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Dodge Ram Quad Cab



  • Does the Hemi require premium? BTW did everybody see the Magnum on C&D's cover with a supercharged Hemi under the hood sporting 430 hp and 480 ft/lbs? Hard to believe they wouldn't offer that in the truck line (if they actually build it).
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    89 octane is recommended for the hemi in the ram. but 87 is acceptable, just won't get the advertised hp/torque with 87.

    as for the magnum...that baby does look mighty mean! however, i don't think dodge has any plans to offer a "supercharged" hemi in any cars or trucks...
  • In response to sebring95's question about the Cummins vs Power Stroke engines, the Ford engine is rated as a "light, heavy" duty diesel, while the Cummins is rated as "medium, heavy" duty. No question that the Power Stroke is a good engine, but the Cummins is a more heavy duty engine and has been significantly improved this year. A major improvement, in addition to more torque and horsepower, is the two stage injection system which dramatically reduces engine noise. According to the Turbo Diesel Register, fuel mileage has improved also.
  • bmaigebmaige Posts: 140
    I thought I had read the '03 Dodges would be available in a five (with manual tranny) or six passenger configureation, but haven't found one to sit in.

    I ran into a neighbor in the barbershop the other day who uses Dodges in his farming. There are several around us who do. I asked if he used diesels, and he said he had a diesel he loves for the farm, as well as a V-10. He said he was towing a load with the V-10 a day or so earlier and found it will get a load moving faster than the diesel will, which is good if you are merging onto an interstate or crossing an intersection but the diesel will definitely roll it, just takes longer to get it to highway speed.

    I had heard the new Ford PS was going to have aluminum heads, which concerned me, but in their web site it indicates it has iron heads, which should be better. It is supposed to be smaller with more power and torque, though, which bothers me a bit, too, in a brand new engine.

    GM's new Duramax does have aluminum heads from what I've seen. Did the performance problems you've heard of with the GM diesel come from that engine or their older ones?

    I am surprised at the PS having repair/reliability problems. Even the older one I had, which wasn't called a Powerstroke, never gave me a moment of trouble until it holed that piston, and it still got me home. Do you recall the type problems he was having by any chance?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The fellow from work who had the GM diesel is on special assignment for a month so I don't see him everyday.

    I talked to the stable owner. Their Fords are a 2001 350 and a 2002 450. They have special fiberglass (I think) cargo bodies set up for towing horse trailers. I took mental note of the problems she rattled off, so bare with me.

    She said that they have had automatic transmission problems with both. The older one needing a complete tear down and rebuild at about 17K. The other has had shifting problems, especially in cold weather and has not been properly resolved by the dealer.

    One has had a problem off and on with low oil pressure. Oil pump and main bearings replaced. Also had a repeating coolant leak on one, radiator and "something else" was replaced. Both have suffered from rough idle and they don't believe they're getting the fuel mileage they think they should get (15-18 MPG).

    One had an intermittent starting problem in the cold, traced to some kind of computer failure. One had a wiper motor fail. Both have had the heater cores leak into the cab and replaced. Twice on the older one. One had the emergency brake seize. One had a power window regulator fail.

    Despite the above problems, what really seemed to light her fire was "constant problems with brakes." Premature rotor failure seems to be most of the problem here, as far as I can deduce. She said they've put big money in brake repairs. She also said, compared to her old Dodge (I think was a '93), the Fords are "sloppy handlers."

    She didn't have a complaint about power, but she didn't seem to think that her two Fords were much more powerful than her older truck. I neglected to ask if the old Dodge was an automatic. Sorry.

    That's all I can remember.

    Hope this helps,
  • chevy4mechevy4me Posts: 203
    Any Idea on how many weeks from order tomdelivery now on a 1500 quad cab hemi SLT 2wd fairly loaded? And would ordering the side air bags slow the order? Thanx Todd
  • bmaigebmaige Posts: 140
    I had heard all of the manufacturers were having troubles with the AT's hooked to a diesel, but didn't realize it was at mileage THAT low. That's why I am interested in a manual, plus I like the control they provide.

