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Chevy Tahoe Transmission Problems



  • priorprior Posts: 2
    I got the Service 4WD light on my '05 Tahoe Z71. No lights on the selector, couldn't change modes. Truck was driveable, so I believe it was in 2HI. Had the code read, C0327 which indicates the encoder sensor. I found instructions on this site for how to replace it. Everything came apart real easy, got the new sensor installed in the motor. Went to put the motor back on and the shaft had turned, the notch on the shaft no longer matches up with the gear on the motor. The notch on the gear is at around 11 o'clock position, the notch on the shaft is at 6'oclock. I read multiple comments (all apparently quoting the same bulletin) which says to use a crescent wrench to turn the shaft to the necessary position. How? I can turn it to about 9 o'clock, but no further. Plus, it immediately springs back to 6 o'clock. Someone suggested putting the truck in neutral (trans), jacking the rear tires off the ground, and turning the rear driveshaft while I try to turn the shaft. Did that, same results. Right now the truck is in the middle of my driveway, with the front end up on ramps and the rear on jack stands, with no front driveshaft. This is my daily driver, and I'm stranded without it. Does someone have any other suggestions?
  • Hello everyone, I have been reading over the threads listed looking for a problem similar to mine...but I haven't found one exactly like mine, so...I have a 2002 lt auto ride 5.3L 4x4 Tahoe. I purchased it used from a soccer mom so it was driven but well cared for. One day while pulling into traffic SNAP..the sun shell broke, I had it towed (2nd problem) to a place where my husband and his father having worked on rebuilding engines and transmissions before purchased the appropriate kits and rebuilt the transmission with a new beefier sun shell. 2nd problem steps in...The tow company towed it backwards on its front tires without putting it neutral! This basically fried the transfer case. They did however take it to a transmission shop and replace the damaged I have been driving it minimally and 3 months later comes in the current problem, In the morning when you 1st start it it's like the fluid has left the transmission overnight the engine rev's higher like it has no resistance and if you were to proceed driving it makes this whining noise (like your low power steering pump would) only when it tries to shift into into 2nd and again into 3rd but this noise stops after 10 or 15 minutes of driving(like the fluid has now reached all area it needs to) I tried letting it sit in the mornings this initially helped the noise volume and duration. But 4 weeks later it is now louder and more violent sounding it last a lot longer and it does not help to let it sit a run.

    The only thing my husband says he did not replace was the shift plate, but now he believes one or two of the bebe's where little worn...could this be the culprit? I have already even with their help spent a fortune to fix this Tahoe with 3 kids and trying to get a degree I have already exhausted our $$ I get 10 different opinions from transmission shops all with huge $$tags. Please help :(
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    Well here it is just 1yr into owning my 2005 tahoe and now I have a 3rd problem that just pooped up. So on top of my liftgate being stuck in the lock possition leaving it totally useless, the remote key fob will not unlock my doors but will lock and set the alarm, but now ar 78,500 my transmission is starting to act up. I have never dogged this car infact I had all the dealer requiered maintainace done on it as soon as I bought it. The other day I was sitting at a red light and as the light turned green i pressed the gas pedal and teh car seemed to hesitate a little almost like it wanted to stall. Today on the way home from work on the freeway the transmission seems to shift up only to 4th gear and then staysthere unless I backed off the gas. At 60mph the RPM's was at almost 3,000 which I know is not good. The car shifts down just fine and there are not other indicator lights or warning what so ever. its a 2005 Tahoe with the 5.3lt vortec engine and 4wd. Does this mean I need to replace or rebuild the transmission or could it be something else? If I knew that Tahoes had some many damn issues and Chevy dont want to fix or recall them I would have never traded my Durango for it. If I dont get a good resolution with this issue I will never purchase a Chevy product again and will share my pains with all my friends and family to follow my lead :-(
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    Well took my Tahoe to a transmission shop and thank god it was not blown or in need of any major repair. The Chevy dealer over filled my transmission fluid by 2 quarts when they topped off my fluids during an oil change. It did give him a P0642B code which he cleared out and now my Tahoe is running like new. But was told I will have to at least have it serviced within 5 to 6k miles just to keep it running smooth.
  • Did you find the issue, I am having the same problem.
