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How many of you would buy an ES again?



  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    I drive 65,000 miles a year for work. Plus personal miles. So i like a quiet car and the camry is, or was. I think all cars can endure, as long as the driver knows how to take care of them

    Thats a lot of driving, I don't have yet to drive that much in 3 years lol.

    3 years old and 225 thousand driven, Lexus is the king of ultra reliability.

    Why not get a new ES?
  • caazcaaz Posts: 209
    i'd love a new Es, to answer your question... but to take 40,000 dollars, drive it like that guy did, and sell it for 9800, is just too much hit to take. Thats $10,000.00 a year. I'd be smarter to buy a $13,000 2003 or 2004, with 90k miles on it, run it up to 225,000 like that guy did. Would take me 2 years, and i could probably sell it for $5,000. So i'd rather drive it for 2 years and lose $8,000 total, than lose $30,000.

    Anyway, i'll keep you posted

    Later Caaz
  • senramsenram Posts: 3
    Me, too. I bought a used 1997 ES 300 with only 40k miles on it!

    It's very clean inside-out and drives great and the ride is very smooth for a 11yr old car! I would admit that the cup-holder is a joke, but other than that one gets the sense that the build is solid, the power and controls are adequate. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

    I did replace an O2 sensor, and considering its age, expect to do some more repairs sooner or later, but for now, I have no reason to dislike it and am going to keep it as long as it will run.

    I have heard that the 97-01 models were better engineered than the later models and my experience seems to support that.

    I would certainly buy another Lexus.
  • I JUST PURCHASED A 99 ES300 3 LITRE .what should the engine rpm be at 100 kph ? Mine is 2600 and shifts solid but sucks for mileage. Maybe 25 mpg ! in od
  • senramsenram Posts: 3
    Your engine rpm sounds about right for that kind of speed which is what, about 60-65 mph (we are a non-metric nation!)?

    25 mph ain't bad for a 10yr old luxury car, or is it? Mine gives like 27-28 on hgwy and 22 around the city.

    I did look at a ' 99 model with 96k miles on it, but it didn't look or drive as good as my ' 97 and the guy wanted $1k more. That made my decision easier!
  • Most i ever got was 27 maybe i m in the ballpark.Its just some of the other V6 cars ive owned have shone as far as mileage......32-36 ! People laugh...say own a the gas....that shouldnt have to be. Car also high idles for quite awhile when driving even in summer now....Will it be worse in winter ? Shift from 1st to 2nd takes awhile till really warmed up...normal? Also anyone ever experience unusual opening of windows or trunk when no keys in ignition ? strange. Thanks Grant
  • senramsenram Posts: 3
    I don't understand what you mean by "unusual opening of windows or trunk". Do you mean that they open by themselves without your pressing anything at all? That would be strange and shouldn't happen, I would think. You may want to get it checked.

    The shifting from 1 to 2 is not a problem for my car since the start; it happens between 10-20mph. Nor is the idling. I am not sure yours signify any problem. May be related to the age. What's the mileage on the car?

    As you must know, all V6s are not created equal; even among the ES 300s, ours, being older, are past their prime. I guess we simply have to accept the gas mileage they deliver, which are not all that terrible, IMO.
  • caazcaaz Posts: 209
    The newer ones must do quite well. My father in law has an 07 Toyota avalon, same engine used in the new es. he goes from calif to Arizona several times a year and gets between 33 & 34 mpg. And the es has the identical motor. so....? im sure they do well now.

    Later caaz
  • My 2008 Lexus ES 350 is sitting in a parking lot because the starter---didn't. Being Sunday, I have to wait until tomorrow for the dealer to get it. I have had lots of problems with this car: Windshield wipers (took three trips to fix), tire pressure light, chipping paint (a common problem), worn brakes by the 20000 mile mark, had to replace the tires at 23500 and now the issue with the starter (which also seems to be a common problem). I have had many cars before this and never so many problems. And I haven't even reached the 30000 mile mark yet. NO, I don't advise buying a Lexis. I certainly have not found the so-called "quality".
  • I've been reading these posts from existing and/or previous Lexus owners, and I'm surprised - perhaps I 'dodged a bullet', but I've loved my 2003 ES 330. I bought it used in 2005, and it's been highly dependable. Most importantly, it's built like a tank. I was in a bad car accident on the Washington, DC beltway involving two other cars: a compact car that was totalled, and a very large dump truck, that sustained enough damage to send the driver to the hospital. I was struck in the back right side so hard while going 50 mph that my car skidded into a 180 degree turn into oncoming traffic - which thankfully had slowed to a stop by that point, due to all the commotion. And while others left for hospitals and junkyards, I literally drove away and continued on to a business meeting, with a badly dented back right side that was repaired in about two weeks for less than $300.

    And as I said - it's been dependable. It's not peppy - in fact, I sometimes think I might have avoided that accident if the engine were peppier. When I saw what was coming, I floored the accelerator to try to get out of the way, and just barely missed avoiding it - had I been in a sportier car I could have escaped, I think. But you can't always avoid someone else's recklessness, and I'd rather be in a average speed tank than a fast deathtrap.
  • It was a happy day when I turned in my 2008 ES this past Dec. i am so thankful it was only a lease. I have had 4 other ES cars and they were good vehicles, no complaints. The 2008 quality seems to have slipped. I was back in the dealership with paint complaints 10 days after driving it. My tires also only lasted 23,000 miles. When considering options included in the price, it was remiss as compared to similar autos from different suppliers. I disliked the car so much that it was not even a consideration when choosing another vehicle at the end of the lease.
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