ---- WHY?

    Comparing the two vehicle manufacturers, GM & Toyota, I will leave it to you, the reader, to determine which one is more responsive to the needs of the customer? ----- Will I purchase another GM vehicle? ----- Maybe! ---- At the present time, my 4 cylinder Malibu LTZ operates a good as a 4 cylinder Honda Accord or a 4 cylinder Toyota XLE Camry. ---- I guess time will tell! -------- In 2012 I will be looking to replace the Toyota Camry. To date, I have NOT had any problems with the Camry. The dealer is OUTSTANDING. ----- (Also my Chevrolet dealer is OUTSTANDING.) ---- I will be looking at a Camry, Avalon, Impala, and Malibu. ----- (I like the look of the upper end of the Hyundai line of vehicles, but the dealers in North Jersey are not quality business operations. I will not purchase from them!)

    Best regards to everyone. ------------------------ Dwayne :shades: ;) :) :confuse:
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi All:

    Today I had my LTZ Malibu at the selling dealer for its 15,000 mile service. ----- This service includes a cleaning of the throttle body, oil and filter change, air filter replacement, and a tire rotation. ----- After the service I took a two hour trip on the highway. I filled up with fuel prior to entering the highway, and according to the "on-board computer" I was getting 32mpg at 60mph. This is a BIG IMPROVEMENT since I experienced the "surging issue" a few weeks ago. I am very happy with the vehicle and my dealer. They have an OUTSTANDING service department. I appreciate everything that they do for me. --------- I would love to see General Motors build a two door version of the LTZ Malibu with a 2.4 Turbo four cylinder engine, dual exhaust (with a small rumble sound like a Ford Mustang), and a six speed manual transmission and a heavy duty hydraulic clutch. ------- This vehicle would look great in a deep cherry exterior with black leather interior.

    Best Regards. -------------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    edited June 2011
    you basically have it with the Buick Regal CXL turbo, thus you probably will not see it in the Malibu....the Regal has a 2.0L ECOTEC Turbo, pushing 220 HP with 6spd auto trans with sport mode and tap up and down capability or 6 spd manual..price is $34k fully loaded....around $29K basic turbo per GM website....
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi Pao:

    When I purchased the 2010 four cylinder LTZ Malibu, I also looked at the Buick Regal. ------ The seating in the Regal is NOT as comfortable as the Malibu LTZ. ------ The Regal is basically a "foreign vehicle," as it is manufactured in the Opel plant in Germany. -------- The Regal appears to be a smaller vehicle as compared to the LTZ Malibu. --------- I think a better comparison to the Malibu would be the four cylinder Buick Lacrosse. If Chevrolet would manufacture a two door version of the Malibu, I think it would be a "home run" for GM>

    Best regards. ----------------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 299
    edited July 2011
    Why did you buy a Malibu in the first place if your Toyota was satisfactory? Most Toyota owners I know are totally dedicated to the brand and the last thing they would buy would be a Chevy. I bought my 2011 LT1 as a cheap temporary (for 4 years) car until I can get a program Cadillac XTS which won't be even out till the spring of 2012.

    So far I much prefer driving my Cobalt coupe. It shifts more predictably, handles better and frankly feels like a heavier car which it isn't. It also has gotten over 40mpg on the road. Bottom line it is just more fun to drive. I'll keep it forever. I cannot understand why all the car magazines pan the Cobalt. I rented a Cruze and I wouldn't have one. Wierd shifting, roaring engine, lack of passing power, and an overcomplicated console. You need an electronics degree to figure out how the radio works and God help you if you try and mess with it while driving. At least the Malibu has simple controls. This is why I didn't wait until the new model came out.