    I'm looking at some Dodge 2500's and 3500's at present.
  • kaczor1kaczor1 Posts: 14
    I just got a 2003 SLT Quad Cab, unfortunately, it did not come with any body side mouldings. The way this truck sits so high up, it won't take long before someone puts a nice ding in the side with their doors. Does anyone have any idea where I can get body side mouldings for this truck? I am new to this board, and not quite sure where to look around for these things. It is white, so would either need black mouldings or white ones.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    On the SLT you'd think they'd come with them, wouldn't you?

    I just recently bought a Dodge Dakota off the lot and it did not have the mouldings, either. When making my deal I did get the dealer to agree to install the factory mouldings for me at dealer cost. This would've been handled through the parts department and installed later by the service department.

    I don't remember what that price was, but I think it would've been in the $100 range. I later elected not to get them and instead took the bedliner at dealer cost.

    Anyway, many if not most auto parts jobbers can get various styles for you. The national auto parts chain stores I think stock some, too. I believe I've even seen them in WalMart, etc.

    Good luck with your new RAM. They are a very nice truck.

  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    Pardon me if this question has already been discussed here, but I just began considering one of these trucks a couple weeks ago.

    I took a quad cab hemi out for a spin and discussed ordering a truck with the fleet manager afterwards. Surprisingly, he told me that the Infinity stereo upgrade that included the in-dash CD changer was not available - yet. But he said it would be avail. "later" in the year. Kinda odd since the option is listed here on Edmunds and elsewhere. Since we were discussing an order I didn't see any reason for him to make that up. Has anybody got this factory option on their truck?

    Chevy4me: Order time was estimated at 6-8 weeks, with closer to 8. Don't know if there's a side-curtain delay since I didn't discuss that option.

  • here in the DFW metroplex have the 1500 Hemis in stock, and are selling them pretty fast, or so it seems...I looked at several, and even drove one that had the premium radio pkg, so I know they are currently available. You may have to get the SLT or Laramie pkg to get it though...
    As for protective side moulding, I have noticed that most of the new Dodges do NOT have them, which certainly seems odd. Most previous year models had them standard on SLT/SLT plus series. I browsed the lot of one large dealership today and found only 3 of the 50 or so new trucks in stock had side moulding...
  • I ordered 1500 qc,hemi with side curtain air bag on Jan2,03 , truck arrived at dealership today,1/30, will pick up tomorrow.
    At the time i place the order the 6 in-dash cd was not available. order was placed in Cincinnati ohio
  • touctouc Posts: 28
    As far as traveling and ride, how do you Ram 1500 owners like it? (gas mileage, handling, etc.) Did you test drive a Tundra? If so, other than the cab space, why did you choose the dodge?
  • I recently bought a new Dodge 1500, with the Hemi, 4wD. I looked at the Ford's, Toyota Tundra, and Chevy. Of course, I have been a Dodge owner in the past, so may be somewhat biased towards them. The Tundra is a really pretty truck from the outside, but the inside parts seem cheap to me, and the price is way up there too, it was also a stiff ride, but not a lot of comfort very small back seat, and even the front was a little small for me. I'm 6' and want lots of head a leg room. I had a passenger taller than I ride in the back and he said he was comfortable in the dodge. They do ride so much smoother than the older models. Now, for the gas mil. it sucks, but of course I knew that going in. With those engines and power, you are not going to get much. I am averaging 12 to 13 miles around town, haven't had it on the open road much so can't help you there. We have had quite a bit of snow, so have used the 4wd a lot, and of course that cuts down on the gas mil. But boy does it go good in the snow. I have the quad cab, and must be something about that extra weight in the middle that makes it do so well. All in all, I'm very pleased. I went from a Nissan Pathfinder to the truck, as I had always driven a truck before, and am very pleased to be back to it. If you don't mind the lower gas mil. I think you will love the truck!
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I kind of doubt a extended cab 4x4 v-8 tundra is going to do much better then 12-13 MPG around town in 4wd in the snow! At BEST in 3000 miles of use, the Toyota might save you $25 in gas. Hardly worth considering when you are talking about $30,000+ purchase prices. The v-8 4x4 Toyota is rated 14/17, and the 4x4 Hemi Ram 13/17. So equal drivers in equal conditions will only see a 1 mpg difference. Problem is that the Hemi's exhaust tone begs to be released.
  • iaajiaaj Posts: 6
    Does anyone know if the 20" tires are available yet in an off road / all-terrain type for the 2003 Ram quad sport laramie w/hemi? Also, although Edmunds shows P275/55R20 tires as an option, I've only seen P275/60R20 at the dealer - are both being offered from Dodge? Is there a big difference between the two sizes?
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    The 275/60/20 is for the 4x4 and although not a mud tire, it's more of an off road tire. The 275/55/20 is for the 2wd and more of a highway tire. I have the 2wd and we have been getting pretty pounded with snow and it's doing great. I was going to buy dedicated studded snows for the new truck but was planning on waiting until next year. The 275/55/20's are about 31" tall and the 275/60/20's are about 33" tall. The both are the same width, almost 11".
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    "The Tundra is a really pretty truck from the outside." Please! The Tundra is ugly. The headlights are bland, the taillamps are simply ugly and the side just looks plain boring in extended or regular cab.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I'm not really struck on the appearance of the Tundra, but I'd be hard put to tell kaczor1 that he's wrong.

