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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • Anybody looking for the impossible to find replacement size for our 19" Highlander Wheels needs to look at the Toyo Versado CUV's. Our Bridgestone H/L 400's were gone by 30K miles and I spent months researching and originally settled on the Hankook's, but when they were backordered until January (or later) I ended up going with the Versado's. And we are so glad we did. They do everything well, they are quiet and ride smooth, and are very sporty (they take corners with ease and a slight sporty stiffness), but the most amazing thing to us has been the snow traction. We are outside Chicago and have been engulfed with snow and these things just bite on the Highlander. We even spent a week in Wisconsin after Christmas where the roads are not salted and we were able to drive, accelerate, and corner with ease.

    I drove my parent's Mazda CX-9 with the 20" Goodyear Eagles and those tires were junk on the same roads on the same day. They couldn't corner or accelerate without slipping even with AWD. Plus, those Goodyear's were so much louder than the Versado's.

    With all the issues on the stock Toyo's that came on Highlander's, they at least make up for it with a fabulous tire. We got our's from (or .net, I can't remember) for like $175/each, which I think is warehouse price (I think it is Cassidy tire's wholesale business in which they sell to dealers).

    We only have about 3K miles on the tires, so I can't peak for wear and tear. But you won't be dissapointed in all they can do.
  • catcincatcin Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 toyota highlander. Bought new. Now with 54,800 miles. Both rear wheel bearings went out Dec. 2010. Because I was over 60 months, warranty would not cover. Has anyone else had this problem. The service dept at Toyota was surprised at this .
  • Thanks to this forum, I just came from the AtoZ Tire store here in Austin with a set of Toyo HTs for my 08 HY w/30K miles replacing the OEM Toyo A-20's. Toyo provided a 25% credit due to the excessive wear on the A-20's making for a very sweet deal on the new HTs. $750 out the door for the set with install/road hazard/lifetime rotation and balance. I love a good deal and I think Toyo made up for the inferior A20's. Love Love Love my Highlander and so glad I was not out the Grand I was expecting before I read this forum. Thank you guys for the valuable information. :D Oh yeah...The AtoZ Tire guys were great to work with too!
  • danielldaniell Posts: 128
    edited January 2011
    I have read this thread with great interest, since I need to replace one of my vehicles within a year or so, and the Highlander is on my short list. I have seen a great deal of concern about matching the exact specs of the OEM 19" tire, but nothing about the 4 tires being matched on the AWD models. As an owner of 9+ years of an AWD vehicle (Subaru Forester) with snow tires (on a second set of wheels) on it 4 months a year , I am going to bring my 2 cents to this discussion:

    - for the 19" wheels, there are other combinations that will put you within 1-3% of the specs of the OEM tires. For example, 255/50/19, 255/55/19 etc. Always make sure that the load index of the new tire is at least as high as the OEM tire load index.
    - minimum tire tread effective in the snow is 6/32". Below that you lose control easily. AWD won't help.
    - minimum tire tread effective in the rain is 4/32". Below that you hydroplane easily.
    - for most people and snow driving conditions, snow tires are better than AWD. Snow tires allow you to corner and brake much better in snow/slush than all season tires. AWD does not help with braking and cornering. But if your driving involves lots of hills, AWD definitely helps.
    - for snow, skinny tires are better than wide, since they dig in the snow better. If possible, go down 1-2 wheel sizes for winter, since a taller sidewall helps too. For example, go from 19" wheels to 17" wheels.
    - another big advantage of snow tires is the special rubber they use, which stays relatively soft even at very low temperatures.
    - having the 4 tires match each other on an AWD vehicle is much more important than matching the exact size specs of the OEM tire. Some manufacturers recommend to stay within 1/4" circumference difference for the 4 tires. In particular, if you have a flat, and it's not repairable, you either have to replace all 4 tires, or buy an identical tire and have it shaved to match the remaining 3. Not doing that may damage the AWD system.
    - this is counterintuitive, but here it goes: if you have a FWD vehicle and need to replace 2 tires, the new tires should go in the back. It's important that the front stays in the front, and the back stays in the back, rather than being able to get traction/speed at the front.
    -even if you never go above 80mph, try to buy tires speed rated H or better. Without going into details, their internal construction is much more robust than for lower rated tires, thus the risk of the tire exploding or dissintegrating is vastly reduced.