    Nothing really wrong with my Malibu except rock hard backs of the back seats and no rear armrest. Feels and drives like a typical rental car. I guess I should have ordered a base Lacrosse or a base Avalon -even a used Avalon - as my 'road" car but it is too late now.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    edited July 2011
    Hi dispenser2:

    I still own the 2007 XLE Toyota Camry. ----------- I purchased the LTZ Malibu because I thought it was a "cool vehicle!" ---- I liked the looks of the car. ----- I recently read that the 2012 Chevrolet Impala is going to have a 3.6 V6 with a six speed automatic transmission. ----- (This could be very interesting!) ---- I am presently looking for a replacement for my 2007 XLE Camry. ----- It now has 65,000 miles! When it gets near 100,000 miles I will trade it. ----- It will take me about one year to do the necessary research and test drive the vehicles on my short list. ----- Now that my Chevrolet Dealer has fixed the "surging problem" on the Malibu, the vehicle is very enjoyable to drive. ---- I purchased the Malibu as a second vehicle, since I am in sales, and I need two dependable vehicles. ----- My vehicles are my office. ---- I am not loyal to any manufacturer! ------ I will probably look at the following vehicles; ---- Toyota Camry, Toyota Avalon, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Malibu, and Honda Accord . --- My Toyota has been 100% trouble free! ---- I have two GREAT servicing dealers!

    Best regards. ---------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 299
    I'd look seriously at the Avalon if you are contemplating a high end model in Chevrolet. I owned a 2006 Impala and it was an ok car but the bottom of the seats were too short. My thighs were killing me the last two hours of an 8 hour trip to Denver in 2007. I sold the car shortly thereafter.

    The Avalon feels like my 2003 Deville -substantial, rides nicely and has an interior that rivals Lexus. It also gets good gas mileage. If the new Cadillac XTS turns out to be not what I want I'm getting an Avalon for sure.

    Actually what I should do is buy a 1966 Impala. The new cars are too low, windows are too narrow, back seat headroom is bad on many models and although they are safe and get good gas mileage it would be nice to get into a 1950 Pontiac or my '56 Ford Victoria with a big front seat, plenty of headroom, and a door that is designed so that you can put your elbow on the windowsill. The Malibu is ok but I look at cars like the Hyundai Sonota and wonder how old you have to be to sit in the back seat and not hit your head on the ceiling.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi Dispencer2:

    If I was to purchase my dream car, it would be one of the following; ---- 1957 two door HT Chevrolet Impala, ----- 1955 Ford two door HT Fairlane, or a 1956 Olds two door 98. --------- These were GREAT vehicles.

    I look for the following when making a vehicle purchase:

    1.) I want a "quality product" for my hard earned money.

    2.) I want a manufacturer who is willing to stand behind their product as long as I have the vehicle serviced properly by the dealer.

    3.) I want a manufacturer who is willing to stand behind their product under the terms and conditions of the factory extended warranty, if I have the vehicle serviced properly by the dealer.

    4.) While I make it a point to change my engine oil and filter at the dealer every 2500 miles, I do not like vehicle manufacturers, who advocate extended oil and filter changes, and then blame the vehicle owner when their engines develop sludge.

    5.) There is an American name plate that has major problems with spark plugs blowing out of the aluminum heads, because of a manufacturing defect in the threads of the aluminum heads. ------ (The fix for this is to install threaded steel sleeves to accept spark plugs.) ---- This manufacturer gets out of extended warranty obligations by stating that the extended warranty does not cover spark plugs. ----- This is simply a rip off of the customer!) ---- I would not consider purchasing a vehicle from this manufacturer, ---- (and I happen to like some of their vehicles!)

    6.) I want comfortable seats.

    7.) I want a professional dealership experience.

    8.) I want quality original equipment tires on the vehicle. (My Malibu had poor quality tires from the factory and I had to purchase Michelin tires to correct the problem.) ----- Did GM care NO!

    9.) I do not want to deal with a high pressure purchasing experience.

    10.) I want access to the customer service people when a problem arises.

    11.) I want respect both from the manufacturer and the dealer. ------ ( I would love to purchase a high end Hyundai vehicle, but the dealers in my part of the country leave a lot to be desired.) ------ Prior to purchasing the Malibu, I stopped at a Acura dealer to look at some of their vehicles. ---- While asking questions about one of their more costly vehicles, the sales manager stated; ----- "isn't that a little expensive for your pockets!" ----- (When I shop for a vehicle I shop in jeans.) ------ Even if I wanted an Acura, I would not purchase a vehicle from this dealer. ----- (Note the person making this statement was the "Sales Manager!")

    Dealers and Manufacturers a digging their own grave everyday by the way they are handling customers. ----- Their lack of concern and sensitivity is costing them sales everyday. ----- Sometimes I wonder if they truly care!

