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Chevy Tahoe Transmission Problems



  • Yes she did and got it all straightened out ! I called the nuber the other member provided and explained that I needed to talk to a management person since I was getting the run-around from regular customer service .
  • As someone in the transmission repair business I would advise avoiding most, if not all, import SUVs. Reliability is down for all auto makers, especially Nissan and Toyota. GM at least has a longer warranty. I currently have a Ford Explorer (65k) and an 07 Pathfinder (85k) getting transmission rebuilds for major failures that would have been warranty for GM products. Not to mention the repair costs being more. That Pathfinder is a 4000.00 repair because the computer is internal to the transmission, only available from Nissan, and almost always replaced. People ask my opinion on a daily basis and I tell them all the same thing, whatever you buy, get the best warranty you can because I don't like what I see from America, Europe, or Japan
  • We decided to trade 2007 Chevy Suburban off on a new 2011 Chevy Suburban. Cynthia in GM customer service looked into service history, agreed there was a problem, and was able to get us a GM Owner Loyalty Certificate which helped us get into a new vehicle. She also followed up with the dealer to try to get us a better loaner vehicle or speed up the transmission work. She was excellent to work with and went above and beyond to see that we were satisfied but we were sorry it had to come to this. Hopefully, this will eliminate all of our problems.
  • I have a 01 Z71 Tahoe transmission that slips making a hard left turn, or a wide sweeping left turn. Sometimes after the left turn it slips just a little after I am straight. I was told that the screen may have dropped down in the pan. I checked that, and everything seems to be OK.
  • UPDATE!! I took my 2006 Tahoe to Dealer at the advise of my friend's local repair shop. They ran Diagnostic. Replaced my encoder motor (actuator).
    Cost = $700.00.
    I could have done it but I would not have been able to update software.
    No problems so far...I wonder if they updated software?
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    So at about 92k miles I coughed up the $2670 for a complete transmission rebuild with heavy duty upgrades. It sucks that the repair shop knew these transmissions are crap. In fact the shop manager who also has a Tahoe says "the engines are great and will run for ever if you maintain it, yet transmission are CRAP!" (crap was not the word he used) With a statement like that how can you not trust a guy who feels your pain? Well its fixed and now under warranty so now I have to work on getting my lift gate unstuck from the lock position and see whats up with my keyless entry remote not unlocking my doors but will lock them. This will be the last GM product I ever buy TRUST ME!!!!
  • dtroitdtroit Posts: 5
    While you are at it, replace your u-joints on the front driveshaft. If that shaft has a slight vibration due to worn u-joints you will be rebuilding your transfer case as well, or at least replacing the frt main bearing and seal.
  • dtroitdtroit Posts: 5
    I would like to lift my 99 Hoe about 3 inches. Can anyone recommend a good kit?
  • GM banned me from the Yukon/tahoe site . Obviously , not this one .
  • huskeriniowa, can you please tell us your experience so far with your 2011 Chevy. We have expierenced similar and were considering trading in for 2011 Tahoe. Very concerned based off of what we are finding on research on this site. Interested in your feedback. We were really pleased with our Tahoe till now....
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning slogan002,

    I see that you're having difficulties with your Chevrolet and would like to know more. What year is your vehicle, and what has been happening?