    You can argue about the quality of materials, engine power, legroom etc., but appearance is purely subjective.

    Some people even love the Aztec!
  • I have a '02 Bright Silver 1500 Sport, 20" wheels, 5.9L with approx. 12K miles on it. Absolutely love the truck and still getting compliments on it after a year. It has graphite leather interior with power front seats. I noticed that the front drivers seat (could be the same for the passenger seat, but I don't spend much time there) seems to have some "play" in the seat after it has been set (i.e. it isn't stationary). More specifically it seems that the the seat reclining back has small movement after the seat back has been set. Has anyone else found this? I have tightened everything I can get a wrench or screwdriver on and think it is in the seat mechanism internally. Debating on taking it to the dealer to be looked at but thought I would see if anyone else has noticed this.

    Also, being from Chicago, the truck is in the midst of it's first salty winter. I have noticed small (pin head) sized spots of what appear to be surface rust develop. They are quite small and there are not a lot of them and I can easily remove them with my fingernail after a good washing and waxing/polish, but I find it odd that these develop since I have never found this on any of the other vehicles I have owned. Has anyone experience this? Maybe they are just more easily discovered on the bright silver, most of my other vehicles have been black or graphite.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Probably atmospheric pollution of one sort or another. If your truck was delivered by rail it's possibly brake dust from the railcar wheel brakes.
  • I have been trying to decide on a new pickup. My wife and I really like the Dodge Ram 1500 but I'm having a tough time getting past the horrible ratings given to the Dodge by Consumer Reports. We have also looked at the Tundra but are not happy with the room in the back seat. Toyota is suppose to come out with a true Club Cab next year however and we are considering waiting. Reliability is a big desire. Any advice?
  • peppe1peppe1 Posts: 54
    Don't believe everything that Consumer Reports states. A few years ago they stated the same thing about the Dodge Ram (being left behind in styling and amenities) but at the same time they could not get a fully load truck to test because they were in such demand. That should tell you something right there. I have had a 01 Quad and now a 02(new style) Quad and we travel to Dover DE from Washington DC for the races with five adults(one that is 6'1" in the rear seat with minimal discomfort mainly because of the straight back seat. The only draw back of the Dodge is the so so gas mileage but you accept that before you buy it.
  • utloggerutlogger Posts: 17
    As a 25+ year subscriber to Consumer Reports, I've become very skeptical of the magazine's ratings. Last year for example, two major purchases (windows and vinyl siding)I made based on CR's favorable ratings cost me dearly in lost time and money due to the inferior products CR recommended. On the other hand, the Dodge Ram which CR so often downgrades has been the most totally enjoyable vehicle I have ever owned. My '01 2500 Cummins Ram is a joy to drive and is very reliable. In over 37,000 often abusive miles, my only complaints relate to defective outside mirrors which Dodge replaced under warranty at 3,000 miles and a somewhat noisy heater fan. Other than these minor problems, the Ram has performed flawlessly. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one. Consumer Reports, however, has been so unreliable and has caused me such frustration with its questionable ratings (my opinion) that I will not renew my subscription.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Grain of salt, that's the only way to take their car ratings.