  • I replaced one of the the O2 sensors. All seemed right with the world then it happened to me again. However, 2 things were common to both incidences. I was running on fumes...about the drag up empty...and I was driving in 2WD. As of right now, no problem. I intend to change all Trans fluid, filter, and gasket very soon. Current mileage = 130K
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Have you considered getting this diagnosed at your servicing dealership? Is there anyway we can help? Let us know – email Christina here with more information (name, VIN, contact info, dealership).

    GM Customer Service
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    Ok so after a week my tahoe started doing the same thing again with a slight hesitation when starting off and tehn not shifting into overdrive while on the freeway. I have to take it back to the transmission shop that check it out before to have them do an overnight diagnostic so see if their computer can detect the problem since there is no check engine light nor a service light coming on.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Looking forward to hear how your visit to the shop goes. If Customer Assistance can help, please don’t hesitate to email Christina though the email address provided on this forum.

    GM Customer Service
  • I had the same problem recently but it turned out to be simple fix. I had installed a K/N Intake system on my Tahoe years ago and never had a problem but when I had the same problem as you I took my truck in to my mechanic and he told me the stock mass air flow sensor wasn't reading the correct amount of air due to my K/N. I purchased a performance mass air flow sensor from Granatelli like he recommended and problem solved. It runs and shifts better than ever. I never got a light either. To test your mass air flow sensor just unplug the wires to it and drive the truck. If it runs and shifts good than you know thats what it is. You will get an engine light on when doing this but you can reconnect the wires and it should go away or just have it reset at Autozone. Let me know how it turns out.
  • Check the mass air flow sensor. unplug the wires to it and drive the truck. if it drives good again you will now know what it is. I had the same issue. Replaced my mass air flow sensor ( which are expensive $200 to $300) but my truck is back to normal and worth the $
  • I have a 2001 Tahoe I just picked up from a friend. He hasn't had any issues with the tranny and Now less than a week into me having it, The downstream O2 Sensor has thrown a code. I reset the codes and now It's shifting hard from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. Same when it downshifts. It's not slipping, it's just changing into gear kind of hard. On the highway I'm fine no problems. I did see that there tranny dip stick did have bubbles on the fluid and it is over filled. I plan on taking it to AAMCO to see if they can diagnose the problem and hopefully won't be to much. I am replacing the O2 sensor
    I also checked out this website and it kind of leads me to believe the O2 sensor is the cause, but my friend who is a mechanic says more than likely it's something else.
    I love the Tahoe and I really don't want to move to anything else. So i'm praying it's something simple ul_kit.html
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    Well after letting the transmission shop keep my tahoe for two days they could not find anything wrong with it. I was told my car looks almost new inside and out, the computer showed no stored codes or warnings. Only thing I was told was if I am on surface street drive with the car in 3rd gear and this should help with the shifting concerns and then out it in drive when on the highway. They checked all the sensors as well as the mass air flow sensor and none of them are faulty. You mentioned you was gonna take your's to AAMCO! I dont know about your area but here in my area no one will take their car to AAMCO. They have done more damage to people cars than what was already wrong. If you can check and see of you have a Clutch Mart in your area. Thats the company I went to and they didnt even charge me a dime for the testing. My Tahoe is running just as smooth as ever so I dont know maybe its a glitch or something but I was told if It does it again just bring it back for another test. Good Luck to you and please keep us posted on the outcome of your Tahoe.
  • marka09,
    I oddly did the very same, traded my old RC for a 2000 Tahoe with 61,000 miles.
    Now I too, have 78,000 miles on it and having tranny trouble. I thought it would a be a more reliable truck to take my son in vs and on old 82 Dodge. Guess I'm wrong.
    I'm worried to drive it other then to work. I had to leave it along the road and walk the other day. The engine will rev and the rpms will go up but the truck wont move or wont shift. I have it in the shop where I work for the 3rd time. I had the tranny flushed last year. I like to keep this truck nice and very good about maintaining it.
    THe tranny isn't making noise but it just wont go all time.
    What have you all been finding or done for help?
    Anything short of driving it until it goes no more and trying to pay for a new tranny or just buy a bicycle?
