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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    edited March 2010
    I have to give two thumbs up to Discount Tire. Earlier this week, I ran over a bolt which punctured one of those "fantastic" 19-inch OEM Bridgestones on my '08 HL AWD LTD. They were able to repair (vs replace) the tire at no charge! I have never bought tires from them before, was a new customer, and needed their services... I expected to pay them for their work. They wouldn't have it. When I asked, they said "all we do is try to take care of customers in hopes that you'll buy from us and tell your friends someday." Done! The service advisor was also able to confirm the pending availability of the Hankook Ventus AS in the 245 / 55 / R19 size (May), so he's already made his next sale. Well done, Discount Tire !
  • mama2allymama2ally Posts: 23
    I had the same thing happen in the fall at Belle Tire in Novi, MI. I am an established customer with them though. :)
  • I've had these balanced several times and they still intermitantly shake the steering wheel between 65-75 MPH..very annoying! Seems to self correct on own for minutes then reverts to vibrating steering wheel. I have a 2002 v6 AWD highlander.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    edited April 2010
    Sounds like a bad balance problem. Check on the Hunter site and look for someone in your area that has one of the Hunter Road Force balance machines and have them load balanced. I will bet your problem disappears, I know mine did.

    See these sites for more information

    Road Force Machine & to locate in your area

    Click on the 'Locate a service rep' and look for your area.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 855
    Wheel end vibrations (and that would include tires) tend to be there all the time. So if it comes and goes, it's probably something else - like a worn or failed steering or suspension component.

    The one except to this is if it comes and goes in a rhythm. Sort like: "Thrum......Thrum......Thrum....." etc. - and we're talking seconds here - Then its a pair of tires interacting with each other. Put one of anoither axle and the problem goes away, as neither is by itself large enough to cause a vibration, but when they in and out of phase, they combine to be large enough to detect.
  • topdawgtopdawg Posts: 10
    Installed Toyo Open Country HTs and have about 1,000 miles on them. Tires seem to be fine even in very wet conditions. No snow to test them on. Ride, handling, noise all have been okay. At this point I feel safe in recommending them as a replacement for the A20s.
  • jspitzleyjspitzley Posts: 2
    ">I changed out the 19-inch wheels on my 2008 sport at discount tire for 17-inch wheels and Michelin 50,000 mile m/s tires. Drives great, no problems, no discernible change in performance on the highway. I have much more confidence in these tires in the snow. Paid a total of $1,300 with a $300 rebate from Discount Tires. Lot's more rubber on the road and the wheels look fine. I selected the same tire size that is listed (along with the19-inch) in the user's manual. The Toyota service department dealer actually recommended a larger tire size until I asked them to confirm that using a tire larger than shown in the user's manual was acceptable, then they changed their recommendation. It's lilkely that it does not matter; the odometer is off by a fraction for either tire. Discount Tires replaced the sensors for the tires; that is not an issue.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,741
    I wonder if Toyota will revise the tires to a more common size when they update it in the next year or so?
  • 2005 highlander needs new tires, tried cooper, tried bridgestone, and i slide in the snow and go off track in the rain. steep hill by my home was hard to manuever. it is not a limited, just a nice 6
  • mama2allymama2ally Posts: 23
    I put Hankooks on my 2008. They aren't the original size, but they fit the wheel. I haven't experienced winter yet, but so far so good in heavy rain.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    What size did you install? Up one to 255 / 55 R19 ?
  • cookevillejimcookevillejim Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    A year ago I changed the OEM Toyo A20 tires on my 2008 Highlander to Bridgestone Dueler Alenza 255/55/R19 tires. The Toyos had only 18K miles on them but the tread wear did not give me confidence that they would last through some vacation travel that I planned for last summer. My local tire dealer also sells Toyo tires and he highly recommended the Alenzas for their all weather service. After 12K miles, hardly any wear on my new tires and excellent results over the past year. When compared to other tires in the 245/55 and 255/55 R19 sizes, the Alenzas have any excellent combination of long wear, reasonable cost, and performance chacteristics.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Thanks. I'm in the Chicago area and will need new tires before the snow flies. I'm getting the ducks lined up now...
  • 400e400e Posts: 41
    I put Toyo H/T tires on my Highlander last fall and got through last year's snow just fine - I'm in Omaha and you know what last winter was like in the Midwest.