    I won't say any manufacturer makes a perfect vehicle, but the variance between the best and worst isn't much. I've seen true-love and horror stories on every make. I just buy what I like best and hope for the best.

    I've got an '01 Ram 2500 QC 4X4 Cummins/Auto that's been used to pull between 8,000#-14,000# for over 100k miles now. We've had the balljoints and front pads changed at 80k miles, the rest have been oil changes. Dodge paid for the ball-joints under warranty, even though the truck was far from being in warranty.

    We just bought an '03 3500 QC 4X4 DRW HO-Cummins/6-speed since our load has changed to between 12,000#-16,000# which is too much for a SRW 2500. I drove all-three other big trucks and still like the dodge package the best. They were all +/- $1500 so price wise it's about even in my book.

    Half-ton trucks are a totally different ball-game. If reliability was my #1 and only criteria the Tundra might be better. The early models had quite a few problems but so far the newer ones appear to be doing well. I've destroyed a newer style ('98) F-150 so don't plan to work those.

    If you're just looking for a car the Tundra might be worth waiting for if they're going to put more motor in it. I've had several Toyotas and while some of their new products seem to be lacking in quality compared to previous ones, they're still a notch above the rest in things like fit/finish, materials, etc. My early model Camrys were bullet-proof and hit 200k miles without issues. My '97 Camry was not that great and my daughters '02 Celica GTS has been quite problematic in less than 10k miles. It's a crap-shoot on reliability IMHO.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Consumer Reports has a love affair with all the Japanese makes, Honda and Toyota in particular. When fault is found it is downplayed. The reverse is true on other makes. Read the reviews (all of which are biased) in other magazines and you will find that CR stands alone in its opinion. All the magazines tend to have a bias, but if you read enough articles, certain things tend to repeat themselves. For one, the new style dodge pickup probably has the least number of problems of any new model truck put out. Including the beloved Toyota. Actually if you browse around the other sites you will find that Tundra owners are not as happy with thier purchases as they expected.

    I will give it this, if you want a car-like ride in a truck, the Tundra does that best. There are a lot of people that like that soft feel. You can't have that and still load the bed with 1,800# of stuff in the back and not expect that the handling characteristics to become so dramatically changed that they are down right dangerous. I take the rougher ride and the safer handling when loaded (that's when I'm most concerned with safe handling).

    They all make a good product, they just shine a little better in some areas more than others.
  • We recently bought a '00 Ram 1500 Quad Cab. We have been very satisfied. We got a very good deal on it and were pleased to find how spacious the inside was compared to other models. We have bought Dodge/Chrysler vehicles exclusively for the past 7 years and have been extremely pleased with the quality of these cars. We have a '97 Concorde that has 176k miles on it and has never had the transmission replaced, and the only work we have done frequently is oil changes/maintenance. The only parts we've had replaced frequently (more than twice since we've had it) have been oxygen sensors and water pumps. In my opinion Dodge and Chrysler are far better than Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet or GMC, and are far more reliable. As for Consumer Report, their reviews aren't worth reading.
  • I have a 1998 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 5.2 V-8. I am trying to find a new style intake plenum pan that bolts to the bottom of the intake manifold if someone could give me a link so I can find the new plenum pan I would really appreicate it, Thanks.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Is this a part that the dealer doesn't carry?
  • lbrosslbross Posts: 24
    Just ordered my dream truck: '03 1500 QC Bright Silver with the HEMI, 5 sp auto, SLT with Sport Package, tow group, premium cloth seats, power pedals and under rail bedliner. Best looking, best handling truck I've ever driven. The HEMI is fantastic! We will use the truck as our tow vehicle for our 27' travel trailer.

    I am planning on installing Westin Platinum Step Bars and a tonneau cover when the truck is delivered (hopefully 5/103). Any suggestions for the tonneau? I want something that won't flap around on the highway. Thanks!
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