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Honda Accord Coupe Electrical problems



  • Has anyone else had a problem with headlights automatically changing from daytime running lights brightness to low to high all while on the "low" beam setting...all in a matter of 2 minutes? I'm having this difficulty. We have a 2004 Accord and it is really bad driving at night. Drivers are constantly flashing us thinking we are doing it on purpose, but we are not. Any ideas? The dealership doesn't know...they suggest the module but can't be sure. HELP?! Thanks.
  • bathurobathuro Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem. Took it to the dealer who stated there is a circuit board which would require replacing to the tune of >$300. Now I'm just trying to find where this alleged circuit panel is and where to find a replacement or fix it. Let me know if you have since solved the problem.
  • Hey i also am having the exact same problem on the same car as you are describing if you ever get a solution or reply back about this could you please forward it to me at thanks.
  • Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I have the same problem and have replaced bulb, fuse, and still only top middle brake light works.
  • Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I have the same problem and have replaced bulb, fuse, and still only top middle brake light works.
  • shifter19shifter19 Posts: 1
    Did you ever resolve the issue with the 98 Accord when the engine would die while you were driving. I bought a used 98 Accord last October that now has 73,000 miles and it has starting having the same issue. Engine will die but will start right up-just concerned with it not starting up at some point. Thanks for your response.
  • ok.. i have read a couple of the forums. and i have done all they say do. and nothing works. i have checked all the voltage. 12 volts supply is fine. changed fuses. changed brake switch. nothing works. my 3rd brake light works. my left an right light does not? has anyone figured this out?? info would be much appreciated! my son will be born any day now and i dont want him riding in my car if my brake lights do not work. need fix asap!
  • have you figured this problem out yet??
  • Try the main relay. I had a bad stalling problem and my mechanic and a honda parts guy said main relay right away. I guess its an issue with aging hondas.
  • You can pry the panel up with your fingers from the fron of the panel to get to the back and access to the switch. Once you have access to them you will see that the lights will insert into the side of the switch. The 2 for the hi and lo are the same and the one for the icon is different. You can pick up the bulbs from any auto parts store, just ask for them.
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