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2008 Mitsubishi Lancer



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    You might check the warranties on your car. Most cars I've owned had a 12-month, 12,000 mile warranty on the OEM tires. New tires should not wear out after only 7500 miles, tire rotations or no tire rotations.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,870
    from memory I think we have a 12 month, 12,000 mile Warranty on our tires. I have the 18" Dunlop performance tires on my '08 Lancer GTS. What tires do you have?

    Whichever tires you have they should not be wearing out at only 7,500 miles. I would press for replacement coverage from the tire manufacturer on this one, for sure. Yeah, not getting a 7,500 tire rotation (which I did get, BTW, I baby my Lancer GTS to the hilt) should not contribute to wearout this early. That's nuts.

    And telling you that you should have gotten them rotated prior to 7,500 is not per the Warranty on these cars, either. So that argument makes about as much sense as Dennis Rodman making a comeback in the NBA.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Good morning all. I too fell under the spell of the Lancer. We're going to purchase ours this weekend. But my husband and I can't decide on options. I want the navigation, he wants the sun & sound. I just wanted to know if there is a package that includes both sun & sound and navi. I don't want to have to essentially pay for two stereo systems if I buy both packages. Does anyone know if there is an option for the ES that combines them? Or if both are even available on the ES? Any knowledgable responses welcome! :) THANKS!
  • I purchased a 08 Lancer GTS last May. No problems, until yesterday. I noticed a slight oil leak after I got to work. Good thing I did. Took some time off of work to get the car to my dealer (Peoples Las Vegas). After about three hours, they called. They found the source of the leak. They explained it was the gasket on the timing belt cover and they would have to keep the car another day to fix it. Now, I understand "stuff" happens, but I wasn't expecting something like this after only 5,085 miles. I asked the service advisor if he had seen this before and I'm the first.

    Has anyone out there had this problem or heard of it before? Don't assume because your car is brand new that nothing could happen. I would hate to think my car is the only one with this problem.
  • I'm up to about 13k miles, No probs like that that I know of... still stuck on the radio issue. :(
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    "They found the source of the leak. They explained it was the gasket on the timing belt cover and they would have to keep the car another day to fix it"

    I thought the Lancer had a timing chain?
  • Soo hard to find something in my price range. I mean why don't people make more of something like this? I found it on a UK site, GB Driver but they don't deliver to the US unfortunately. And I can't find it sold anywhere else searching online. Anyone else had any luck in finding covers?

  • You are correct. It was the timing chain cover. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on this. Can anyone explain how this could have happened? Manufacturing defect?
  • We got our Lancer GTS '08 a couple of months ago and although we absolutely love the car, we're having some trouble with the car veering to the left. We've taken the car back to the dealership for service 4 times now. They've given it 2 wheel alignments and still it's veering to the left. They've given us quite a bit of excuses from "that's the way it's supposed to be" to it's called "torque steering" to a "problem with the tires". Frankly, it's taking the pleasure out of owning this machine. We've finally called Mitsubishi and they've given us a case # and we're just waiting for someone to call us back. We were told at the dealership that we are not the only ones having this trouble and apparently a few people have had the same problem with the '07 Outlander. I was just curious to know if anyone else out there is having this problem and if so how is their dealership service handling this? Because our dealership service is less than stellar? :mad:
  • I just bought my Lancer GTS 2 months ago and am looking over the maintenance schedule. Do I only have to get the oil changed every 7500 miles as it seems in the manual as opposed to the normal 3 months, 3000 miles. Or does the maintenance schedule not include normal oil changes and only has larger things in the schedule. I'm almost at 3000 miles and trying to figure out if I should get the oil changed. Thanks.
  • Hello all,

    I am new here and actually just discovered the new-ish Lancer about 3 weeks ago. My 1999 Jetta needs to be upgraded and I am looking to purchase a new car and the GTS is number one on my list right now.

    I was wondering if anyone knew when the 2009's would be coming out? I'm worried that they may go UP in price and that some of the options may get switched around and stuff. I will likely not be able to afford getting one until April.

    Has anyone recently had luck getting a good deal on the GTS? I read a few posts of people saying they got the GTS with sound, sun, and nav for around $20k

    I was also curious as to how much people are paying for insurance on the GTS.

    I'm hoping to be able to have payments around $350/mo and insurance at $150/mo or less. My trade in will likely only be about $2000 and probably $1500 cash down too....Is $350 impossible do you think? My credit score is very good so I am hoping that will help!

    Thanks in advance.

