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Buick Regal Steering/Suspension

How do I check the power steering fluid on my son's 2000 Regal? I can't find a resevoir anywhere. Do I need to take it to a shop?


  • i would take it to the shop for now :confuse:
  • I looked a little harder and found it. It was in the back lower than most resevoirs. I needed a longer funnel to reach it.

  • I am still having a problem with the steering. It turns easily to the left, but hard like no power steering to the right. Any ideas what is wrong?
  • The reason you're experiencing a problem with hard turning one way and not the other is due to the steering rack assmebly spool valve. Correcting this would be to replace the steering rack assembly.
  • I just found that out from the shop yesterday. Thanks alot I appreciate the response. They estimated me a cost of $1000 for them to fix. Needless to say my buddy and I can do it for a lot less. Again, thanks for the response!!
  • ehowellsehowells Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Regal GS. The front suspension seems to be very low. How can I adjust the heigth of the front suspension?
  • gsboostgsboost Posts: 11
    I have a 1999 regal GS. Every time i take a somewhat hard left turn or just hit to big of a bump the tire scrapes the inside of the wheel well. It is starting to even cut into the tire. I had the strut replaced but that did absolutely nothing. I think it might be that the tires that came with the car when i bought it weren't stock and might be too big. Any suggestions on what to replace or do?
  • arm51arm51 Posts: 4
    Is is possible to "bottom out" once to cause "major damage" to the power steering and tie rods? Enough damage where they "need to be replaced immediately"? This concerns a 1997 Buick Regal with roughly 145,000 miles on the odo.
  • jay_mjay_m Posts: 8
    Has it been that way since you bought the car? The prior owner might have put special springs in the car to lower it. There isn't any adjustment to set the ride height, as far as I know. The original springs could be tired and allowing the car to ride lower than original, too.
  • jay_mjay_m Posts: 8
    someday I'll learn to check date of posts before I reply to them... :surprise:
  • arm51arm51 Posts: 4
    No worried, I probably should have closed the loop on that question. It turns out that the vehicle was taken to a less than honest service center. I had borrowed the car and my friend had taken it in for an oil change when it had gone off-road a bit due to another motorist. Essentially, they told him that he needed new tie-rods and power steering. I called BS on it, but he disagreed. After asking the question here, I told him to get a second opinion at a more reputable place and that I would pay for the inspection and repair if there was actual damage. Basically, the service center he took it to the second time agreed with me, having one wheel drop onto the shoulder for about 10 feet can't break a car. Thanks for the interest though!
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