    GM Customer Service
  • marka09marka09 Posts: 20
    It's been less than a year since my transmission has been replaced and it's starting to show the same signs of failure as the first transmission. No more than 4000 miles since replacement and it, at times, slips when starting to move from a traffic signal. The engine revs and then a few seconds later the transmission kicks in - it feels like someone has just rear-ended the truck. It's the same sign I had with the first transmission that only lasted 76K miles. This is getting a little upsetting!!!!
  • Sarah, we had not had any problems whatsoever till the other day on my way home from work. Stopped at intersection, proceeded to go thru and I lost all power. It felt like it was in neutral. Reverse fine, low fine, drive gone! Had to have towed to nearest dearer 60 miles away! Cost us $160. Got a call back from service tech. Said tranny is gone. Need to replace. No warranty. He did not pull the tranny, apparently is good enough tech to know it is tranny. We are original owners, babied this vehicle, never towed anything. Just had full tranny service less than yr ago because we we moving. They said everything was fine and really didn't need it done, but did anyway for our own comfort. This had been a great vehicle till now! This is unexceptable, that tranny should last the life of the vehicle the way it was taken care of! Very disappointing! Chevy obviously has issues with the tranny in the 2007 models and earlier based off of what other customers are experiencing on this site. What is Chevy doing about this? And, of course our warranty just expired! So we are without a vehicle now and having to Look for another vehicle today. Which is 2 hrs away! Then we will have to have towed again to that dealer to trade in at another probably $200.00!
  • My transmission just went out on my 2001 chevy tahoe. i just had another used one installed. the mechanic warned me of a sound, possibly a bearing going bad. well, he installed it correctly this am, and while test driving i could hear the noise. also, i noticed that the gears were taking a long time to shift. my rpm would go up very high before shifting from 1st to second gear. well long story short, while test driving, i came almost to s complete stop and pressed the gas to go and it felt like something came loose or broke or something... the truck stop moving completely!! as i put it in drive, it wouldn't move at all.. like it was in neutral or something.. oddly, it reverses fine... it stop driving in the middle of the road so i put it in reverse and it backs up fast and fine.
    please help... what could this possibly be???? good mechanics, please help!!!!
  • hey how are you..where was the sensor located at
  • i have 98 chevy tahoe and im having problems with it, my tahoe will not move in any gear and in 2 or 4 wheel drive, once u turn it on it will move a few feet then it will not move again until u shuut it off and wait a few minutes then turn on and it will move agaian a few feet, what do u think the problem is?
  • woodycoxwoodycox Posts: 8
    Sensor is under SUV near driver's side door; off center of vehicle.
    Google image the sensor. It looks just like those. Part of it runs left to right and looks like a skinny, black coke can....almost looks like a skinny oil filter.
    Cost/labor at dealership was at least $700. If you do it by yourself, watch youtube videos. There are great vids of removal and replacement. However, software updates have to be done...not sure if you can drive it w/o the updates.
  • amuzjayamuzjay Posts: 3
    Sounds familiar! I just found out this morning that I have to fork out $4200 for a complete tranny rebuild for my apparent piece of crap 2006 $59,000 Chevy Tahoe! Only 74,000 miles on it! I can't believe I ever bought a Chevy! They fork out more money into their people's retirement, that their product is crap! Thank you Union bastards! Thank you Chevy! No wounded you bastards went bankrupt!
  • I don't know what part of the country that was in, but 4200 is a ripoff. Dealer list for a 4L60E is less than 1900.00 and Labor time is 7.0 hours for 4wd. At the average GM rate of 100.00 per hr 700.00 labor a total of 2600.00 plus tax and fluid with the GM 3 year/ unlimited warranty. If anyone in this forum is quoted over 3k go to a different dealer or shop
  • corrieqcorrieq Posts: 2
    I'm having the same problem. It first happened between 58,000 and 59,000 miles that it wouldn't go into gear after stopping at a light. It was sporadic, and I thought it was my imagination. Over the weekend the problem got much worse and the engine revs between all gears. Of course, my powertrain warranty ended a few months ago. I'm looking at $3,350 for a new transmission, and the cost of a rental car in the meantime. If I had known that this was such an issue I would not have bought a Chevrolet. I'm hoping that GM Customer Assistance will do the right thing and stand behind their product. The dealer keeps reminding me that GM is on my side, and I should be patient while they see if they can help. My take on it is that they should do the right thing and cover the cost of the transmission replacement since the dealer has told me numerous times that this malfunction has no external cause. Unfortunately, customer service has quoted me all of the reasons they may not be able to help me (outside of warranty, I'm the second owner and they don't know how the prior owner maintained it), and don't really seem to be on my side.

    If you've had similar problems and either paid for the repair, or had the repair covered by GM either under warranty or through customer assistance, please email me. I'm collecting information on how wide spread this issue is.

