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2008 Mitsubishi Lancer



  • bensirbensir Posts: 5
    well well , ive been reading this forum over the past several days because i am about to walk out the door and trade in my 2006 eclipse ( which i love but my bad back doesnt ) for a new lancer gts electric blue pearl with the cvt and sun and sound package . ive driven the car twice and im hoping i can get used to the drop off in performance ,, the eclipse was no ball of fire but it had a 5 speed which made it pretty darn quick , i think the paddle shifters will help , and i think when i get used to having an automatic again it will be ok , but damn that lancer gts is a nice looking car . sooooooo this forum was very very helpful to me in alerting me to issues with the car and what people who own them think , okkkkk time to head out and do this ,, if all goes well ill be driving it home in a couple hours , and after i get a feel for it ill pop back in and tell ya what i think ,,, thanks to all the posters here the info was most helpful !
  • I live in Wisconsin. I have only had mine for a few weeks and while it has not been that cold (below zero F) it has been below the freezing mark in the AMs. My Lancer does warm up rather quickly. It takes about 5 minutes to get to the freeway and the car is spewing warm air by the time I get to there.
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    I don't want to sound retarded but what does the FAST key do? :confuse: I am also torn between the mazda3 and lancer. I really want the mazda3 but Mazda does not even offer Bluetooth. :cry: I can't believe in this day and age, Bluetooth is not even offered as an option. I am looking to buy in about 5 months so I still have time to think it over. I was interested in the Caliber but test drove one and wasn't that impressed. I do think the Lancer is one cool looking car.
  • Woods,

    FAST key allows you to open/unlock your doors by simply having the key in your also lets you start the car without the key in hand/ignition (i hope that makes sense)

    FAST key is a cool option, but i think it only comes with the navigation package....

    and yeah the blue tooth is cool...and in WA state we cannot use cell phones in our cars unless they are hands free starting in July so it was a no brainer almost for me

    the madza is made with nicer materials, but test drive both and make your decision..the mazda costs more for the same options in it...

    I kinda got ripped off but i got my GTS for about $25k after taxes and all of that...but im hoping it will last a long time..and i am liking the car more everyday. It was a weird transition from a german VW, but im starting to like it more and more

    and we cant deny how bad a$$ the car looks!:)
  • bensir!

    did you get your GTS?!?!? How do you like it?
  • p996p996 Posts: 56
    You are right. makes the best solution to the scratching and streaking tint problem.

    They’re moleskin felt is make with acrylic. It's the same stuff they use in super glue.

    I tried the cheep moleskin and it fell off. Tint Protector makes their own for this purpose. Highly recommended!
  • I got the fast key on my ES. It was part of the tech and appearance package (less than $1000) which was the Fast Key, Bluetooth, trunk lip spoiler and chrome exhaust tip. I don't have the navi system on mine.

    You would be amazed at how quickly you get used to the convience of the key staying in your pocket to get into and start the car. I have caught myself several times trying to start the wifes minivan with out a key since I got my Lancer.
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    Wow to start the car without the key and even open the car without the key sounds awesome. Thanks for the reply. I am hoping to test drive this weekend both cars. Here is Florida the is no law about hands free calling but there should be. I have an 03 Corolla with an aftermarket stereo with bluetooth. Nothing to fancy but still the convienence of it says a lot. I really would not like to go to a car without it. Glad you are enjoying your new ride. Maybe you can post a couple of pics here or on your carspace so we can see it. ;)
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    Thanks for the reply. Fast Key sounds so cool. Can't wait to take this car for a test drive.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,869
    people interested in the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer! I love my '08 Lancer GTS more every passing day. Yesterday my son and I drove up to Avondale Mitsubishi(209 miles to our NW) to get our Lancer's Auto Butler treatment applied. Wow...the car looks like showroom condition again! They washed it inside and out(windows real well, I have two Pomeranians, one looks like a coyote and he slobbers on the inside of my Lancer's windows constantly!!), vacuumed the interior and got all of the bug guts off of the outside of the car. Then they applied the Auto Butler treatment.

    Whoa, I can't believe it...I run my fingers over the car's body and it's smooth as silk! I told the service guy "Aren't you going to charge me the $9.95 for the car's cleaning beforehand?"

    He replied..."Umm, no, you're good. You may get a survey, I'll be expecting all 10's on it!"

    "You will be getting 10's", I told him.

