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Chevy Tahoe Transmission Problems



  • I have a 2003 Tahoe LT Beautiful truck. I'm the 2nd owner. I purchased it from a fellow who impeccably maintained the vehicle with the dealer. It had 160000 miles on it 3 years ago when I purchased today it has 173000. It's a daily driver just around town. Today while leaving the grocery store it clunked and rattled and would not move it 1st gear. 2nd gear 3rd gear and reverse are fine. Is this going to be a $4100 repair? The vehicle is barely worth that. I guess I will have to break it down for parts and sell on eBay because there's no way I'm paying $4100 to fix it. I drive it like it's a diamond. I can't believe this has happened to so many people. There should be a class action suit brought against GM. Ridiculous
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