  • I had to have my transmission replaced. $3000 with a 3 year warranty. There is a systemic problem with these transmissions and Chevy will not own up to it - unless you get to executive escalations and say you are going to buy a new vehicle from Chevy. They won't admit that there is something wrong, but they will offer you a voucher for a discount on a new Chevy. I told them that this is the last Chevy for me and the rest of my family.
  • We've had a lot of Chevys in my family and it's common for a fuel pump to go at less than 100K miles. Never let your fuel tank get lower than 1/4 and that seems to keep the problem at bay.
  • Hi!
    I just purchased a 2007 Chevrolet suburban in June with 72,000 miles on it. 1 month later my transmission went out. They covered it and put in a "rebuilt" problems since...knock on wood. A week after I bought it though it felt funny when I would take a right hand turn. I took it in and they said nothing was wrong. I just put new tires on it and I just noticed I can feel the right tire rubbing on something when I turn right. The tire people said my right front tire wore unevenly and the inner tire had steel threads coming out of it. I am currently losing oil somehow and I am sure that is not a good thing. I was never a Chevy person but my boyfriend convinced me to buy it. I think next time I might try something else...very frustrating!
  • We bought our 2007 Suburban used two years ago. Had always felt like we were rear ended when stopping at lights/stop sign. Mentioned at dealer when vehicle serviced, no answer. Transmission went out in February 2011 in a blizzard two hours from home at 88,000 miles. Less than 100,000 miles so covered under warranty. Still didn't feel like it shifted correctly when we got it back. Transmission went out three weeks ago, 98,000 miles, STILL at dealer three weeks later. Service dept says clearances weren't right on 1st rebuild. Also has been to dealer three times to fix overactive lifter problems on oil system - recalled the 1st time but it just doesn't seem to be fixed. We have never towed anything with it. We have been loyal GM customers, have 2006 GMC Sierra, but don't know what to do. Dealer not offering any solutions but clearly warranty is running out on this troubled vehicle. From reading the previous posts, it appears this is a common problem; any more on information on possible recalls for this vehicle?
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    So as you may all know I have been dealing with a shifting issue with my 2005 Tahoe. Well After two trips to a transmission shop who could not find any codes, damage, or problems with my transmission it has once again started to hesitate sometimes from a dead stop as well as not shifting into overdrive or 4th gear. I dont have a clue what to do since there are no warning lights coming on. I was told that even the mass air flow sensor and O2 sensors would still trigger an engine code if they where faulty but I have not seen any service engine light or warning. I am very flustered with this car and wished I had never purchased it.
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    Well here I am again, the transmission in my tahoe has gotten worse. So the other night with no warning it started reving up when switching gears then is seems like it was trying to find a gear to go into. It goes from 1st to 2nd just fine but when it tries to go into 3rd it revs up and I get an odd spinning sound fron the dashboard on the drivers side and then searches for a gear. Going into 4th just does not happen at all is seems to stay in 3rd and continuously searches for a gear going in and out of 4th and 3rd. Still no warning lights, its shift down just fine. I had to take it back to the transmission shop again today so they can check it for the 4th time. I hope they can figure out whats going on cause this has really irritated my last nerve. I have always kept it in 2wd hi cause I never actually have had the need to put it in 4wd. Anyone with advice please let me know just incase teh shop still cant find anything wrong :-(
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    Well got the call back today from the transmission shop and they confirmed my worse fear, the transmission is faulty. I have no 2nd and 4th gears and no overdrive. So now checking around for prices to either get it rebuilt or replaced with a better quality transmission
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    Thank you but I it does not seem like GM has been able to help anyone with failing transmission issues. My transmission is shot and needs to be replaced so I am just wondering if its best to trade it in for an import SUV or find a better quality transmission and pray it last longer the one it came off the show room floor with.
  • 2004 tahoe has hood design defect funneling water into transmission dipstick . GM knows this but previous Chevy dealer never fixed it .. I've been trying to get them to repair this and fix damaged transmission for weeks . In addition , it is a GM Certified rebuilt transmission since the original trans died shortly after the warranty expired . The GM customer service center is NO help --like talking to the phone company used to be . The customer service person refuses to let me speak to her supervisor !!!! She types the whole time we speak and seems to be reading canned responses instead of talking with me . I find out on the internet that the customer service call center is in Venezuela ! That's what we get for bailing out GM . I've got two Chevy vehicles and was about to buy another but with the miserable customer service , why should I ? Service request # 71-1014887018 .