    I averaged 35 mpg yesterday, most of the miles on the I-10 freeway in middle-southern Arizona. Nice ride, to say the least! ;)

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • psychogunpsychogun Posts: 129
    If you can wait another few weeks, you should be able to get the 2009 Lancer GTS which will have the 2.4l instead of the 2.0l engine. Performance should improve a bit. It's expected to be only a few hundred quid more than the 2008 (though no incentives...)
  • bensirbensir Posts: 5
    yep , i got it and after having it a whopping 24 hrs so far so good ,well except for 1 trip back to the dealer .. turns out My car was on display at the cleveland auto show and as a rule they remove the relay that works the horn to keep spectators from honking it i guess , and some genius forgot to put it back in ,,, so an inconvenience having to drive back there but they had me in and out in 5 minutes soooo im not gonna complain too much ,, some quick impressions .... no pull to the left on flat roads ,, i think alot of people with that issue may just not be paying attention to the road they are driving on ,, in these parts there are very few roads that are flat , they all tilt some toward the curb so naturally if you let go of the wheel on a road like that the car will tend to drift downhill ,, im real picky !!! and if there was some kinda pulling problem i would notice it it right away , but for me , no such thing yet ,, the blue tooth is awesome once i figured it out *lol** 650 watt stereo is great ,, blew out my salesman with some black crows , and YES .. hehe .. ive learned a few tricks using the manual mode and after only 1 day of driving i dont think the initial lack of pickup is going to bother me in the least , i did talk to a friend who is somewhat of a car freak and he suggested i buy a .K and M i think cant be sure if thats the name of the company but a high performance air filter to replace the stock one will give you 7 to 10 more horsepower for around 40 bucks or so , im gonna pick one up over the next few days so if it helps ill let ya know , how are you lovingyours lovethelancer??
  • I'm liking mine more every day...drove over 100 miles for work today and only averaged 27.5mpg, but I'm guessing the fuel consumption ratings will increase once the engine is broken in!

    I'm also hoping to get some pics up for you guys this weekend!!!

    It is awesome to see so many newcomers on the site.....seems like the interest is getting even higher in this car......I was at lunch today and my car was parked right outside the sandwich shop and I was admiring how great it looks!:)
  • bensirbensir Posts: 5
    that noise is the cars computer kicking on , mine does it and several others that were on the lot do it as well , its a Normal sound for the lancer , if you turn the key till right before the engine kicks over you will hear it , just wanted to pass that on
  • yeah..but my Lancer doesnt make anywhere near as loud of a noise like that lancer in the youtube video does
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,869
    could it be that the mike is right by where the noise is coming from in the Lancer in the You Tube video? I have heard something like that while turning the key and starting up my Lancer GTS. But maybe they have the recording mike right close by the item generating that noise on the video.

    Any and all of you '08 Lancer owners be sure and accelerate in to a turn every so often...your Lancer will do well with it and the car will sort of will you to push it harder. Mitsubishi designs in to their Lancer's knowledge that they have learned while winning Dakar races. It is well-thought out and designed for performance and our Lancer's include some nice creature comforts at the same time. For example, sunroofs and 650-watt RF stereo's. :shades:

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • hey guys!

    I finally got around to taking a few pics....They arent very good, but at least they give you an idea of what it looks like.....the windows are tinted...thats my only mod haha

    Also, it's pretty dirty...I need to wash it tonight or tomorrow!

    here's the link:
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    The car looks really great! Great Pics. The more I see the Lancer the more I think I am going to get one in a few months. I don't want to wait but need to save some money, so I got to.
  • yeah save as much as you can...buying a new car always screws people financially (myself included haha)

    the more I think about it the more I kinda wish I would have leased it for 3 years.....and then if I still loved it I would buy it....instead I'm paying an arm and a leg for 6 years...and then after that the car will be worth almost nothing anyways so it wouldnt be much different than just returning a lease haha......I think I could have saved a lot of money in the long run by doing a lease....oh well.
  • I need some help. I have had my Lancer since Feb 25. I now have 1500 miles on it. In my regular drive, rush hour stop and go traffic I averaged 27.5 mpg on my first three tanks. Today I went on a little road trip. I filled up right before I left and went 300 all highway miles. I live in Wisconsin. While not as flat of topography as Indiana, still not a mountainous Colorado type area. It was 150 miles each way, with no noticable wind. I had the cruise set at 68/69 MPH. I even drafted a truck for about 75-80 miles of the trip. I got 32.4 MPG for the trip.

    Will the mileage get better when I have it broken in some more?? Or when it warms up some more??? (it was 35-40F according to the thermometer on the dash)

    I was expecting 35+ considering that I had the cruise set, was driving under 70mph, drafted a truck and wasn't running the A/C.

