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Audi A4 Avant vs. BMW 3-Series Wagon vs. Mercedes C-Class Wagon



  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    You don't have to go that far back to find a junker that might run. The early to mid-90's wagons with 1-200,000 miles are priced from $1000. More cheap volvo's. I assume you can wait for parts and are capable servicing brakes, waterpumps, fuel pumps, radiators. belts , hoses, suspension components and electical troubleshooting yourself. Transmissions, clutches, rear ends and internal engine components will probably have to relegated to repair shops. Make sure you drive carefully because early 80's models have pale in comparison to current safety equipment.. Just a friendly reality check for you to consider. Good luck.
  • ilmbgilmbg Posts: 8
    jayrider- No, I do not have the knowledge to do any work on an auto- I am a disabled middle aged female who knows nursing- not cars. I like the 80's Mercedes, although from 1981-1985 they are diesel, and I think with gas prices going to go up again, I would prefer gas.The car would be for when I winter in Texas- I only drive close to home for groceries, a movie- , maybe to the next town or so- nothing far. I know there probably wouldn't be airbags or other newer safety features. But it does have to be reliable.
    I have heard that Mercedes is horribly expensive if work is needed, but that if the vehicle has been taken care of they last for many, many miles with routine maintainance.
    Without starting any fights here, is Volvo as good as Mercedes?
    I have wanted a Mercedes wagon for 25 years- and I can't afford, and do not even want a new one- I like the older ones. I also like the older Volvo, so it would be between the two. (now- cross my fingers, and yours too- the realtor brought someone to look at my house today- it is for sale, and the people loved it. They are bringing a relative to see it. If it is sold, I don't NEED to buy a 3rd vehicl I can take my time to look for one for fun).
    Anyway- is one car easier/more reliable/more economical to repair?

    Thanks for your views.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    What price range are you looking at?
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