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Ford Explorer Sport Trac - IV



  • When I let my window up or down I can hear popping sound coming out of my speakers everytime I touch the window button. Is anyone else having this happen? Is this normal or because I didn't pay an assessment fee?
  • Can anyone tell me if the dealer's are marking down the ST's. I'm looking for a 2WD..Dallas Area
  • I have read a few articles speaking of a strange vibration. I have this problem with my Sport Trac and thought I would inquire as to if any one else had had a similar problem.

    My truck has a strange vibration that come in at exactly 83mph. It also has a "ringing" sound that can be heard at speeds as low as 35mph. The vibration gets greater if speed is increased past 85, and is virtually un-noticeable below 83 mph. I have had all of the tires and drive shafts checked and re-checked for balance. Nothing is out of the ordinary.

    I just had a factory engineer look at it this past week. (It took a month just to get them out here!) The results were this: The shape of the trasfer case front flange (bell shaped) amplifies the transfer case noises. A coating was applied. It seemed to have worked, but two days later the ringing came back. No vibration was able to be found. (Speed limit was 55... no where near the speed needed to induce vibration..)

    Any suggestions? I love my truck and am trying everything possible. I also spend half of the year in Michigan. (Where i need to be able to go over 80 mph!!)

    Has anyone else had this problem or felt something similar?? Please let me know...

    Thank you
    [email protected]
  • Just ordered ST from Middlekauff Ford with pwr. moonroof, auto. tran., convenience group, leather comfort group, cargo cage, tonneau cover, and limited-slip for $100 over Edmund's invoice listing. Out the door cost was $27017. Edmund's TMV was $26198 vs. my sale price of $25130. Went through internet and offered $250 over invoice. Both Middlekauff and Bankston Ford in Frisco offered same deal upfront ($100 over invoice). Both dealers were going to have to order. Expecting delivery around first of year. Make sure you go through fleet sales!
  • It's probably a filtering cap in the stereo circuit. My '94 Ranger also does this--
    more so on the left side window than the right.
    Shame on Ford if they haven't solved this by now!
    I will be taking delivery of my ST in Dec. and I
    will be checking for this along with the other
    problems posted on ST websites.
  • bigmellon,

    I've been trying to solve the ringing noise for a while now. Your the first person to say that Ford even had a clue where the noise was coming from. There have been a few rattles posted but everyone of those has a fix already. The ringing is the only outstanding noise problem. Mine starts at about 40 MPH.
  • The ringing is aparently an amplification of normal transfer case harmonics. A rubberized undercoating was applied to the inside and outside of the bell shaped flange on the front side of the transfer case. It worked for a few days, but I believe it may have come off. It is aparently hard to get the coating to stick...

    The transfer case is a borg and warner. They gave us the idea to do the coating. Good news is that it isn't a mechanical problem (i.e. she still goes forward)

    My main concern is the vibration. Any clues out there??
  • bigmellon,

    Thanks for the information on the ringing. Sorry I have not noticed a vibration at 80 MPH yet. I have to admit in NJ when we hit 80 MPH we're not thinking about vibration we're thinking about the radar trap around the next corner. I'm not saying I don't drive at 80, but when I do, my mind is focused on not getting a ticket. :-)

    Next time I get on the HWY I'll check the vibration for you.
  • Just got my ST back from having the Rattle and Gas door fixed.

    The gas door looks great. They fixed the small amount of paint damage so well you cannot tell it ever happened.

    To fix the rattle they epoxied the flange in the wheel well in place. It looks good and I think it will last cuz they used a soft epoxy. Although its black, it's shiny so it stands out just a bit but its in the wheel well so I don't mind.

    Next I need to have my T-Cover repaired or replaced. I have several small cracks on the outer edges of the drivers side. A few freezes and the cracks will be a problem.
  • Got a 2001 ST in October. It's been back to the dealer three times already. First a bolt sheared in the rear differential after about one week. Now twice in one week - engine lights come on, and all power goes out. No power steering or brakes and engine quits. Consequently, two towings to the friendly Ford Dealer. First time they recalibrated a module.