    I have 9000 miles on the new tires and they are hardly wearing at all so far.
  • Any onee try the Hankook Ventus AS RH07 in 245/55R19? Good price but I am leary of the new tire.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    I was going to go with the same tire, just up one size to 255 until I saw that the 245 was available. Any review I've read on this tire is terrific. My problem is that Discount Tire says they're not available yet in 245 width while Hankook's website clearly says otherwise.
  • Discount tire direct said they can order the 245/55R19 for you. It will take 7 to 10 days and cost $189 with free shipping. Sounds OK. I found a local tire dealer that can get for $178 but I did not ask if that was mounted or not.
  • I got the Hankook's in the 255 size this spring. They have performed well so far, but I haven't driven them in any snow. I'll post a review once I drive with them this winter.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    but I did not ask if that was mounted or not.

    That does get tricky. I got new tires for my van not long ago and I asked the local company for the out the door price on the tires. Came out very close to the cost of getting them over the net, and I didn't have to wait. And no surprise disposal or other fees.
  • When I pulled up (one pull) the auto button on the driver side to put the window up, the window would go all the way up into the lip and then instantly come down. This happened 3 to 4 times, before i operated the button manually and pulled the window up to the lip; but not into the lip. I checked all other windows, and they were fine. About after an hour of driving, i opened the trunk and shut it and made sure the access window in the back was also securely shut. Then i tried the auto button; it was fine. Did anyone ever have anything like that happen? Any help is appreciated.

  • I have the 255/55 on mine, and after 10K miles they are doing fine. Got them from Discount Tire and Hankook has a good warranty. The ride is pretty smooth, and virtually no road noise. I like the slightly wider footprint over the 245's. So far, so good. However, I only have to deal with rain in SE Texas, so I can't comment on their performance in snow.
  • I also have the Hankooks 255/55. I got them in late March and have put over 10,000 mi on them. So far so good. I'll comment again after the snow flies.
  • Looking into replacing with this tire on my 08 Highlander Ltd. Are you happy with this tire?
  • So far I am very happy with the Hankooks. I haven't driven in snow with them yet, but have been in some good rain and they perform very well.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Guess Michelin decided not to off this size tire or I would have gotten them last month instrad of fighting with Toyo. I got the Toyo HT's and so far have been impressed with them Vs the A20's. The HT is a much better constructed tire and if all I read is true will wear better then the A20's by a great deal. Toyo seemed to indicate that was Toyota's choice of tire for the Highlander and not theirs.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,741
    Its a unique tire application, so the low volume will suppress tire product offerings. Toyota seems to have displayed disregard for their customers' ownership experience and costs in this design.
  • I have followed this subject, as my '08 HH Toyo A20's are worn down to 1/32 with 24,000 miles on them. Called Toyo and went to one tire place where the guy said I had no shot at any compensation.
    After reading about your experience, I will go to another location today and press further.

    What about MPG? Any change for those of you who have gone with Toyo HT?
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    I have the HT's and no difference in gas mileage noticed. However, I will say the HT's are 3 time the tire the A20's were they seem great and better wet traction noticed right from the start. In my opinion the HT's should have been on the vehicle in the first place.
  • I'm in the same boat; I own 2 2008 highlanders with 245/55/19 tires, worst tires I ever owned one with Toyo, the other Brigstone duelers - 28,000 miles and they are shot.

    Have you or anyone else reading this post found someone with accurate knowledge of tire size substitutes? Toyota - folks say 255/55/19 AND 235/60/19 can be used - they are using them without problems. Toyota doesn't know squat. I've owned 6 toyota's, these 2 will most likely be my last. Toyota had to know about this problem and why would they use 19's and 17's on highlanders. What toyota think tank came up with this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • I got mine at Discount Tire and they seemed pretty knowledgeable. Of course I'm outside of warranty, so I wasn't concerned with voiding the Toyota warranty.
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