  • Has anyone had any experience with the Hankook Ventus AS RH07, especially in the snow? I live in Wisconsin and need a tire that has some decent traction in the snow. Like all of you, the options are some what limited. I wanted to have an all season tire, so any opinions/experiences would be appreciated. I am considering the Hankook and the Gookyear Assurance CS Fuel Max.... any thoughts? I too have complained to Toyota customer service and oh yeah, I even have case number, but one week later, no response/call from Toyota.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195

    Read back through this forum and the Hankooks have been found to be pretty good in the snow. Not the best on the market, but light years better than any of the OEM junk. The biggest problem you'll have with the Hankooks is finding them. I ordered thru Tire Rack for what was promised to be early-mid December delivery and now I'm told Feb 1 at the earliest. I have a lead on another source that supposedly has them in stock now.... I'll know for sure on Monday, then will tell Tire Rack to go stick it.

    I'm in the Chicago area, and need the snow performance too. The Goodyears you mentioned seemed to get some decent reviews, too.
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    I've been following this thread for some time now and finally ordered my 245/55-19 Versado CUV's from I have a 2008 Highlander Sport AWD that I use mostly for the winter months and put a separate set of 17" OEM wheels with Michelin snow tires just for our Pittsburgh winters, so that's why I'm only now getting around to replacing my 'summer' 19" tires - I'll be ready to swap them when I see the robins appear. Got them delivered to my door <$750. Originally, I was sold on the Hankook Ventus, but I've read mixed reviews on the Ventus having noise and weird wear patterns in old age. I've also considered the HT's, but again there's that noise.

    So... why the Toyo Versado CUV? 1) Exact OEM size (no Toyota warranty issues) 2) 50,000 mile warranty (I know the other two are a bit longer but I've found IMHO that extended tread life tires seem to use a tire compound that's very hard: ie: slick in wet, lower ride comfort, less 'sticky' - everything is a tradeoff ) 3) The other tires in the Versado CUV and LX line have great reviews, so I'm hoping these follow. 4) Good review by purchasers on this site 5) Other on-line reviews ar highly positive 6) they were immediately available at numerous online retailers for a great price (order quickly though, I understand the price is going up significantly on the Versados and the HTs) 7) I was looking for comfort and handling, not snow performance and these seem to fit the bill (although they have reasonable snow reviews). According to Toyo propaganda and reviews these are designed for quiet and handling and the reviews support that with top ratings in these categories. I will probably never find out how they perform in the winter, unless we get one of those odd October snowfalls, but that's not why I got them. 8) These are supposedly one of the highest fuel efficiency tires available.

    So... Being the nice guy I am, I'll be be guinea pig and give these a shot for the be benefit of the group. I'll report back once I get them mounted.

    If there are any other brave souls willing to take their chances and give these a shot, i would get them before the price goes up. I actually called because the price went from $168 per on 1/2/11 to $196 on 1/5/11 when I was ready to place my order. I called to biatch and they 'temporarily' lowered the price back so I could get them for the $168. But, for those interested, I noticed that they are still showing at the lowered $168 price. So they either were BS-ing me or forgot to raise the price back. In any case <$750 total to my door and they'll be here Monday. Good luck.
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    Agree about the accident. I also run a separate set of wheels with winter tires, and the way I look at it: I'm going to be wearing out something; whether it's my snow tires or winter tires, so while I'm wearing out the winter tires, my summers are in the shed hibernating and visa-versa. And another BIG plus: the salt and calcium don't eat away at my nice summer alloy wheels as I run them through the winter and I could care less about the winter tires as they're always covered with winter road crap and never look good anyway - they're sacrificial. But the real plus is the margin of safety the snow tires provide in the bad weather; I've never got stuck or even came close in my AWD Highlander Sport with the Michelin xIce tires.
  • An update, I made the plunge and purchased the Hankook AS RH07. So far, I have about 200 miles on them and at this point I am very pleased. I have driven in light snow (2 inches) and the traction was excellent, can't wait to try them in deeper snow. Wet traction has been very good. There does seem to be a bit more road noise than the OEM but hey, I would rather had good traction and deal with a bit more road noise. Will see if it worsens as the tires wear. I will update my posting once I have a few thousand miles on the tires.
  • I put these on my 2008 highlander in the spring and I LOVE them. I've already put over 20000 miles on them and they show no wear. I live in Michigan and we've had measurable snow. I've driven in 4-5" and they have awesome traction. The only time I slip is due to ice under the snow. HUGE difference from last year when my factory Bridgestones were practically bald at 25,000 miles causing me to slide & actually get STUCK in the snow. I highly recommend the Hankooks. As a bonus I do believe they come with a 65,000 mile warranty.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    So here's a summary and the latest:

    I ordered Hankook 245/55r19s from Tire Rack the first week of December with a 12/27 ETA. That date arrives and I'm told that it will be another 4-6 weeks, which puts us to now. Tire Rack contacts me today and says they haven't the foggiest idea when they could ever think of seeing these tires anytime soon and asks if I'd like to modify/change/cancel my order.

    I saw my choices as 1) Stay with the Hankook's, but +1 them and go with 255/55r19s which can ship today, or 2) Try the Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max, also in stock now. Tire Rack was willing to honor the original price for the OEM size on whichever I chose.

    The Hankook's have received very decent ratings anywhere I've looked, so they're on the way with delivery set for Monday 1/24. I'll update then. It's been a LONG Chicago winter so far on the now bald OEM Bridgestones.
  • I feel sorry for you on those Bridgestone's in a Chicago winter. But the good news is you will love your Hankook's I do. I went from a sled to a tank. Very happy with my 245/55-19 Ventus from I hope the 255' work for you.
  • I just called up the local dealer in Madison (Holmes Tire) and they were able to get delivery the next day for the 245/55R19. Don't understand what Tire Racks problem is. Total cost to me was $228.00 each installed. When you factor in shipping and installation, I thought my final cost per tire was very reasonable. Had a bit more snow and slush this past week or so and the tires were great. At this point I would recommend these tires.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    I had the 255's installed as scheduled yesterday, and WOW !! We even got 2-3" of new powder just as I was leaving the shop. After tip-toeing around for the last 3 months in Chicago's winter, I now feel like I'll die in my old age from some disease like I'm supposed to rather than in a wrecked HL.
  • tankerjocktankerjock Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    Are these issues only with the 19" tires or are the 17" in the same situation?
  • As far as I know, it's the 19". That is what I have on mine. There are not a lot of options for replacements.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    PLENTY of options in the 17" size. Just the 19s are problematic.
  • rl newbierl newbie Posts: 17
    edited January 2011
    I just received a 43% "goodwill" credit from Toyo for my four A20 tires in exchange for purchasing four Open Country H/T tires.

    Two A20's had 4-5mm of tread left and the other two had 5-6 mm left with 21,000 miles on the Highlander.

    Happy to be rid of those A20's. Glad the manufacturer is assuming some financial responsibility for the mess they created.

    Thanks to you for the good info here that pointed me to the $500 savings.

    Hope there are more tire choices when it's time to get rid of the H/T's. Versado CUV was not an in-stock option.
  • I have the Toyo tires that are bald on my 08 Hy. How do I get the 25% credit and what are the tires to replace them?
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Oh yeah !!! Just made it home from work in ~20" of Chicago Blizzard conditions with the Hankook Ventus' I wrote about last week. Outstanding! Simply outstanding!
  • As has happened to many Highlander owners on this forum, the OEM Toyo tires on my 2009 Highlander Limited with 19" wheels were seriously worn with NO snow traction at just over 20,000 miles. Other than the dubious Toyo and Bridgestone tires, the only 19" replacement was the Hankook Ventus AS RH07, but these were on national backorder.

    As 17" all season tires are widely available, I tried to switch to 17" wheels -- which come standard on the Base and SE Highlander models. However, 17" wheels from those models will NOT work on the Limited edition -- brake calipers on front hit the wheel's spokes and the wheel will not turn. My local Toyota worked very hard to find a 17" wheel that would work -- he even tried Lexus wheels, but could not find any 17" wheel that would clear the calipers. Hope this info is useful to Highlander Limited ownersw who are considering switching wheels.

    Very recently, Goodyear care out with a P245/55R19 version of its well-regarded Assurance Fuel Max all season tire for crossover/SUV models. These were delivered within 48 hours. My initial reaction -- excellent tread with low road noise, especially for an all-season tire, and good handling characteristics.