    Iluv......I've read all of your posts and was wondering how your Lancer is doing these days? still as great as before?
  • I got the ES w/ the sun and sound package for 20k, I put like 1k or 1.5k down (I forget) and had the 500 college grad rebate. I pay 340/month. My advice is to use the Ineternet people and contact about 3-5 dealerships in your area if you can and as for the Out the door price. I took Edmunds pricing system that tells you how much a car in your area would go for and requested the OTD price be 1k or 2k under. Do it at the end of the month, when they are trying to sell as many as possible. Do not let them run your credit until you agree on a price. You'll get the best price if you are willing to take whats on their lot. I foolishly put 500 down wanting the dark grey one, and ended up with a red one from their lot cause they weren't able to get it.. man was i annoyed.

    I looked at the GTS but decided not to get it cause of the wing, totally blocks half your view. Wish I had gotten the nav system though, but 2.5k now to get it is way out of my price range.

    But otherwise I love my car. Only two probs I've had was in the begining about a handful of times it wouldn't start. Was far and few between and always started up fine the second time. Hasn't done that in months. And my radio kept fading in and out, they couldn't figure out why. They just tried tightening up my entena, so that may have been it. Haven't noticed it so far giving me problems like it did in the begining.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I will take your advice....I'm probably gonna wait until April so prices may be way different then with the 2009 models coming out.
  • alaghaalagha Posts: 1
    Hi Guys,
    tonight I'm going to test drive the 08 Lancer for the first time. I am new to this car but I heard a great deal of good stuff about it and I can't wait to get into one. I like the comments everyone leaves here they are very helpful.
    therefore I want to raise this question and I'm sorry if it was already raised before, My question is, how much of a difference do you find in the handling and control of each model?? I know that the GTS is sport tuned with tighter suspension and light clutch but is it worth the extra 2000 bucks over the ES???
  • Test drive both and find out :) Plus figure out what extras you get and if its worth it to you.
  • Anyone mod their GPS/music server? 30gigs is not enough. I want to clone the harddrive and up it to atleast 60gigs. Also I am wondering about what os it is running? Anyone mess around with it. I have not bought a lancer yet. What are the music server files saved as? Can you rip songs from an MP3 disk?

    Hoping someone can tell me something about this since I seemed to know more than the person at the dealer.
  • need more than 30gigs of music in your car? Thats like 5000 songs+.
  • For those of you have any kind of issues and wondering if anyone else has come across the same issue, the best place to go and read up on it in your spare time is:

    This is the U.S. government's department of motor vehicles recall/crash test website. If you click the "Defects and recalls" link from the menu that runs along the top of the page, you can go through and read about any complaints, reported defects or possible defects being investigated, and current recalls on file. You can also submit a complaint to the government to help push for an investigation.

    Moving on. To address rpibravesfan question about the oil change interval.

    Sounds like another question to ask the Petroleum Engineer in the is his response:

    (This is a copy of an answer I wrote about the same question in another forum at

    There are 2 primary things that affect timing of the oil change.

    1) As others have said, the drivers habits and the driving conditions for which the car is put in daily is a key factor (meaning to and from work and school not the one Saturday you race up the mountain). For Stop/Go, heavy urban area traffic, and those who have lead foots, generally 3,000 miles is the best bet. For those more in the country side who are gentle with their lancer babies, 5,000 miles is ok.

    2) The other key factor is going to be which type of oil running in the car. Generally, most vehicles will come standard with mineral based oils (from fossil fuel crude oil). This oil is generally rated for a max life of 5,000 miles with a recommended oil change interval of 3,000 miles for most drivers on average conditions (meaning a mix of daily driving stresses). Full Synthetic motor oils, however, are rated for a 10,000 mile (and in some cases 15,000 miles) life span with a recommended exchange every 5,000 miles. The benefit of the Synthetic is the extra additives such as detergents and lubricants over traditional mineral based oils.

    Futhermore, the Synthetic is designed to provide equal or better (most cases better) lubrication than traditional oil as well. This is primarily because of the fact that, comparably, if you were to take a synthetic motor oil and a mineral motor oil of the same viscosity grade, although the density of the oil itself would be equal, the actual distribution of the polymers and their cohesive bonds between them is very different. By this I mean that a Synthetic motor oil will have a smaller polymer molecular base with bonds that more easily bend/break and then reform than those polymers fond in fossil fuel based oils. Because of this increase in the molecular flexibility, the synthetic has a longer life span under stress conditions because it can more easily adapt to the environment and conditions it is put through in the engine before breaking down like all engine products do as they begin to accumulate composites and polymer enzymes. This explains why most people sense and get a slightly better response and overall performance per quart of motor oil dollar spent than those who use the traditional oils.

    All that being said, if you want to compare apples to apples the best you can when comparing, overall, the different oil standards, my vote and recommendation is to goo synthetic. Yes, the most striking downside is the fact that your standard oil change price will double at most competitive automotive lube stations, but if you really think about it, you can safely run synthetic to 6,000 miles per change and negate this argument. Add to that the fact that you will receive a better quality oil that provides better fight against deposit build up in the engine over its life span as well as a slightly better performance output, and I say synthetic is the clear winner here folks.

