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2008 Honda Element



  • Just bought the wife an '08 SC (root-beer) to replace her mini-van.

    I'd like to get her the 'tent' and 'table' accessories. The Honda site isn't really clear. Has anyone here tried the 'tent' option on the SC?

    This isn't for camping, more like tailgating and watching the tennis tourneys from the parking lot. A little shade can be a good thing.

  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    It seems that the Element doesn’t come with any roof rails although a cross bar/roof rack is an option. Could someone tell me what it is the maximum weight that the Element optional roof rack can support? I would like to install a Yakima SpaceCadet 15 cubic feet (35 pounds). I think that this roof box will fit neatly on the car. In a RAV4 forum somebody said that the maximum permissible weight on a cross bar in the RAV4 is not more than 75 pounds that is a ridiculous feature.
  • We are in the market for a new 2008 Element, and the LX FWD meets most of our needs. Obviously, the EX FWD has some nice extra amenities, but the only that we would miss in descending order are: front armrests, map lights, and overhead storage bin. All of the other extras, although nice, we really don't need.

    Does anyone know if front armrests from the EX can be retrofitted to the LX? Or, are there other options to address this? And from my experience with Honda products in the past, perhaps even the overhead console could be purchased from the parts department and retrofitted to the LX?? Just wondering here . . . many times, manufacturers actually run electrical wiring to such items as map lights, but on certain trims the lights and switches aren't installed.

    Any input on this would be appreciated.
  • When my wife bought hers six months ago, she basically came to the $2000 conclusion. We live in love bug land and we knew the black bumpers were better. Think about this way. Interest rates are dropping. Honda had 4.9 when we got ours. It is 40 more dollars a month for the EX.

    We wanted those same two things (armrests and map storage). However, the LX without the subwoofer has a wonderful storage area. There is also a pocket under the radio in the LX. We use it has a CD storage area. After going on a 2000 mile trip, an armrest would have been nice, but it was never uncomfortable not to have one. Since the only difference in the seats are the armrests, you could just change the seats with an EX, but that would probably cost some money and you would be better off to just get the EX.

    I strongly recommend getting the fog lights no matter what model you get. They have proved their worth several times especially on the last big trip.
  • seroqseroq Posts: 12
    New Honda Element 2008 LX 4WD.
    On inner fuse box cover a small plastic piece 2"X1" with a flashing blue LED light that does not shut off, theft system etc.? Can't find in owners manual. Don't know what it is or how to turn it off. Otherwise all other components function well. Some guidance please.
  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    Thanks for the input. I'm leaning toward the LX as I previously mentioned, as I really don't need some of the features of the EX. Alloy wheels are nice, but it increases the maintenance time and potential costs. Plus, if you scrub a curb with a wheel in the LX, the only thing you may have to replace is the wheel cover, not the wheel! So, the area that contains the front-firing subwoofer in the EX is just open space in the LX? That's actually nice . . . I haven't seen an LX in the flesh yet, as the local dealers only generally stock the EX and SC.

    I've received some pretty good quotes from dealers on the LX, and the EX as well. The best quote I've received on the 2008 LX 2WD is $17,900 before TTL.
  • Not a bad price.

    I added the fog lights, rubber mats, cargo tray (carpet)- for no sliding of groceries, and exhaust chrome finisher.
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