    At least now there is a very good alternative to the hard-to-get Hankooks.
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    edited February 2011
    NOT TRUE... the 17" wheels will fit - I have done it. Go to the dealer and check the part numbers for the hubs, calipers, and brake pads. They are the same part number whether you have a Base, Sport, or Limited gas vehicle (i did not check the hybrid and suspect some of those might be different). At least it was that way for the 2008 model year - I doubt they have changed. It is impossible that there will be a problem if you are using true OEM wheels from the same year!

    Please tell your mechanic that the shiny side of the wheel with the valve stem should point to the outside of the vehicle, perhaps YOUR mechanic is mounting the wheels improperly. ;)
  • Put a set of the Fuel Max 245/55/19,.Good ride,low noise level ,handles as well ,if not better than Toyo OEM.Had rotated all 5 Toyos-had 30,000 miles with sliding on wet pavement etc.
    Fortunately live in Va. so little snow this year.Would not drive with Toyos in snow(could not visit daughter in Syracue this winter-100+")
  • Just replaced my 2008 Highlander hybrid Toyo OEM tires with less then 26000 miles on them. Being in North Dakota I had enough of driving a hybrid toboggan around town. One of the local tire shop in town did me a great service and talked to their Toyo rep. They agreed to cut 25% off retail price for a set of Toyo Open Country H/Ts. Very Happy.
  • Glad to hear you got rid of those tires. Sad to hear the Toyo rep and your tire store only got you 25% off a set of replacement Toyo tires. When that happened to me (same issue), I got replacement tires from Toyo for 50% off and free mounting. I have same tires as you noted in your post and they have performed so-so in Michigan winter. Have them for about one year and this winter season has been brutal. At the time, Toyo tires were only company that I could get 19" wheel size to replace OEM tires. Hopefully, when it comes time to replace these Toyo tires, there will be more options like Goodyear or other major brand tires. Never had been a big fan of Toyo tires and especially the 19" variety. Good luck with those...
  • As far as I know they are. I found a good replacement at Tire Kingdom here in Orange City, Florida. Bought 4 Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max tires 245/55R19 for $975.00 out the door including mounting, balancing, and road hazard warranty. Tire is rated at 65,000 miles. Just got them so I have no stories to tell yet....but, at least they are made in the USA (I think). I don't trust Toyo...although I got 34,000 miles out of mine on a 2008 Highlander Limited. I heard that the Bridgestone Duelers aren't very good either. Falken makes the size, but I can't get past the name. I thought I had falken tires in the Toyos.
  • I had the bridgestones and they were just as bad. Got just over 30,000 mi on them, but shouldn't have been driving that long on them. I don't think the Goodyear Fuel Max was available last year when I bought my Hankooks. Hankook Ventus AS RH07
    255/55R19XL 111V SBL
    I did adjust the size a bit, but they have handles well in rain & snow. I've had them about a year now.
    I do have to add that I've ALWAYS driven on Michelin's until I bought this Toyota. NEVER had a problem with Mich's. I was very hesitant on the Hankooks, but so far so good!
  • Can someone please help what tires should I replace on my Toyota Highlander 2009 Sport? It has only 22,000 miles but the front tires are already worn out. I understand only choices are TOYO and Bridgstone in 19'' and both are NOT good based on reviews. It is a new vehicle I bought and it is surprising that I have to do this in 1.5 years. Do I get any credit from OEM TOYO company?
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    My recommendation is the Hankook Ventus AS RH07, which IS available in the original 245/55r19 size, but is VERY difficult to find in that size. You won't go wrong with an upsize to 255/55r19 in the same tire, which is almost always readily available, especially through an online retailer such as Tire Rack.

    This different size is only 10mm wider and WON'T cause any clearance, rubbing or warranty issues, despite what some will have you believe. Wet traction and light snow/ice handling have been supurb for me so far and even deep snow traction was above-average in Chicago's 22" blizzard about a month ago.
  • markr346markr346 Posts: 3
    I went with Toyo H/T Open Country replacements and find them to be very good esp in the heavy snow we've had this winter up here in the Northern Plains. 13,000 miles on them and they look (still) brand new. 60,000 mile warranty, too. FWIW.
    I can't help you on getting a credit from TOYO.
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