    Hope this helps.

    Wild Bill
  • Yeah I need more than 30gigs. I have not confirmed this for sure but I think the GPS software takes up about 24gigs of space since all gps maps are loaded. That leaves only 6 gigs for music. If I'm getting high quality sounds I like high quality mp3s. My mp3s are on average 6megs each. That gets me about 1000 songs. I have a lot more than that in my collection. I don't think many people realize the 30 gig hard drive is used by music server and gps maps and software.
  • oh yeah I didnt think of that. Good point.
  • I do not feel that the GPS is 24 GB simply because it has the same maps and points of interest you can find on a base Garmin or Tom Tom and those use only about 1 to 5 GB internal flash memory. I would venture to guess that between the maps and the software, expect to lose around 10 GB, but not 24 GB. Check the manual, it will most likely tell you there.
  • I recently bought a 2008 Lancer and I have been back about 3 times for my alignment problem and now it pulls a lot to the left and they balanced my wheels which has nothing to do with it pulling to the left. I am getting ready to take it to PEP Boys to see if they can fix it because I get the run around too..
  • ru06ru06 Posts: 23
    To answer a few of your guys questions: As far as the 30 gigs for music storage goes, first of all you can NOT rip songs from an mp3/data CD. You can only PLAY these songs directly from the CD. The only things that you can rip to the Lancer's hard drive are songs from CDs that are in WAV format, or the type of CD that you would buy in the store. You have to dowload them song by song. With this being said, I think one may want to try to prioritize which songs he or she would like to listen to the most, however I believe you can still store somewhere around 2,000 songs doing this, but I may be wrong as to this number. This is a big step up from the non-Nav package which only holds 6 CD's and has no hard drive. In that situation, you can hold say 20 songs per CD max times 6 is only 120 songs. Let not be rediculous here.
    Also, for the oil change intervals, like WildBill has said, it varies based on conditions, but Mitsubishi receommends every 3,000 miles. I asked the guy in the service dept and he said well if you are doing mostly highway driving then 5,000 miles is OK otherwise it is every 3,000. Also they like to rotate your tires every 6,000 miles, keep that in mind too.
    As far as the handling between the GTS and ES, I am not sure because I have only driven the GTS (this is what I own) and, as you can probably see from my previous posts, this car really hadles like a sports car. There is almost no float at all and the steering is very direct and precise. Plus with the tiptronic transmission, well you get the point.
    As far as getting a good price, you will probably be able to get a better deal on an ES rather than a GTS. They say that the GTS's will sell, and they are right.. so why mark them down. The only discount I got was a $500 rebate, but I didn't care.. I really, really wanted the car and they had the color I wanted fully loaded. I got the GTS totally loaded and the price was around $22,000 even. I put down $9,000 and im paying around $340/month for 48 months. You can use this as a reference if you'd like.
    Overall, I would highly recommend this car. I have around 10,000 miles on it now without any problems at all. (It doesn't pull or leak oil) hehe. Now I wish this weather here in Jersey would just warm up so I can give her a much needed bath!!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,870
    Howdy Hi! Nice to see your interest in this great compact car from Mitsubishi Motors. To answer your question, yes, I still love my Lancer GTS in Rally Red, CVT automatic transmission and Sun and Sound package. Our sunroof has worked flawlessly(although it gets cold even here in Arizona in the winter and we haven't opened our sliding roof for several months now!)and the Rockford Fosgate 650-watt stereo rocks our world flawlessly. I have had no problems with my 2008 Lancer GTS except for the following thing.

    I have had two flat tires and now I have a slow leak going on in my left front tire. I am leaving the house in about an hour to go get that repaired and then I'm heading to my dealer for my Lancer GTS' 5th lube-oil-filter. I insist on getting my Lancer's oil changed every 3,000 miles. My Daddy taught me that way and also I drive a very short hop in the morning to get to work and then a short hop back home and I want to help save my Lancer's engine by changing out the lubrication fluid often. Also, it gets kind of dusty here in the desert and I want to know when my air filter is dirty and needs replacing, etc., and my dealer gives my Lancer their 27-point service every L-O-F, so I feel I am taking great care of my car this way.