    I understand that cars cost money, and things do break, however having a transmission that only lasts 60,000 miles then falls apart is unacceptable!

  • amuzjayamuzjay Posts: 3
    edited May 2012
    $1900 for tranny ( not including torque convertor) $500 for the torque convertor, $1600 for the R&R ( quoted 17 hrs to do the rebuild replacing all the hard parts and soft). Plus fluid and tax. Looks like I'm getting raked with the labor. It's at my local Aamco Transmission shop. Point being, a 2006 $59,000 vehicle should last without having to dump that kind of money back into it.... Really, shame on me... If a car company is only going to warranty their drive train for 36k.......that should have been my clue. My 2006 Hyundai........ 146789 miles and not one penny having to go towards any mechanical issues... My 1998 Mitsubishi montero sport 4x4...... 167899 miles before my teenager blew the motor (let the oil run out) 1995 ford ranger xlt....67567 miles I had to rebuild the tranny for $1800, then two years later( one month after the warrenty expired) I had to do ot again for $ more American vehicles for me.... No heart into them, too much greed in cost savings cause they have to pay all those years of pensions and medical bills.
  • amuzjayamuzjay Posts: 3
    I hope they do stand behind their product, it's a rare thing these days. I would absolutely be a Chevy lover if a little understanding was used and the customer was protected. Can you just imagine..... Mr. _____ , I understand your frustration and we want you to trust our brand. Please let us cover the bill to fix your vehicle made with pride by our company......... It's only a dream;(
  • corrieqcorrieq Posts: 2
    Well, GM Customer Assistance has agreed to pay 30% of the repair cost, plus 5 days of the rental car. This will save me a total of $1,500, so I'm pleased.

    Although I was hoping for more, this will do for now given the fact that I am out of warranty. I'm anxious to see if a class action case is brought against GM regarding these 4L60E transmissions.
  • jzahnjzahn Posts: 3

    I bought my 2007 suburban last June and I have already had to have the heads plained because of a manufactures defect 3 months ago and now on the way home from work last week it was like I had run something over and then the transmission would not work in drive. I have to put it in 2nd and then start going to shift it up to drive. I had it looked at and the repairman told me that I need a rebuild. I should have kept the Ford truck that I traded for this thing. All I have done is put money into this and havn't even been able to enjoy the vehicle. Anyone have the same problem with the transmission and does it need rebuilt??????? UGH!!!
  • jos3phh2l3yjos3phh2l3y Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    I have the same problem did you ever find what was causing this.....
  • orcha2002orcha2002 Posts: 1
    I recently took an impromptu beach trip with my 100,000 miles + Chevy Tahoe and got stuck in 4 Lo. I took the car to a mechanic and they told me my Transfer Case Motor was shot so I needed to replace it. After many hours of them trying to put the motor on they decided that the transfer case itself was broken which will not allow the actuator to fit correctly. They now say it will cost $1650 to fix the transfer case. Does this sound fishy to anyone? Is there no way to manually shift back to 2WD and save myself $$$? Any help is much appreciated.
  • roccob888roccob888 Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    Holy Crap! Im about to go to the dealer with the same problem. 59,000 miles! Im sooo pissed this is why I always lease. I knew I shouldnt of bought this piece of junk! I smelling class action law suit!
  • dmntddmntd Posts: 20
    Same thing with my 2005 Tahoe.....tranny did the same thing at 82,500 miles and then just went totally out....cost $3100 along with other issues I am so over Chevy products as soon as I can I am going back to imports.
  • a_dorn2012a_dorn2012 Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    In Feb. 2012 bought this Tahoe from a dealer. 120,000 miles. Have put less than 3,000 miles on it. Transmission went out, cost $3,000.00 + a $260.00 sensor. Towing costs, $400.00. Dealer called last night and said the transmission is fixed but the front differential needs to be replaced, or it will work the transmission too hard and it will break again, Cost, another $2,000.00. UGH! Is this a common Tahoe issue? :confuse:
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