    Are my expectations unrealistic? Any help and references of what you guys are getting would be appreciated.

    BTW '08 ES 5speed
  • No....I am actually surprised you are getting that good of mileage. This car is rated at 22 city and 29 highway.

    I've been lucky to get 28 highway on my car so far (it has 600 miles)
  • Yes - The car is rated for 29 hwy - but that is the new for '08 EPA formula. That formula is designed to be low because it accounts for speeds above 75mph with the A/C on. Neither of which happened on my trip.

    I have also read some of the other posts of people getting 35+mpg

    With my 5sp 70mph puts the engine at 3200rpm. Is that the same as the CVT? What is the engine speed for CVT owners??
  • I'm not sure about 70mph but I think my CVT is at about 2000 RPM's in the 55-60mph range.

    I will try to pay more attention to my mileage and get back to you soon. But yeah 28.6mpg is the best I've got on a single trip (the farthest trip I've taken is 40 miles haha but they were mostly highway).
  • bensirbensir Posts: 5
    well , ive had my lancer gts for 1 week and thought i would tell ya'll what i think ..negatives ,, cat hair magnet interior ,lol,, a little noisy in the cabin ... and to be honest , thus far thats it ,,, i Love it ,, the lack of power has proven to be no problem at all ,, i find this car to be a cruiser , wont win any races but will look good cruising down the road and i find it to be a pretty comfortable ride as well on smooth roads the thing just glides , i love the handling on winding roads and the leather wrapped steering wheel just feels amazing in my hands ,, the 650 watt stereo is just amazing ,, well what else can i say ,, its been a week and about 300 miles and im very happy with this car so far ,,,, keeping my fingers crossed !
  • Good to hear!

    I got my windows tinted a few days after getting the car and i waited a week to roll them down....and i already have a few vertical scratches on the front windows.....not cool Mitsu not cool haha

    but my tint guy said he would re-do them if any scratches came up..I warned him about them, but he thought it was probably just cheap tint.

    My lancer has had quite a few "less than perfect" (is what i am calling them) starts so far in the 2 weeks that I have had it. I have had two instances where the car didnt start on the first try, but did on the second and I'd say probably 3 times where the car acts like it isnt gonna start (cranks like half way) then does start.....I'm wondering if I should just go get the relays replaced.

    When was your lancer manufactured bensir? Mine was Oct 2007 and supposedly they stopped using the bad relays on Nov 13, 2007 DANGIT haha
  • Well I drove 60 miles today. About 45 highway, 15 city-ish

    My average speed was 32mph and I got 27.3mpg

    at 62 miles per hour my tach read 2100 RPM

    My car has 650 miles on it
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    I went to the dealer on Saturday. I wasn't looking to buy right away maybe 2 months from now. I'm also looking at the STI and my impression of the new Evo is lackluster. The dealer had a $2,000 aero kit added to every Evo on the lot. i guess the Evo looks too much like the regular Lancer :confuse:
    Anyway I was not impressed. The drivers seat was uncomfortable, my wife could not get the seat close enough to put the clutch pedal to the floor and while i thought the sales guy was great. They wouldn't let me test drive it which was no big deal since my wife couldn't reach the pedal and yes we tried everything. Short of custom made pedals it's a no go oh and she couldn't fully reach the pedal in the STI but she could get it to the floor but not comfortably.
    OTOH she had zero problems with the BMW 335i which was a bit odd.
    Anyway I love the look of the Evo in pics but not so much in person which is the exact opposite of the STI which I don't like in pics but looks like a cool running shoe in real life.
    Well either way we won't be buying an Evo since my wife can't drive it if she needed to and custom pedals but dealer over pricing and markups are insane, on top of the ugly and easily breakable body kit. I do like the double wing versus the bucket handle wing.
    I'm sure it's a blast to drive but both cars are eliminated to to needing mods just to drive it off the lot.
    Me thinks I might try for one of these instead at 100mpg it might be just as fun. :shades:
  • Well that would be the difference between the CVT and 5sp. 60/62 mph is right around 2750 on my tach.

    Hey iluvmysephia1 when you did your cruise to get the car detailed and got the 35 mpg, what speed were you running? From my time in AZ I remember the speed limit on I-10 was 75 and if you actually did 75, you were getting run over. Also, is yours a CVT or 5 speed and how many miles do you have on it?
  • sephia has about 17k on his and its CVT.:)
  • bensirbensir Posts: 5
    my lancer was manufactured in nov . 2007 dont know the date ,, just says nov on the pillar . if i were you i would definitely take it in as soon as possible .
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