  • FYI , I have a GM Cerified rebuilt transmission that has failed after 30,000 miles and GM customer care is AWFUL , even if the dealer tries to help .
  • I sure wish someone from Gm would help me . I'm stuck with the GM call center that the internet tells me is located in Venzuela and a person there who won't put me through to a supervisor & who basically reads canned lines to me as to why they won't replace the GM CErtified rebuilt transmission that has water in it from a GM design flaw--water is funneled from the hood to the trans dipstick --and have been without a usable car for sweeks tho dealership , who are nice people , just gave me a loaner . But GM insists on "rebuilding '' this defective transmission that still won't work after being taken apart multiple times . I've been a GM customer exclusively for 12 years and this is what GM calls customer assistance . Service request # 71-1014887018.
  • they also gave me another reference number : 71-1015827876.
  • Cut & Pasted from my ORIGINAL issue --- 129K miles, one owner. Wife driving in 2WD. Went out of gear. Engine rev'd up. Would not go into Drive or Reverse. Got engine code for O2 Sensor. Changed it out. Light went out. All good. Yesterday, did same thing but no engine light came on. Pulled over. Put in Park. In PARK position, it started to roll forward, had to apply brakes to keep it from rolling forward on flat ground. Turned off engine. Re-started it and tried to put in DRIVE. Heard something spin up then down...and a little clanking under truck. Put it in 4WD and she was fine, no more noise. Drove the rest of the day in 4WD. --- One person said it was likely the "encoder motor position sensor". Drove around town in 2WD. Fell out of drive when I slowed to turn around. Tahoe has not had Trans Fluid changed for life of vehicle. No Engine Light right now, no burning smell, or other noises now.
    Usually drive in 2WD and almost entirely highway mileage around 70mph. Any thoughts, suggestions? Can I drive in 4WD indefinitely? Another O2 sensor to change? I changed the first O2 behind the battery. There are 4 total.
  • Feeling like you are rear ended at a traffic light is exactly what my truck has done ever since it was new. It was to the dealer several times for it and they said nothing was wrong. 73K miles later the transmission failed. $3000 later I have a rebuilt transmission installed (dealer). It's been several months since it was installed and it's beginning to show the same signs. Its shift points are off and there is a very slight "rear ending" feeling now and then. I plan to take it to the dealer when I get a chance - and it has 76K mile on it now. I average about 5 - 7K miles a year (I have 4 vehicles) on this truck and don't tow or use off road even though it's a 4WD. I'm beginning to think about a Ford as my next vehicle because Chevy doesn't really stand behind their products.
  • Did the gmcustsvc person ever help you resolve the issue with your transmission. I have a 2007 chevy tahoe that just started acting up. I have 140k miles on mine, but just like you babied it. It is crazy for the same model SUV have same issue so often that it was never recalled. This is bad for the chevrolet brand name to allow so many loyal consumers that keep buying just chevrolets to be made to deal with a problem they obviously had with whoever the contracted out to buy the transmissions from or whichever plant built them. Its obviously a bigger issue than just a few here or there. The place onstar towed it to said he has had to replace 10 transmissions so far in the same year chevrolet tahoe and silverados with the same engine etc. Of course no warranties are good anymore. Makes you wonder why GM gives you a warrant to a specific mileage. its like they know it will stop working after that time. Its terrible.
  • Did the gmcustsvc person ever help you resolve the issue with your transmission. I have a 2007 chevy tahoe that just started acting up. I have 140k miles on mine, but just like you babied it. It is crazy for the same model SUV have same issue so often that it was never recalled. This is bad for the chevrolet brand name to allow so many loyal consumers that keep buying just chevrolets to be made to deal with a problem they obviously had with whoever the contracted out to buy the transmissions from or whichever plant built them. Its obviously a bigger issue than just a few here or there. The place onstar towed it to said he has had to replace 10 transmissions so far in the same year chevrolet tahoe and silverados with the same engine etc. Of course no warranties are good anymore. Makes you wonder why GM gives you a warrant to a specific mileage. its like they know it will stop working after that time. Its terrible.
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