    Best regards. --------- Dwayne :shades: :confuse: ;) :)
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi All:

    I am starting to seriously look for a replacement vehicle for my 2007 Toyota Camry V6 XLE. ------- (This process will take me about a year because I take the time to investigate both the vehicle, the manufacturer and the dealer.)

    I have been reading about both the new Chevrolet Impala, and the new Chevrolet Malibu. (The Malibu is going to be built on the Buick Lacrosse platform with the Buick four cylinder engine, and the Chevrolet Impala is going to get a 3.6 V6 and a six speed automatic transmission.)

    After reading about the new Impala, I started to do a search on the 3.6 V6 engine because I though that I had read about some issues associated with this engine. ----- It seems that there is a problem with the Timing Chain stretching at low mileage. In some cases, this has occurred at 10,000 miles. With this information in mind, I contacted GM and spoke to a customer representative about the timing chain issue. I was told that "IF" I had a specific VIN NUMBER of a vehicle they could tell me "IF" the engine had the new and improved timing chain and which engine plant produced the engine. This tells me two things. ----1.) The problem is real. ---- and ---- 2.) GM is still producing the V6 engine with the old timing chains at some of it's engine facilities. --------- QUESTIONS: ----- What is wrong with this picture? ------ Should I purchase a new Impala and experience this failure, and then have my engine repaired at the dealer at a very low mileage and still be happy with my new vehicle?

    This problem has existed for some time. ------ QUESTION: ---- Has GM forgot how to manufacturer and design timing chains? ------ They are producing a NEW Impala and they are shooting themselves in the leg with this engine! ----- Does this make good business sense?

    Best regards. ---------- Dwayne :shades: :confuse: ;) :)
  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 299
    You will note that the LaCrosse weighs about 800 pounds more than the Malibu. One of my problems with the Malibu is that it feels light and not substantial. I sold an 03 Deville and most of my road cars in the past were Buick LeSabres. I had rented a Malibu on some extended trips and liked it but I should have bought a base LaCrosse or even last year's Buick as a program car. I would lose as fortune if I traded it with 1,000 miles so I'll hang onto it until I can get a program Cadillac XTS which I'm sure will feel like a heavy car even though it is the size of the LaCrosse. I wish that I could read some reviews of the XTS. They should start building it this winter.
  • whooleywhooley Posts: 1
    So I’m stumped on how this happened.
    I have a 2009 Malibu and just had to replace my tires (and 2 bent rims, Dam steel hubs) and found that my Malibu LT has the rims and tires for a Malibu Hybrid. Now I’m not complaining much because they come with the chrome caps instead of the brushed caps and I like the look of a wider tire. I’m stumped because I have done some searching and all the 2009 Malibu models have the P225/50R17 93S tires except the Hybrid that has the P225/55R17 93S. Now I have ran my VIN # multiple times through different websites and all of them show that I have the LT model not the Hybrid and looking under the hood it is obvious it is not a Hybrid but yet even on my door sticker it states that the car is to have the P225/55R17 93S tires. I guess I can understand typos and straight up mistakes but this just surprised me and threw my tire guy for a loop when he looked up what should be on there and what the sticker said.

    Also FYI, I found replacement hubcaps on Amazon for $70 for a full set, where as the dealer wants $120 per cap.

    Does anyone have any insight on putting on a cold air intake or any other motor upgrades on the 4 cylinder to get more power out of it?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    edited August 2011
    there are no engine mods that Im aware of to get more power out of the std 4 banger in the malibu.....cold air intake does nothing unless you complete the entire breathing system of the engine to include headers, hi-flow cat, exhaust etc in my experience....simply adding a CAI gives you "growl" more than anything else.....more power means the V-6 in this line....

    This engine isnt meant for tuning IMHO....

    As far as tire and rim mixup....would attribute it to just that..perhaps when that car was assembled they were short the standard set so simply put on the "hybrid" set....the size difference specified is inconsequential for this car...nothing more than a guess however on how or why it occurred
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,936
    edited August 2011
    I received an invitation from a local Chevy dealer guaranteeing a trade-in allowance of $15,255 on my 2008 Malibu LS. When I got there I was told that this promotion was run by Black Book and that the amount quoted in the invitation was merely designed to get me into the showroom.

    After making us wait, (and wait, and wait) and haggling with the salesman and sales manager for over three hours, we left in disgust. In short, they would not honor the trade-in price nor would they sell the new car at less than MSRP.