    I may get a tire rotation again, too, I got one at the 7,500 mile mark but ususally don't follow manufacturer's tire rotation guidelines. Our Lancer's might be better served to follow them, though, because of the 18" Dunlop performance tires and how they wear, being performance radial tires. My wife and I bought a maintenance plan at purchase time and so far, even though the coupons they gave me say 5,000 mile intervals I get mine done every 3,000 miles and they totally go along with it. And I purchased my Lancer at Avondale Mitsubishi, about 9 miles west of downtown Phoenix. The dealer I use is in Sierra Vista, AZ, about 65 miles west of the little disty cowtown I live in in SE Arizona. They have been a great dealership to deal with and I will buy there next Mitsubishi purchase time, no doubt about it.

    Which reminds me, I'm at the 15,499 mile mark right now on my '08 Lancer GTS. I love this car and I feel proud to own and drive it. As I have noted previously, this 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS is, along with the 1965 Ford Mustang(my first car bought back in 1978, I no longer own the car but love it's bodystyle), my favorite car bodystyle of all time.

    Remember, if you buy your Lancer with performance radials, you'll get some raod noise on rough surfaces. Don't let it bother you, I just pop some Guess Who or Foghat in to my RF 650-watt boomer and let it rip! Can't hear the road noise any more!

    No, this car and the 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander are helping Mitsubishi in NA to trun their fortunes around. I loved both of my Kia's but really was waiting for Kia to design a sporty 4-door sedan, and Mitsu beat them to it. Kia, with designer Peter Schreyer(from Audi, he designed the TT's body for them), is making some interesting designs as I type this post out and I am keeping a keen eye on them. They just keep getting better and better and all the dorks who put me down for years on the net as I praised my Kia's can eat Dennis Rodman's smelly basketball socks now as a result of this.

    So, it's Mitsubishi and Kia for me for a long while yet I suspect. I'm closely following both manufacturer's because IMHO they give the best value and the most exciting rigs available for your spending dollar. ;)

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • ru06ru06 Posts: 23
    I agree. Ilovemysephia, let us know how the repair goes. Hopefully they can find the leak in the tire and plug it rather than getting a new tire!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,870
    well, they didn't find the need for a repair and what's weird is as I was heading out of town my "Low Tire Pressure" light clicked off and stayed off the rest of the day. My ride on the way home felt improved. I need to buy a tire gauge and not eyeball the amount of air I pump in.

    So, I got my 15,000 mile lube-oil-filter and the car passed the 27-point inspection just fine. I asked the service advisor about a 15,000 mile service, namely, do I need to get a 15,000 mile service done to keep my Warranty valid? Answer: no. He said that they push the 30,000 and 60,000 mile Service as being the necessary one(I'd count on the 90,000 mile Service as well)and they let customers choose whether or not they want the 15,000 mile Service. I recall this being similar with Kia and their Long-Haul Warranty. So, I'm up-to-snuff on my service for now.

    I just need to buy a tire pressure gauge and keep all four tires filled to the same p.s.i.amount and have the right amount in each tire, too, for a good performance tire balance. It's possible this is a cold weather reaction and that I didn't have enough air in the tire for a while now. The car rode straight and sure tonight as we drove over to Safford to go to Wal*Mart. Whoo-hoo, love this Lancer GTS gentlemen! ;)

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Hey folks, I tried a search but didn't see where these had been asked or answered. I'm just curious, does the Lancer GTS without the FASTkey come with a remote that has the lock/unlock buttons built in, like the Eclipse. Also, when it IS equipped with FASTkey, does it "beep" when locking and unlocking the car?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Have you guys seen the 2009 Ralliart?

    Oh man I WANT one..the only thing I dont like is the black looking thing on the grille....if it was the same color as the car like the normal Lancer models I would be in LOVE!

    I MIGHT try to still get it depending on price.

    I'm gonna try to hold off and get a 2009 Lancer for sure....I will just have to decide between the GTS or Ralliart.....I hope the GTS doesnt go up too much in price with the new options (HID headlights, etc).

    Thanks for the info iluvmysephia
  • Yes, if you do not get the Fast Key you at least get keyless entry with an audible warning. With the Fast Key, when you walk up and hit the button on the door handle and it senses the Fast Key, the one I test drove beeped once and then allowed me to open the door as well as when I closed and locked the door from the outside.

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,870
    BTW, our dealer contracts out the setting up of the alarm system to another dealer within their dealership group. Ours was done in Tucson at Tucson Dodge. The alarm system was already negotiated at purchase time(yes we paid to activate our Lancer's alarm system)and at the same time as everything else we negotiated a package of prepaid service work to be done at various intervals. It's pre-printed on to coupons and was given to us right away.

    We don't have FASTkey but we do have the remote for lock-unlock and trunk and panic. We haven't tried the panic button yet, I think I could do without that one entirely. :D

    Well, I'm off to get my Lancer's 3rd Dunlop tire repaired so far. I'll post back on here to let y'all know what they might offer up as to why I'm having so many tire repairs required. I may ask a question or two on this issue.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

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