    Any similar problems out there, particularly power losses while driving?
  • I too, well, my husband did, i wasn't with him at the time, but he states that when he started up the ST, all the lights on the dash board came on, and some wouldn't go out, but there was NO power windows, radio, locks, turn signals, etc. so he drove it right home, i told ford about it, and they told me there wasn't anything thing they could do, unless they could duplicate it, which of course, it wouldn't do it for them,... so i' haven't a clue what it was, or what to watch out for, it's kind of scarry,... because i'm out on the road by myself ALOT, i've got 16,000 miles on it, and only got it 5-2-00,.... hmmmm,....
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    Does anyone know of a website that sells Ford Extended Service plans at a discount?
  • tractiontraction Posts: 141
    Here is a link....cheaper than the dealers plus you get to pay it off over 10 months with NO interest.
  • zderfzderf Posts: 44
    It kinda looks like I may have the only 15 MPG'er. Or, everyone here is at peace with the relatively poor mileage for such an advanced engine (V-6 anyway) over the 'ole cast iron 5.0 V-8, or the old 4.0 cast iron V-6. Ummmmm.

    Gas here is at 1.84 - 1.97, and I'm glad I put so few miles on. WOW. I'd rather put those fuel dollars into the tank on my 427SC... seems to be more fun per gallon.

    Thanks to all for the feedback.

  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
  • Zderf--

    No, you're not the only one with the 15mpg. Actually I average about 13-14mpg in mostly city driving. The only thing that seems to change the mileage slightly is not using the a/c. Other than that it remains constant.

    I've read posts from people who get mileage as high as 20mpg. I have no clue why there is such a wide variance.
  • It has been since June that I had my ST to the dealer to fix the gas cap rubbing problem and I'm still waiting for Ford to come up with solution.Can someone give me the name and phone #'s of the dealers that fixed your gas caps. I want to go to my local FoMoCo dealer with this info, make some calls, and hopefully get this problem fixed.
    ( ALSO TO GET THIS FIX ON FORDS SERIVCE BULLETIN OR AS A RECALL !!) The St have not been on recall or service bulletins lists yet.
  • I will take this info to my local dealer and see if this is what he did already or not. My gas cap was replaced back in June. The new ST's ( delivered 2 weeks ago ) at this dealer have the same problem. I'm hoping that FoMoCo does'nt just say " They all did that this year ! " Plan B is that I'm still looking for dealers name and phone #'s that have fixed this problem.
  • Did the Yahoo Sport-trac group disappear?
  • The original club got deleted for some reason, but someone started a new one a couple weeks ago. Here's the link:
  • wlukus,
    I just got back from a dealer here in FL. and of the eight sport tracs he had, none had the gas cap rub. I think Ford has fixed the problem, or the
    quality has gone up. Additionally, I think these
    ST's were built in the last 2-mths.
  • b24meb24me Posts: 2
    Many chips and scratches on door handle, and my running boards are chipping pretty bad. Does anyone know if Ford will replace the running board?
    Also, does the ac/heater in the back seat stay on constantly, or can it be turned off? I can't find the instructions for the rear seat controls anywhere in the manual?
  • b24meb24me Posts: 2
    Many chips and scratches on door handle, and my running boards are chipping pretty bad. Does anyone know if Ford will replace the running board?
    Also, does the ac/heater in the back seat stay on constantly, or can it be turned off? I can't find the instructions for the rear seat controls anywhere in the manual?
  • There is a 3-9 second valve rattle on initial starts when my ST has set overnight. The sound is the same as collapsed lifters quieting when they pump up. My dealer said this is a normal nose because the oil "may" drain out of the "cam cassettes" after a long period. This doesn't sound like a good design to me. I have 11,000 miles, I didn't notice it until about 8,000 miles.

    Has anyone else had experience with this? Any recommendations? I asked Ford with no response yet.
  • I took a copy of the Sport Trac Frequently Asked Questions ( thanks RJKUNKLE ! ) to my local FoMoCo dealer. After the service manager stated that he is still waiting for a repair from Ford, I handed him the copy. He asked me where I got this information from as he called the parts department to order one over night. I was told that the regional Ford rep did not have this info yet and that all ST that this dealer sold had this problem. The power of the internet is great !! Thank to all for the help. I'm getting a free oil change from the dealership for providing them with this info.
  • I had a similar situation at the Ford dealer where I got my Sport Trac. I have provided them with several pieces of information obtained from this site. At first I thought they were just being dishonest - they knew but didn't want to admit it. I now get a different feeling. They now ask me if I have heard anything new, and have asked for information on how to get to this website (as well as others). Kind of scary when the consumer knows more about the product then the guys selling or servicing it!It looks like we have to protect and inform each other, because Ford (or any other auto maker for that matter)can't be counted on to be looking out for our best interests.
  • Need info for obtaining hard cover. Local parts dept quoted price of +-$1100.00. Any other dealers that will disount this?


    Hopefully this makes it to the sport trac topic not the dodge one as did before.
  • Jan 2001 Consumer Reports says they will review the ST in the next few months.
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