    What do you think, should I report this dealer to the Massachusetts Department of Consumer Protection? or at least to GM? I thought the blatant practice of bait and switch was illegal but this Chevy dealer did not seem to care.
  • ab348ab348 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaPosts: 6,847
    That's the kind of situation that should be reported. With the benefit of hindsight, it would have been interesting to walk in and not mention the invitation or trade-in promise, find a car on the lot that interested you, get their pricing, and then present the offer you received. It would have been even better if you had someone with you from the Office of Consumer Protection or some similar agency.

    2017 Cadillac ATS Performance Premium 3.6, 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe

  • I agree .That should be reported .Hopefully a GM customer service rep will see this here and take some action :(
  • Ever since I was a little kid -and I'm 70, my family got those mailers -"We have a buyer for your 19XX Chevrolet/ Olds etc". When you got to the dealer it was the same as above. This is NOT bait and switch. This is a dealer who is a crook and you shouldn't have even bothered with him once you discovered that he wan't going to give you $15k for your Malibu. The $15k come on was not worth the gas to drive over to the dealer. If you are VERY lucky you will get loan value. Check at the library for a NAPA Blue Book for loan value. This is the amount a buyer would get from a bank for your car and it isn't $15k when a new base model is only about $19k with the current rebates/discounts.

    I don't deal with dealers who play games nor do I deal with any company that speeds up the "small print" in a radio ad. At my dealership the sales manager sits down at a computer with me - orders the car for a couple hundred over invoice, factors in rebates, and I pay him when the car comes in. It takes about 10 minutes if that and I can also take care of this on the phone. Why people "haggle" or spend hours in a showroom messing with sales people who know less about the cars than they do and have no authority to make any deal is beyond me.

    Find a small dealership in the country with a low overhead and make friends. You won't have a large selection to choose from but buying a car off the lot is stupid unless it is too late in the model year to order one or the car on the lot has EXACTLY what you would order. The dealer isn't going to discount the car just because it is on his lot unless it is the end of the year or unless it is a demo.
  • mjs12mjs12 Posts: 2
    I'm in the process of buying a 2009 Malibu 2LT from a dealership. After reading some of the issues that this car has, I'm having second thoughts. Before I drop over $14,000 on this car, I would appreciate some feedback. I did take it on a short test drive and it performed well. Is there anythng that I need to know before I go back to the dealership tomorrow??
    Info on the car-
    32,000 miles
    sunroof, heated seats, wood accent trim
    2.4 liter
    not sure if it has the 6 speed or 4 speed trans.
    There is a carfax, but I have not seen it yet.
  • I have had my used 2008 Malibu for almost 2 years. It had 40K when I got it. The only problems I've had have been electronic and the dealership has covered all of it, even after it was not longer in warrantee. I don't think it gets very good mileage though. I hear the new one, I don' remember the name, gets much better mileage. But it's a smaller car. Mine has the same engine as yours, but it's an automatic, I'm not sure about my transmission. Yours is a lot fancier than mine. I only paid 11K for mine (before all those charges they put on. Mine is a certified used car. I suggest you get one that is certified. Mine came with the regular warrantee that a new car comes with, and they extended parts of it.
  • mjs12mjs12 Posts: 2
    I was able to give mine a longer test drive today, it drove great. The only issue that i had was at 60mph and above, it has a low humming sound coming from somewhere in the car. It may be the tires,(Firestone) but i told the salesperson that i need it to go away before i buy this vehicle. Being that it's still under warranty, he said that thy would make it right. I'll find out more on Tuesday.
  • I agree with what you told them. When I bought my car (it had 40K on it) they fixed everything except the people that had it before scratched the chevy emblem on the steering wheel. I didn't notice that was not fixed til I started to drive away with the car. They told me it was attached to the stupid air bag and could not be removed wihtout replacing the air bag. It bugs me to this day but I can understand them not wanting to replace the air bag. Have them check the tires carefully. At just under 60K my tires started coming apart. I don't know how long I've kept tires before, but I had to replace two at the beginning of a month and two at the end. It was weird. I hope you enjoy the car. The only thing I don't like about mine is it does not have fancy hubcaps or wheels. And I don't know how to find some.
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